Month 2 Analysis of THE BR365DAYCHALLENGE – Kickboxing & PowerLifting

The idea behind these challenges, are they are meant to suck in some form, whether it be mentally, or physically exhausting. I literally based my choices on this criteria. Will it suck? Perfect.

“The suck” is perfect because when this occurs, I must implement grit and learn to embrace discomfort. By doing this I can reap the rewards of long term fulfillment and inspire others (the purpose of the challenge).

Traditionally, boxing/kickboxing training would fall under this category very easily for most, but this was something I more so enjoyed, than disliked. Hell, I was training kickboxing 4 days a week for 4 months prior to this month’s challenge and lifting weights since I was 15 years old.  But let’s be honest, 31 days straight is a much larger task and much greater challenge than 4 days per week of kickboxing or simply just working out. But I suppose being a young, motivated, energetic individual helped carry me through the month quite agreeably. (more…)

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