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Day 337/365 – December 4 – Organization

“Keep a Written List of Gift ideas”

With Christmas seemingly always around the corner, it benefits us to have a list of gift ideas at our disposal. An old fashion written list of gift ideas to place in your pocket, wallet or purse allows us to add onto the list and cross off items on the list accordingly, and with greater ease and convenience. Always having to go back onto our computer to cross off gifts we’ve purchased or trying to remember what gift we got what person is time consuming, exhausting and not all that practical.

 I suggest keeping this list on us (in our car, in a bag, pocket) at all times, that way we can constantly reference it when we’re in a store, even if Christmas shopping isn’t the main objective. A list like this also allows us to see our list get shortened, which is always a fulfilling sight and feeling of accomplishment. I know I’ve been guilty of constantly having to remind myself who I have left to shop for and who I already have gifts for, thus adding unnecessary stress to my holiday shopping.

A helpful suggestion is to categorize our list appropriately, with people and their gift ideas sectioned together. Once we’ve finish shopping for a particular person, cross their name off. Until next year brother!

I also recommend putting plausible stores the gift ideas can be found next to each gift idea, that way you can pop into these stores when you are nearby, and avoid exhausting travel shopping days. Of course online shopping is a fan favourite now as well, which can quickly shorten our list. Regardless of how we go about your shopping, a written list will only increase our ability to stay organized for our gift giving this year.

Day 336/365 – December 3 – Productivity

“Come up with an Elevator Pitch”

Elevator pitches are crucial to capture the attention of someone important or new, in a short period of time, describing to them who we are and what we are all about; – pressure much?! With a good elevator pitch, the pressure in no more. These concise description pitches are also useful when making conversation with someone new to describe what you do, while eliminating any unnecessary jargon or complicated useless information. An elevator pitch does not mean this description of ‘who we are’ or ‘what we do’ has to take place in an elevator (thought I’d clarify), It’s given its name for the conciseness of its description. Our elevator pitch is meant to be short and concise enough to tell someone what we do in the amount of time we would typically spend in an elevator – no longer than 10 seconds.

We ideally don’t want to improvise an elevator pitch, especially in an environment where we could be meeting potential clients or partners. Traditionally on the fly pitches end with us rambling on and missing out on important details that are relevant to who we are and what we can provide. Take the time to figure out what the best way to describe who we are and what we do is, with as much detail and as little jargon as possible. One to two sentences should cover it 😉


“Hey there, names Brandon, I’m an Adventure Athlete, writer and Speaker. I help create more engaged, excited, and well-balanced organizations. Would love to help in anyway I can.”

Day 335/365 – December 2 – Seasonal

“Decorate our House for Christmas”

There’s a certain blissfulness, cheer, and joy that attaches itself to this particular holiday season and to all that embrace it. The community tends to be much more pleasant, the events in town promote an even greater sense of connectedness, wholesomeness and selflessness seems to be at a ultimate levels. With all this goodness, comes the festive nature that Christmas brings with it; I’m talking about the big red bows, lit up wreaths, garland, lights, mistletoe, holly and of course the Trees, nut crackers and ornaments. There is tons of opportunity to add some festive cheer in our home, and doing so, make everyday feel like it’s the most wonderful time of the year – which it most certainly is, in one man’s opinion – Mr. Andy Williams.

Decorating is an extension of the Christmas season. It’s important however to not get overly attached to the commercialism of this holiday of course, and with that, use the decorations as a small reminder for all the good we can do for those in need and those around us.

Day 334/365 – December 1 – Productivity

“Converse, Instead of Email, When it’s Practical”

The amount of time people spend navigating through endless email threads is asinine. I get that we like convenience and we think staying in one spot adds efficiency to our day, but in reality, the endless interruptions, misunderstandings and lost focused caused by email is easily taking away hours of our precious time. The solution, converse when it’s practical: when we can talk directly to our colleagues by walking down the hall or by calling them on the phone. The goal is to speak, confirm and apply. If 1 email can do this, perfect, if it takes multiple emails, converse. Talking about something in person or on the phone speeds up any indecisiveness and clarifies the context behind what both parties want achieved. Simple and effective.

Day 333/365 – November 30 – Organization

“Throw away Empty Useless Boxes in our House”

Boxes seem to be one of the most common items contributing to clutter; they’re big, awkward and rarely utilized. We like the idea of having boxes around, just in case we may need one some day, but this “some day” probably won’t come for a while and in the meantime, we’re stuck with all sorts of boxes lying around our house, taking up space and creating chaos in basements, bedrooms and storage spaces. As I write this, I spot 6 boxes in my room that are definitely not necessary: shoe boxes (3), headphone boxes (2), camera boxes (1). We think that we are going to use these boxes to put these things back into them as well, but this again is rarely the case. Once we open a package, we can all agree that item stays out. Once we’ve decided we’re keeping the item, toss the box! (I’m preaching to myself here)

Our mind will feel incredibly less cluttered by simply removing these boxes. And the space up in our room, basement and home will seem so much more open and clean.

Day 332/365 – November 29 – Connection

“Work on our Communication Skills by talking to in-store Vendors”

Communication skills should never go under appreciated, yet they certainly are. We’re scared to communicate and have conversations, espcially now with the ability to communicate 90% of the time over a computer or device. The ability to make conversation, present yourself as witty, confident and relaxed however, are critical aspects to thriving in social situations – situations that actually add meaning and engagement in our life.

But where and how do we develop this skill in a real world manner? I love any type of exercise that allows us to actually apply our teachings and learn simply by doing, but in a more natural, relaxed environment. Vendors giving out samples of food are perfect opportunities to practice this skill. These men and women are hired to smile, be friendly and make conversation, so our job to get them to respond and have rapport with us has never been easier. This doesn’t mean we are just getting perfect, flowing conversation, but it’s a great starting point for us to have some back and fourth with a stranger without feeling nervous about it.

When I talk to vendors I act as myself and try to add a spark to their day; I ask questions, I try to make them laugh and shed some personality their way, ultimately to put a little smile and fun into their rather repetitive day. The more we go away from the simple “grab, ask how much and leave” routine with vendors, and do more short socializing with them, the more opportunity we have to become better communicators and gain confidence in how easy and valuable this skill is, by seeing their mood change – from dull to energetic and joyful.

By focusing on how to actually make someone’s day better – with our positive attitude and energy – communication will never seem easier. We can make their day more entertaining by giving them a compliment, asking them about their day, quizzing them on their pallet, and discovering 1 or 2 personal details about that person (family, weekend plans, Nationality).

When we focus on bettering someone else’s day by being curious and friendly, we shoot up the social ladder of effective communicators and lessen the pressure and anxiety we so often feel in new social settings. Use this tip to not only become a more effective communicator but to add some authentic interaction and positive stimulation into what could have been another quiet, reserved errand run.

Day 331/365 – November 28 – Mental

“Stop Circling for the Perfect Parking Spot; Park farther away, Walk and Rid Yourself of the Stress and Wasted Time”

Now don’t get me wrong, finding an amazing up close parking spot is a uniquely satisfying feeling, however, this occurs very infrequently and in most cases, searching for the perfect spot comes at the expense of wasted time, energy and a temper tantrum at some point, due to the lack of spots available. This is a big tip when shopping at stores like Costco or malls during Christmas time. We spend 20-30 minutes circling in and out of lanes with other drivers who are trying to beat us to the spot before we beat them, only to end up awkwardly maneuvering our way through a slow, jam packed parking lot, and inevitably parking further away anyways. Why not just eliminate the middleman and park where there is guaranteed spots, and just walk farther? You are going to walk in the mall anyways, why not get a jump start on our 10,000 step daily journey!

Parking far back in the “empty lot” may seem like a loss in the moment, but in reality, we controlled our situation, controlled our mood and prevented any unnecessary anger, stress and irritation. This also means that we will have a quicker, smoother exit on your way out, BONUS! To summarize, let’s focus more on getting our steps in, eliminating the inevitable stress and appreciate the lack of congestion on our way out.

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