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Part 4/4: “Immune Boosting Practices”

Over the course of the past 4 weeks, I have written about how we can boost our immunity, through lifestyle habits, specific foods, and easy to add ancient vitality inducing powders. This final article of this 4 part “Immune Boosting Series” connects the 3 previous articles by increasing the awareness and importance of how a strong immune system, doesn’t just affect our insides, but how it also aids in our overall well-being.

As we’ve learned from parts 1-3 of this blog series, a strong immunity is built around doing the body some good, like feeding the body the right nutrients, exercising regularly, getting quality sleep, reducing stress, being outside, and using longevity boosting ancient tools to maximize health.

With all these habits and characteristics linked to a strong immunity, is it really any surprise our well-being naturally improves with a strong immunity?

Survey says, “NOPE!”

Because a strong immunity is connected to such healthy lifestyle choices, habits and principles, naturally our well-being is enhanced by osmosis. The majority of people in pain, who experience gut health issues, depression, poor sleep, have elevated stress hormones, and lack energy, ambition and high level performance, typically have weak immune systems and typically don’t engage consistently in the suggested immune boosting lifestyle suggestions.

Strong immunity and well-being go hand-in-hand. One promotes the other. It’s really hard to optimize immune boosting effects and not find yourself performing better in all areas of your life: Having better sex, enhanced work performance, and having more time and energy for fun, stimulating, productive activities.

When well-being is high (having sustained feelings of positivity, optimism and happiness), you can thank your strong immune system for playing a significant role.

This isn’t ground breaking news by any means; it makes perfect sense when we actually logically think about it. Unfortunately it’s too easy to forget how simple life can be; how building a strong immunity will not only enhance your health (physical well-being) but how it will optimize and positively affect all areas of one’s life.

This is true immune system strength.

Having a strong immunity to me, is defined as being resilient, gritty, optimistic, happy, healthy, excited and joyful. Immunity goes beyond just living longer, it’s living longer with enthusiasm and passion, while thriving in all pillars of one’s life.

A truly strong immunity in my opinion is therefore impossible to obtain without a true sense of well-being. The two are, and always will be, connected.

Instead of focusing primarily on being healthy from a physical, cell protecting sense, think about how you can optimize your life from all vanish points. Appreciate the small things in life. Be grateful. Spend time outside. Be with family. Laugh. Have fun. Engage in purpose. Give back. Serve others. Workout, sleep better, eat well, reduce stress.

This is the true indication of a man or woman who is rather impervious to damage, inside and out.

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