Stop Underdelivering In Life

In life, we receive countless opportunities to live a more fulfilling life. Regardless if we see them as sufficient, useful or beneficial in the moment. More often than not, most instances, interactions and relationships, are golden opportunities to help further you towards a better life. The opportunities I’m talking about Read more…

“From 50-1900”

“From 50-1900” Chapter 1 – “Show time” I showed up half an hour early for my morning swim, misremembering what time the team swim ended on Saturday mornings. As I waited, I sat relaxed, prepared but anxious. I watched 10-20 year old swimmers training for greatness. The teams coach, standing Read more…

Take Action or Sit in Regret

I am the sort of person who hates feeling shitty, I suppose like we all do. Most people who just read that statement might have rolled their eyes, let out a “pff”, and said to themselves, “no shit Sherlock”, but what I mean by “I hate feeling shitty”, is that I hate it so much, that I don’t let it become a constant in my life.

If we all really “hated” feeling shitty, we wouldn’t continuously let ourselves feel that way; we wouldn’t continuously want to lose that same 20 lbs, dislike how we feel and look, or constantly want to switch jobs, stay in an unhealthy relationship, and have feelings of sadness, depression or worry.

With that being said, it’s important to view that statement again with this new changed perspective. Do you really hate feeling shitty, or do you instead find yourself momentarily talking yourself out of feeling that way?


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