Group Training

As a leading Canadian Strength and Endurance Adventure Athlete, Brandon is extremely passionate about educating, inspiring and helping other’s reach their potential in the world of health and fitness.

Not only is group training cost effective, but the energy of the group atmosphere will ensure that you are pushed throughout the duration of your workout. Our groups vary from upper/lower body strength days to aerobic/anaerobic energy systems days


  1. On site Group Training ($$ varies on group size)
  • 30-40 Minute sessions
  • Focus on proper anatomical position and muscle recruitment through full body strengthening in the form of Isometric training. Large focus on core, hip, glute, full body functional strengthening and injury prevention
  • Contact Info:

2. Group Training in Burlington @ Beauchamp Fitness

  • Small Group Options: 2-4 people
  • Larger Group Options as well: 5-12 people

Focus of our training is based around full body strength and conditioning. Our services range from upper/lower body strength days to anaerobic/aerobic energy systems

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