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“If people figure out what would be good for them, and then they aim at it, then they get it.”

Jordan Peterson

This sounds simple, and in theory it is, but this comes with a large amount of trial and error. A good place to start is by picking at the low hanging fruit. We often don’t even do this though, do we? Instead we hope and wait for life to drop the fruit off at our front door, chew it for us, and give us all the benefits. But this is life in never never land. A life that does not exist.

There has to be some level of initiative towards bettering our reality.

We have to be willing to take some form of appropriate action to create betterment in our life.

Unfortunately most people don’t set up the criteria for success, which is often the main reason people fail.

The good news? If you actually want something, you can have it. The caveat however is that you must reorient your life in as many ways as possible to increase the likelihood of this happening. We do this by setting up a plan of action. Setting goals. Creating structure. And eliminating unnecessary chaos, to create a healthy environment for success.

For example, achieving an aesthetically pleasing and healthy physique requires reorientation.

Removing junk food from your house. Creating some form of eating schedule. Keeping track of calories. Going to a gym consistently. Showing up to the gym with a plan. Providing appropriate stimuli to the body. Getting the proper recovery. Feeding the body the nutrients it needs. Not indulging food like a starved mad-man on the weekend. It’s all a form of reorientation; repositioning of lifestyle habits as it were, to enhance our chances of reaching our goal.

As you can see, we do this by removing obstacles that don’t need to be there and by setting up a structure for success.

If people would just sit on the edge of their bed and ask themselves, “What stupid things am I doing on regular basis to screw up my life?” there’d be a significantly higher rate of positive impact, self-actualization and fulfillment in the world.

Asking this sort of existential question shouldn’t be taken lightly though. If you ask yourself this question, do so with the intention of truly wanting to know the answer. Be willing to open your mind. Dig past surface level discovery and be as brutally honest as possible, that way you’ll increase the likelihood that you stop doing these stupid things that are getting in the way of a self-actualized life.

This is the act of being concerned with what’s interfering with your vision, and leaving other people the hell alone.

It’s widely understood that the more we focus on bettering ourselves, the happier we are. This is not because we’re a selfish species, but because life is too hard to be our best self – a noble, benevolent, moral human-being – to others when we’re constantly feeling miserable about our own existence.

By simply “doing something”, more than a ‘little-good’ occurs. A cycle of good is created. And this is what we all should strive for anyways. It’s our personal duty to be the best we can be, that way the world can become a better place. If we all just tried being a little better than we were yesterday -a noble cause at that – many issues we deal with today would be far less prevalent and we’d be much healthier and happier.

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