Olympian Sekou Kaba

Sekou Mohamed Kaba is a Guinean-Canadian hurdler who competes in the 110 meter hurdles. Sekou competed at his first Olympics in 2016 in Rio, and has professionally competed internationally over the past 6 years. Sekou and I discuss his journey from a Third World Country, to becoming a Canadian Olympian. His Read more…

The Power of Discomfort

It’s funny how a thing like discomfort, a word synonymous with pain, stress and uneasiness, can be such a powerful tool in increasing our fulfillment. Discomfort is one of those things that provide very little immediate gratification, but has great long term benefits towards success and happiness. I view discomfort Read more…

Test Yourself to Live Your Best Life

Why does hearing stories of great accomplishments, and impressive feats of mental, or physical display motivate us? It’s because we admire grit, hard-work, and any quality associated with bettering oneself – life’s one true purpose. Deep down, we want to be like these people.

It’s why we admire professional athletes, awe in amazement when we watch the world’s strongest man competitions, listen to advice from top performers professionally and why we respect those willing to suffer and sacrifice for great reward. It’s the reason we get motivated to change for the better when our friends decide to improve their life first, and it’s why we constantly set goals to improve the person we are. We want to be like the people we admire.

Whether we vocalize it or not, we all love being recognized, complimented and deemed as admirable. It’s why the greatest sound in the world is the pronouncing of our name. We love to hear people talk about us.

But in order to become this person, we must test our limits, and be willing to challenge complacency.


Challenge others to think bigger...
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