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Day 240/365 – August 28

“Go on a Road Trip”

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashion road trip? Spoiler alert, noooo body! Road trips are awesome; they’re freedom, adventure, and experience that will never be forgotten. We’ve all taken road trips at some point in our lives, and regardless of how a particular moment of that road trip went, we still remember it fondly today… Yes even the road trips stuck in the car with our family for 20 hrs.

Road trips are a great way to relax, hang out, share some laughs, get on each others nerves and see a country or part of the country in a whole new light. There are endless options, which makes this tip even more exciting. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience road trips with work, where it was just a city to city type thing within the same province, and this time together and change of scenery are some of the best and funniest moments of my early adult life. I also had the good fortune to open up a business 44 hrs across the country soon after graduating, and was blessed with an experience that seems like it just happened yesterday.

There’s just something about being totally in control and free to do whatever feels right that day that makes you feel like life is just one big amazing thing to be grateful for. We are conformed to dress and act a certain way 345 days a year more or less, so these days on the road are truly therapeutic, refreshing and soul healing.

My recommendation, go on a road trip as much as you can, and get as big or small as you want with it. The world really is at your disposal…that’s fulfillment!

Day 239/365 – August 27

“Start a Time Capsule”

Time capsules are memories in a box…literally. These precious little art projects are a great way to commemorate moments and times in your life that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

The first step is to buy a strong, sturdy, preferably unique box that will store all of your memories and personal items worthy of the box. In this box, you can store things in here that provide some sort of sentimental value to yourself (i.e. picture of your dog, a Teddy Bear, a first place ribbon, your first tooth lost). A golden rule to follow to prevent hoarding, is make this your one and only box as you collect items, that way your not just putting everything you like into it thoughtlessly; instead you’re filling this box with items that have a deeper meaning and stronger place in your heart.

Nostalgia is one of the greatest things we can give ourselves to warm our heart, and a time capsule is exactly that. Looking through past items of great meaning will be sure to give you a powerful sense of joy every time you go through it. A neat idea would also be to make time periods for your capsules. For example, “school years before high school”, this way the capsules have some sort of theme (ages 6-13) and can be looked at in a more specific way based around a particular period of time. This is the one exception to having more than 1 time capsule.

Day 238/365 – August 26

“Nurture Casual Relationships”

Casual relationships can be defined as seeing someone occasionally or frequently but in a more casual every day type setting or manner, i.e. gym community, baristas at your local coffee shop, coffee shop regulars, other parents at your child’s school or sports teams. These relationships, although not your closest of ties, are still very important to have in ones life, and with that, deserve to be nurtured and appreciated all the same. For a lot of people, time is a delicacy, and with that, we don’t always have hours to spend hanging out with friends, which means these casual relationships are most often our most social, relaxed moments of the day.

A strong social community is one of the key factors in living a long, happy life, which means these casual relationships may just be your most important. Be sure to appreciate the time you have with these people, as these moments spent together can quickly turn into some of your favourite times of the day. And not only can these relationships aid in personal satisfaction and purpose, but they can also open up opportunities for one another.

Everybody seems to know someone in a profession that could be of use to another person. Just keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll be surprised how many times you can help someone else out and vice versa.

Day 237/365 – August 25

“Keep Your Promises”

This is a little “life hack” tip that isn’t all that specific, but can be applied to the specific things we do day-in-day-out. Taking this simple life hack seriously will literally change your life – as over hyped as that may sound. But just imagine a world where you wake up and you keep all of your promises to yourself: “today i’m going to … go to the gym, not hit my snooze button, meditate, learn something new, not use my phone at night, do some self-care before bed.” Your life would be awesome! You would generate new profound energy, motivation and personal development, just by keeping promises to yourself.

This perspective shift can work great, as letting ourselves down and admitting we didn’t keep our promises is a crappy feeling. You can/should take this one step further and keep promises to other people (of course); do this by setting concrete times and plans with people, that way you have a greater consequence of being held accountable.

Tip: One, start off slow, get used to collecting small wins, and build off that. And two, switch your perspective on keeping promises to yourself; realize how important that is for your growth, and character development. If you keep letting yourself down, realize this habit is going to transfer over to other aspects of your life, preventing you from thriving the way you know you are capable of.

Day 236/365 – August 24

“Give Thanks”

Before you eat a meal, get out of bed, go to bed or find a moment in your day where you feel blessed, give thanks. Giving thanks allows you to involve yourself with two incredibly powerful tools to live a more fulfilling life: being present, and being grateful. Life is about perspective. It’s not what we have or don’t have that dictates how happy we are, it’s how we view our situation. This age old adage is timeless for a reason, and is more applicable today then it ever has been.

Remember how good you have it. And I mean truly realize this. Remind yourself how lucky you are and how things could be so much worse. You can do this by just saying one simple word every time you get to do something your fortunate enough to experience, say “thanks”.

Day 235/365 – August 23

“Cut the grass”

I used to hate doing chores. Whether that meant taking out the garbage, cleaning dishes, and yes, cutting the grass. The older I get however, small chores like this are becoming more and more therapeutic. These tasks make you feel productive, organized and accomplished. (I’m still not a huge “fan” of taking out the garbage), but the other two tasks I don’t mind doing anymore – the latter even being something I would look forward to. Not only does cutting the grass give us the opportunity to be outside in the fresh air with sun shining down on us, but we get to see the result of a freshly cut lawn once we are done. This sight and feeling is truly underrated. A well trimmed lawn is an aspect to people’s homes a lot of individuals take pride in, and rightfully so. This ‘fresh cut lawn look’ cleans the front of the house up, and is a nice view to marvel at once you’re done.

Cutting your grass is sort of that gift that keeps on giving by giving you the gift of constantly being able to look out back and out front and gaze at how nice and pristine your lawn looks. Rather than look at cutting your lawn as a chore or hassle, embrace the aspects of this task that you look forward to, and that are actually good for us: natural light, fresh air, movement, and a nice tan to go with it.

Day 234/365 – August 22

“Add Flavonoids to your diet”

Flavonoids are a powerful antioxidant, and in scientific terms, are a naturally occurring plant pigment. Flavonoids are responsible for fruits bright colours and why dark fruits and vegetables are so good for you; these fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids (a diverse group of phytonutrients) that help kill and protect your brain and body from free radicals doing damage to your body’s cells.

Some notable disease prevention’s that flavonoids help fight against are heart disease, strokes, cancer and dementia. Flavonoids also contain anti-inflammatory benefits too (inflammation is a major cause for many of today’s illnesses, pains and diseases).

Some of my personal favorite foods that contain a rich supply of flavonoids are strawberries, blue berries and dark chocolate (due to the cocoa aspect)…and let’s not forget red wine, for all you wine lovers out there.

Be sure to add in some of your fully loaded flavonoid foods into your daily food routine.

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