“From 50-1900”

“From 50-1900” Chapter 1 – “Show time” I showed up half an hour early for my morning swim, misremembering what time the team swim ended on Saturday mornings. As I waited, I sat relaxed, prepared but anxious. I watched 10-20 year old swimmers training for greatness. The teams coach, standing Read more…

Alexander Michael Gittens

Alexander Michael Gittens is an Author, Strategist, Key Note Speaker, and Business Consultant. Alexanders’ take on pursuing our greatest purpose and dealing with uncertainty successfully is incredibly insightful and rewarding. From a troubled, yet talented youth, to an inspirational Leader, Alexander’s story is one to learn a lot from.   Read more…

12.5 Things to do to Guarantee Success

#1 Cut down on social media

As useful of a tool as social media has become, there is also a heavy negative correlation when it comes to one’s happiness and success. Spending too much time on social media, is not only time consuming and addicting but also has a negative effect on how we view our current state. Social media makes it too easy to compare our lives to others – typically a false representation of who that person is anyways.

Social media keeps us away from forming deep connections with people as we spend so much of our time with our head down that this once social ice breaker has become a hindrance on our ability to socialize confidently. Successful people know how to build connections, and communicate effectively.

(Anti) social media is great for promoting a brand, business and catching up with friends. Abusing the platforms however, will leave you sad, action less and worse off than before you went on. Use wisely. And do your best to eliminate easy access; why fight temptation when you can eliminate it.

#2 Stop Microwaving results

Anybody who has ever wanted to get in shape knows that a quick fix never lasts. Fad diets that have you lose 10 lbs in 5 days, rarely ends with, “and that weight never came back.” When we try to microwave the process, be it physically, professionally, or personally, we get microwaved results. And let’s be honest, microwaved dinners don’t produce abs.

Nothing good happens overnight, so we need to stop thinking this way. ‘Better’ takes consistency. A great ROI mind you.

Anything we can accomplish in a few weeks, is not the answer. Adopt the mindset that long lasting results that stick with you, take time. It’s a process. But this process not only creates an abundance of fulfillment but allows us to live the rest of our life with the result we desire, rather than temporarily having it. (more…)

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