“How to Become a ‘5 Tool Performer’ & Human Being”

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In the game of baseball, there’s a term scouts and coaches throw around to describe a unique top level prospect, ‘5-tool player’. A ‘5-tool player’ in baseball is defined as a rare player who possesses and excels at all 5 major physical tools scouts look for in a baseball player (speed, hitting for power [homeruns], hitting for average [high batting average] throwing and fielding.

Outside the game of baseball, I believe there are ‘5-tool performers’ and human beings as well – a term I coined to describe an individual who again, possesses the most researched and biological based favourable characteristics to live a successful, happy, balanced life, across all main pillars of one’s life.

Being a ‘5-tool performer’ coincides with being a ‘5-tool human being’, they are interconnected, so for the sake of this article, and the sake of being efficient with our terminology moving forward, we will condense and identify those who possess all tools that make up a balanced, successful, happy individual simply as a ‘5-tool performer’.

For a human being to be considered a ‘5-tool performer” they must possess a high level ability in all 5 major pillars of life:

  1. Mentally
  2. Emotionally
  3. Physically
  4. Professionally
  5. Personally

Now that we’ve clarified what areas a person must perform at a high level in to be identified as a ‘5-tool performer’, let’s get into the what, why and how, to become a ‘5-tool performer’, thus maximizing and optimizing one’s potential and being.

**“5-tool performers” article abbreviation = 5TP

1. “5-tool Mental Performer”

“5-tool performers” have a strong mind. They aren’t easily shook, they don’t break at the sign of discomfort, they NEVER view themselves as victims, they see opportunity when the rest of the world see’s disaster, and their attitude is virtuous, seeing life through a glass half full perspective.

Long Term Gratification > Short Term Impulse

‘5TP’s’ understand the compound effect. The compound effect being that our daily habits manifest into inevitable reality. Due to this acceptance, ‘5TP’s’ are willing to sacrifice. They give up short term pleasure, which lacks true fulfillment and meaning, for the greater good of what they know will authentically make them at peace with oneself.

Impulse is rarely a pushing factor. Temptation rarely, if ever, wins, and ‘5TP’s’ have an unwavering belief, drive, and understanding that their efforts, time and energy spent are in-line with what they truly desire in life.

“I get to” vs “I have to” = Optimistic > Pessimistic

‘5-tool performers’ have an optimistic outlook to life. They see the opportunity that exists in a situation, rather than the punishment.

Instead of viewing a talk with their boss as a negative, they view it as an opportunity to connect, create greater understanding and learn from a potential mentor or superior. Instead of viewing an early wake-up as punishment, they view it as opportunity to get after the day, set the tone, build momentum, and create healthy structure for a productive day ahead. Instead of seeing eating healthy and exercising as a chore, they view it as an investment, as a lifestyle choice that promotes longevity, confidence and vitality.

Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset

Lastly, ‘5TP’s’ never limit their thinking. It’s never a thought of “I can’t” – NEVER. Instead it’s an acceptance of “I can’t yet”, but a realization that with the right amount of time, patience and education, anything they work on can be accomplished.

A ‘5TP’s’ mindset is based around growth. They realize their ability is endless, and that becoming great or successful in any field in their life is within their reach, while maintaining the awareness that other characteristics must line up too.

Growth mindset individuals also understand and look at retooling behavioural patterns, realizing certain behaviours, choices or thoughts in our nervous system are simply pattern based, and a new healthy pattern can be created with proper time, energy and attention.

Those who don’t possess a growth mindset, and who are fixated on fixed capabilities are doomed for mediocrity and unprovoked suffering. You must possess a true growth mindset to be a “5-tool performer”.

No negative self-talk. No fixed outlook on life. No impulsive short cited decisions.

2. “5-tool Physical Performer”

Being physically fit and healthy is another component of a “5-tool performer”. This doesn’t mean you have to have the muscle definition of a fitness model, the legs of an olympic sprinter, the strength or a Norwegian Strongman or the athletic ability of a professional athlete, but this does mean you have to look like someone who practices consistent self-control, has high energy levels, has a healthy immune system, is confident being naked and looks like they’ve lifted things off the ground and put them over head a few thousand times.

This is a biological desired characteristic. The more athletic, physically able, healthy and symmetrical a person is, the more attractive, confident and capable they seem and in reality, are.

In shape

Being in shape goes beyond aesthetics. Yes a strong muscular defined body turns heads and can be tied to longevity with the proper health habits. And yes, every man, woman and child respects a superhero physique. It’s primal, natural and biological. But being in shape also shows a high level of self-control, discipline and strength. All characteristics that help groom high level performers, and truly admirable individuals.

Look Good & Feel Good

Looking good promotes feelings of confidence and well-being. There’s no denying this fact of life. If you look better, you automatically feel better about yourself. If this is something you think you need to argue, you are living with blinders on. This doesn’t mean, look good = feel great – there are still the other “4-tools of performance” to nurture – but looking strong, healthy and fit provides one less thing to obsess over and want to change.

Feeling good is also naturally connected to being a ‘5-tool physical performer’. When you take care of your body from an aerobic and anaerobic stand point you will consequently be stronger extrinsically, and intrinsically, thanks to those feel good hormones being activated. Endorphins and neurotransmitters are actively engaged when we exercise, which limits feelings of anxiety, depression and nihilism, and promote feelings of calmness, rational thinking and creativity.

Energy, Confidence, and the Ability to move with purpose and without limitations

Exercising promotes an abundance of positive effects, which makes it rather perplexing why everyone doesn’t take advantage of this free and easy “drug”. When we move our body, we actually get more energy ironically and with more energy we afford ourselves the ability to move with purpose and free will.

These small freedoms are undervalued and underrated due to not being experienced frequently enough . The fact that I can run, lift, fall and protect myself in any real life situation without any real concern, is true contentment. Being at the mercy of your limiting body is disheartening and dispiriting.

‘5-tool performers” take care of their physical well-being for all these reasons, and continue to live an active healthy life despite the majority finding reasons not to.

3. “5-tool Emotional Performer”

Emotional well-being is a critical character trait of ‘5-tool performers’, due to the fact being in control of one’s emotions is an essential skill set to see situations logically, communicate effectively and being true to one’s core values, regardless of the situation or unforeseen circumstance at hand.

High Self-Awareness & Self-Management Skills

Self-awareness is a well researched characteristic high achievers possess. On the opposite end, those who lack self-awareness find themselves performing at low levels, and not surprisingly so. Without the ability to see a situation for what it is, adapt gracefully, and realize where one’s strengths, shortcomings and opportunities lie, you will constantly find yourself emotionally frazzled, stressed, underperforming and overwhelmed.

Strong Values and Character

Emotionally unstable people are inconsistent. They lack the ability as I mentioned moments ago to apply awareness and act in accordance to their true values.

‘5-tool performers’, for one, know their values; they possess a strong understanding of what fulfills their life and what negatively affects their life. Without this understanding, our decisions are a roll of the dice, meaning outcomes behind our choices are left to chance.

Knowing what traits you admire about yourself, and acting in accordance to the person you and those around you admire, trust and love, is an underappreciated skill set ‘5-tool emotional performers’ make a strong point of nurturing.

For example, I take pride in practicing what I preach. As my brand “Brandon Rynka 365” states, I don’t take days off from optimizing my performance. This isn’t a catchy catch phrase it’s my reality. I’m consistent, I have a savage work ethic, and I get after it 365 days a year.

Strong values correlate to strong integrity. Aligning the person you want to be to the person you say you are is of utmost importance for high emotional performers. Authentic integrity with oneself limits any real potential for internal emotional conflict with ‘who you are vs who you actually want to be’.

In Control of Emotions, Desires and Impulses

‘5-tool emotional performers’ are level headed. They don’t let negativity or the unexpected rock their focus. They accept reality, by controlling what they can control and letting go of stressing about things they can’t control.

These men and women address conflict, anger and envy with grace. Rather than resent others’ successes, they get inspired by it. Rather than succumb to emotional impulses due to hardship in one area of their life, they address the situation at hand with poise and adjust their focus into productivity and logical realization, knowing this is the practical healthy mode of action.

Emotional outbreaks aren’t something “5-tool performers” experience. Yes they get angry, they get sad, lose motivation from time-to-time, but they never get stuck there. Their awareness and perspective is too highly developed and programmed, that emotional breakdowns simply cannot happen. “5-tool performers” realize the reality of the situation, that desires have to be met with a positive, proactive attitude and mindset, thus express their emotions rationally, calmly and with a solution oriented approach.

4. “5-tool Professional Performer”

You can’t be a “5-tool performer” if you aren’t successful professionally. This doesn’t mean you have to make the most money on your street, live in a mansion, drive a fancy car, or even make hundreds of thousands of dollars, as professional success doesn’t necessarily equate to financial success.

Professional success means being a leader in your field. Exceeding expectations, being comfortable with one’s finances and having an authentic skill set of value. These professional traits equate to professional success under the “5-tool performer” model.

Skilled, Respected & Consistent

A highly respected and valuable set of professional skills is necessary to be labelled a “5-tool performer”. Without a demand of your skills, how can you possibly argue that you provide enough value to be seen as a “5TP”. Having a skill set people admire, desire and respect are characteristics necessary of a high performing professional.

Consistency is also a prerequisite. You have to be consistent in providing value through your craft to be seen as a true “5TP”. ‘5TP’ realize they are always on stage, and act in accordance to this forced responsibility.

I worked two jobs before moving onto my own brand and businesses. I worked at a Direct Marketing job, part of a manager in training program straight out of University and I later worked at GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s largest gym chain. In order for me to excel to the “5TP” status I couldn’t afford an average month, subpar week, let alone a bad day.

To be promoted to manager and afforded the opportunity to run my own company I was taught consistency is everything. Talk all you want, but without the consistent results, little else matters. I took this lesson seriously and left nothing to chance. I went on to break the office record for consecutive days hitting at least $250 dollars in sales, which was the companies “good job” marker – averaging around $400 per day – over 160 days straight at my Direct Marketing Job. Not one bad day.

Why? Because ‘5-tool performers’ show up everyday and are undeniably respected for doing so.

At GoodLife I smashed company records my first full calendar year with the company, setting a new standard on personal training starter packages sold. As a reference point a “good” percentage sold was 25%, a Top 3 performer in the region (10 gyms, 35-40 Fitness Advisors) was 35-40% sold…I went on to average 74% over the course of 12 months, with not 1 single month below 60% and my highest being 120% one month!

This is a what a standard and consistency looks like. This anacedote isn’t to boast, brag or write about my past accomplishments, it’s to prove a point and demonstrate what professional mastery looks like. It’s a day-in-day-out ability to put everything else aside – emotional, mental, personal problems aside- and focus on the task at hand.

Exceed Expectations

Exceeding expectations is rather straightforward. To be deemed as a “5TP” you have to go beyond expectations, without the helping hand of another. There’s 1,2,3,4 & 5 tool professional performers in the world and here’s how they are defined.

1-tool professional performers are utterly unreliable, lack any sort of useful skill, have no self-motivation, lack any resemblance of awareness, rarely, if ever hit targets, and are disposable and undesired.

2-tool professional performers are lazy, possess minimal value and lack a great deal of awareness. They continuously make the same mistakes and again are disposable and undesired.

3-tool professional performers are your ‘C’ players. They have some value and awareness but lack the motivation, ambition and true understanding of their abilities to utilize their limited skill set effectively and/or consistently. 3-tool performers add some value, sporadically at that, but are seen more of a liability than asset.

4-tool professional performers are skilled, educated and pretty darn motivated, but lack the strong emotional intelligence to get to the next level of truly outstanding performer. They need a helping hand from “5TPP” (5 tool professional performers) to stay at the top of their game, and are a tad capricious when placed in an environment with a 2 or 3-tool professional performer. ‘4TPP’ has the ability to exceed expectations, but largely based around being positioned in the right environment.

Finally, 5-tool professional performers are highly skilled, heavily ambitious, self-motivated and possess a high level of emotional intelligence. ‘5TPP’ exceed regardless of the environment, situation or circumstance. These individuals are resourceful, reliable and have an unwavering ability to get the job done.

Does well Financially: In Control of one’s Finances

A ‘5-Tool professional performer’ has to be able to live within one’s means. You cannot be a ‘5 Tool performer’ if you can’t stand on your own two feet.

Again, this doesn’t mean having to earn 6 figures, or being a millionaire, it means financial independence. This also means a true authentic contentment or state of gratitude and happiness for the income that one does possess, without placing themselves in a state of financial panic or crisis.

Financial success due to professional performance affords a ‘5-tool performer’ to live comfortably, with some sense of relative freedom and peace of mind. This can also be stated as being reliable and aware of one’s finances. Knowing what’s coming in and what’s going out, and being responsible enough to live within one’s means are fundamental characteristics of a ‘5TP’.

5. “5-tool Personal Performer”

Lastly, a ‘5-tool performer’ is well-balanced and thriving personally. When I think about being a ‘5TP’ personally, I think about research and books written by the great Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, and knowledge gathered on some of the richest areas and communities of the world (rich as in vigour and fulfilled). These men and cultures can teach us a great deal – more than we will ever apply mind you – in how to thrive personally.

Strong Communicator/(Listener)

Being able to communicate may be one of the most important, available, and underutilized skills available to any individual of any age. Hence why ‘Dale Carnegie’s’ book, ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’ is my favourite and most valued book.

Strong communication looks like empathy, understanding, pausing and hearing before responding, searching for compromise, withholding blame, and seeing all sides. This is by no means an easy skill to obtain. Its beholders work on this skill, consume the traits of this skill, and actively practice this skill, daily.

One thing’s for certain, if you can master the art of communication and develop truly strong listening skills you will live a life of abundance.

  • You will never go hungry
  • You will never go lonely
  • You will never go unloved
  • You will never be poor
  • You will have strong social connections
  • You will be appreciated, respected and cherished by those who truly matter most to you

Trustworthy, Reliable & Honest

When you lose credibility with your word, you lose much more than integrity with others, you lose integrity with yourself. Both however critically important in possessing a strong sense of well-being. If you can’t hold a commitment, hold a promise, live up to your word, don’t vocalize it as so.

The amount of people that limit their personal development and limit their self-respect for themselves is far too great to count. When you don’t do as you say, you stop believing yourself. You can tell yourself a particular story in a moment of excitement, passion and bliss, but when these feelings diminish, as they naturally always do, the reality of being dishonourable with your word comes to fruition.

You remember that you don’t hold commitments as well as you know you should. You realize you are someone who looks for ways out of commitments that don’t align with your values that day. You realize your unable to have tough conversations with those around you, and with yourself. Thus you realize you lack fundamental skills in becoming a ‘5-tool performer’.

A true ‘5-tool performer’ realizes the importance of holding integrity with oneself and with others. They realize their value is only as good as their word. That if their word is broken, so are they. This is by no means a stretch. What we value is what all men and women value – trust, reliability and honesty. If you lack in any of these traits, with others or yourself, there’s no way to feel harmonious with the person you are.

Solution: Be impeccable with your word. Do what you say. Don’t make plans or promises you can’t keep.

Being a Grateful, Lifelong Learner

Gratitude is well researched in its ability to strengthen intrinsic feelings of bliss and happiness. Gratefulness is the focus of what we have, rather than what we don’t have.

When we can see life through this optimistic lens, we stop thinking in terms of consumption, and focus on the important things in life all around us: the food on our table, the love and connectedness we share, the roof over our head, the freedom to create, produce and design the life we want, and the life we have been blessed with.

Not everybody’s life will have started out with this same setting or availability of resources, but the ability to change your circumstance always remains. And at the very least, ‘5-tool performers’ realize this, and are grateful for life as such.

‘5-tool performers’ are also lifelong learners, which allow them to constantly thrive in their personal lives. They never view their education as complete, instead see education as endless and purposeful. ‘5TP’ also don’t allow their ego to get in the way of discovering new ways to do things, see things, and live a more balanced life.

Lifelong learners search for ways to enhance their sense of well-being, not because they need more, but because they understand life is always changing, and that learning how to adapt gracefully with change will keep them ahead of the game, immune from being blindsided by life's ever so predictable unpredictable occurrences; keeping them in a state of control, independence, and fulfillment. 

Striving to become and stay a ‘5-tool performer’ is an endless game of purpose, passion and awareness. The closer you become to achieving and maintaining ‘5-tool performer’ status the more joyful, successful and abundant your life will surely be.

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