“I set a goal to increase my muscle mass about a year ago. Working with Brandon on this goal has been the absolute best thing for me. His dedication to my programming has been fundamental in the growth that I’ve seen this past year. He is constantly furthering his own education and skills in the field, and introducing new techniques and methods regularly — keeping the workouts interesting and helping me to stay motivated. He has been able to effectively modify programming when I’ve had setbacks due to health circumstances, and has adjusted my program to fit with the changing regulations and availability at the gym this year.”


“Brandon took time to come and impact my sales team on different areas of fulfillment in your life. He used real life examples with fitness, business and personal stories of success and failure. After leaving, my team was so motivated and thankful that he came in to run that meeting. It gave them a fresh perspective on different areas of their life that they needed to stimulate and totally resulted in an increased revenue for my company.”


“Thanks to Brandon I have adopted the mindset of integrating fitness and nutrition into everyday life which has been pivotal for not only improving my fitness level and capabilities but also has had a spill-over effect into my general wellbeing and daily performance. His positive outlook on life, no excuse attitude, and high energy levels are admirable and contagious.”


“I cannot say enough good things about Brandon. He is a consummate professional. He has an impressive and extensive level of industry knowledge and is up on the latest and greatest science based approaches to health and wellness. Brandon is someone who invests time in going inward and practices a holistic approach to wellness.”


“Brandon has been instrumental in taking my training to a new level. His experience, guidance and overall demeanour has me achieving newer goals – strength, muscle and mind. Thank you Brandon, I appreciate you, now onwards!”


“As a professional fighter I’m always looking for an advantage over my competition. Brandon has taken my strength and conditioning to a new level and built me to be a more explosive, powerful and durable version of myself. Working with him has been one of the best choices I have made for my career.”

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