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Burlington, On

Jennah Zejnelovski
President, Infinite Group Inc.

What I love about listening to Brandon speak is his innate ability to motivate and encourage others.  I had a chance to work alongside Brandon in a Sales and Marketing company where you constantly have to teach, educate, and motivate others around you.  Not only did I watch him run classroom settings to teach people but also watched him take his own time to work alongside anyone and help them create a plan towards achieving their goals.  The way he gets people involved in these types of impacts, you just can’t put a price on that leadership, which is why anyone would want to follow him. He is very genuine, raw, honest, and intense behind anything he does which makes him a great influencer to others.   
He took time to come and impact my sales team on different areas of fulfillment in your life.  He used real life examples with fitness, business, his personal success stories and after leaving my team, I was so motivated and thankful that he came into run that meeting.  It gave my team a fresh perspective on different areas of their life that they needed to stimulate, recharge and immediately resulted in an increase revenue for my company.
I highly recommend having Brandon impact any team and sharing his words of wisdom.  You will see a direct result in your team working alongside him

Fitness Client, Melanie G.

“I set a goal to increase my muscle mass about a year ago. Working with Brandon on this goal has been the absolute best thing for me. His dedication to my programming has been fundamental in the growth that I’ve seen this past year. He is constantly furthering his own education and skills in the field, and introducing new techniques and methods regularly — keeping the workouts interesting and helping me to stay motivated. He has been able to effectively modify programming when I’ve had setbacks due to health circumstances, and has adjusted my program to fit with the changing regulations and availability at the gym this year. Everyone is different, and Brandon really spends time learning about his client’s goals and needs in order to program effectively, all while maintaining a big smile on his face.”  

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