Coaching Programs: On-line

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.” 

3 Month Nutrition Coaching

– $450.00 + tax

Free initial 20 minute zoom consultation

  • Biweekly zoom calls (optional): tracking progress, questions
  • Weekly goal formation & accountability check-ins
  • Initial custom nutrition plan
  • Food log
  • macro breakdown
  • FREE “Optimizing Your Nutrition” PDF

Join our Monthly Fitness Training Community on our Truecoach App

  1. 3 general, time tested dynamic programs to choose from
  2. Weekly workouts provided – emailed to you Sunday night
  3. Periodized (structured) workout programs
  4. Progressively over-loaded (advancing your workload) workouts – necessary for muscle development
  5. 8-12 week phases
  6. Fun monthly FIT -CHALLENGES to take part in
  7. Communication through app (messages, updates of workouts straight on the app)
  8. Add results from workouts to track progress with myself
  9. Become a member of our online Facebook community – full of weekly articles on health and wellness, easy nutrient dense recipes, and a platform to share results, and connect with a motivating fit-fam community

General Program – $34.99 / month (automatic renewal)

General Programs to Join:

  • Look Great Naked plan
  • Functional strength and muscle
  • 30-45 min “Do anywhere” Bodyweight Program


Fully customized online workout plan – 8 week plan Through TrueCoach App – $200.00+ tax

  1. up-to 4 workouts per week
  2. Weekly workouts provided – emailed to you Sunday night & day of
  3. Periodized (structured) customized workout programs – that you’ll have for ever
  4. Weekly check-ins, communication via TrueCoach app
  5. Ability to upload progress pictures, store data, and have an all access pass to all past workouts, FREE article uploads from your coach (document tab), monthly goal tracking and metrics to ensure optimal results from your training
  6. Increased accountability, via your coach (95% more likely to achieve your goal)
  7. More FREE TIME to do the things you love, and less time searching for new programs, thinking about the best plan for you, deciphering what works and what doesn’t and eliminating the added stress and uncertainty that comes along with it

Wellness Webinars – $10.00 per

“Supplements: Boost your well-being and performance”

  • learn what the best supplements are and how to use them to benefit your well-being and performance 
  • The why behind these supplements
  • Boost immunity 
  • Increase your vitality: sex drive, energy, muscle development 

“Maximize Lean Muscle Development” 

  • Increase MPS
  • Proper program development
  • 3 mechanisms of muscle growth 
  • SRA: stimulation, recovery, adaptation 
  • Understanding mind muscle connection 

“Boost Your Anabolic (muscle building) Hormones” 

  • Sleep 
  • Working out 
  • Foods: what to eat, when to eat them  
  • Recovery practices, pre-hab practices

“Accelerate Your Progress: In Business, Health and Life”

  • 5 basic principles of success  EVERYONE should live by
  • Increase your likelihood of success by 95%
  • Master your mind to master your rate of development 
  • Adopting habits, routines and behaviours that will change your life

Start small, 1 at a time, eliminate temptation, self-awareness (do you need help), vocalize/view your goal frequently–


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