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Day 282/365 – October 9

“Stop Expecting Praise From Other People”

Praise is a wonderful thing. We love getting it, and it feels great to give it and put a smile on someone else’s face. But that doesn’t mean we should search for it. Unfortunately a lot of what we do is formed around receiving some form of external validation. Chasing praise like this is one of the quickest ways to find yourself consumed with false fulfilling markers.

We want to do things for the simple fact they make us feel great. Praise will eventually come, but it will be seen a nicety not a necessity. When we remove ourselves from expecting praise for our accomplishments and jobs well done, we take back control. We gain leverage by not expecting anything from anybody. When we do expect something from someone else, we give up too much control, and allow our emotional and mental state to be determined by the response of another.

It is important however to have open conversations with loved ones and your partner about what types of affection you do prefer. Ideally you find someone who gives you what you want, remembering that it’s only a want, not a need. If you constantly remind yourself that it’s the internal growth that actually makes us happiest, then you will never be dependent on the response of another person, thus creating a greater sense of personal freedom.

Day 281/365 – October 8

“Hang out at Your Salon/Barber”

The barber shop and salon are places that promote good vibes. Everybody is getting their new fresh cut done, and with that, we are all excited to rock our new “do”. But the barber shop and salon is more than just a place to get your hair “did”, it’s a place to hang out, socialize, share some laughs, and waste some quality time. The key is to find a place that you like spending time. Some prerequisites would include the people, the workers, the environment and of course a place that can provide you with a nice hair cut. Just remember, a lot of what makes us happiest comes from the small interactions we have within our daily tasks, and this is certainly a place to take full advantage of it.

Day 280/365 – October 7

“Take Some Photos with a Professional Camera”

Cell phones cameras are so good these days that holding an actual camera in your hand is probably something the majority of young adult have never, or very in frequently done. Unless your a photographer, It wouldn’t really make too much sense to have a professional camera. But with that being said, taking pictures with a professional camera is a much different experience than taking a picture with your phone. It’s the feel of the camera, it’s the weight, the positioning, the movement, the intensity and concentration that make all the difference. When you look through a lens on a real camera, taking a photo becomes an experience. The connection between you and camera is a real thing in that moment. You look for that great shot, and are much more present with the taking of the picture. The organic, traditional aspect of photography is brought to light in a very enriching way when we dismiss ourselves from our camera phones and connect with something that enhances the experience past the actual photo it self.

It’s always nice to just have this option and allow yourself the opportunity to capture memories in a much more connected, focused away. I’m telling you, the aspect of holding a real camera enriches the picture taking experience, which aids in increasing our fulfillment through allowing us to be more present in the moment.

Day 279/365 – October 6

“Drive to see Stunning Fall Foliage”

The fall brings out some amazing seasonal traditions like Thanksgiving, warm comfy clothes, stylish boots, pumpkin spice, Halloween and of course the beautiful changing of colours from green to red, orange and yellow. If you are fortunate enough to live in a climate where you are privy to the fall season, you know what I’m talking about. But even if you are, there are areas up North that are specifically known for their picturesque landscape during this time of year, making it a must to see in person to garner an even greater appreciation and love for the season.

These areas are not only known for their amazing fall foliage and colour changes but the drive up is typically serene, calm and utterly peaceful. This combination is a major reset waiting to happen.

Day 278/365 – October 5

“Build People Up”

There’s a lot of value in building someone else up. It’s easy to tear ourselves down, or pop someone else’s bubble. It’s easy because it makes looking at ourselves with less judgmental eyes. I even see this happen as a preemptive insecurity. When we lack confidence or have insecurities about how someone may react towards us, it’s easier to break them down first, as a defense mechanism. But this is unfulfilling and doing you no favours in terms of happiness or connection. Instead be proactive with your praise, rather than defensive with your words.

Any little confidence boost or compliment you give someone will add so might light into their day, that if we actually took the time to ask enough people, we’d be shocked. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you think the compliment is, that one nice thing you say to them can turn their entire day around.

That’s the power of our words. And with this power, it’s our responsibility to be kind, and empower one other. That doesn’t mean I give everyone I run into a compliment or ignore someones complaining and give them the benefit of the doubt, but it does mean I look for things in people – who shed joy into my day – and try make them feel better after talking with me. It’s so simple and easy, yet how often do we hear something about ourselves that brightens our day? Not frequently enough.

“Your hair looks nice. You have a great smile. I love your energy. Your such a motivated, inspiring person.” These 5 word sentences are game changing. The take away: Stop breaking people down, regardless of how confident you think they may be, and how little you think it will effect them. Just be nice and shed love. Life is much easier and rewarding this way.

Day 277/365 – October 4

“Talk about your Dreams with Another Person”

Sharing ideas, desires and most importantly your dreams with another person is such a rewarding experience. For one, when you are truly passionate about something, just talking about it will give you this spark of adrenaline, excitement and bliss. Sharing your dreams allows you to vocalize and paint the picture of what your dream will look like one day. This is a great exercise in adding clarity behind your dream. I know when I talk about eventually becoming a Sponsored Strength and Endurance Adventure Athlete, I see things in a different light than when I just think about it. Vocalizing it with another person allows me to describe how it will happen, I can picture the experiences unfold and I can actually see how enriching and grateful my life and I will be. This practice of manifestation through vocalization is truly this powerful. So the next time you and a friend start talking about the future and potential dreams, truly embrace it, rather than hide from it. Speak your truth, get excited and don’t worry about how anyone will respond. The important thing is enhancing your belief and excitement behind creating something special in your life.

And typically just watching another person listen to you share your dreams is rewarding as well, because if you talk about your passion like I do, people can feel it and they get inspired and jacked up about life too. And this is creates real energy, connection and strength.

“Day 276/365 -October 3

“Give away old clothes”

We can all agree that a ton of clothes in our dresser drawers or closets are relatively unused. We hoard clothes, with the idea being that we will one day want to wear that particular piece of clothing. We all know how this story eventually ends, years down the road we throw out a shirt we’ve warn twice. Rather than hold onto old clothes collecting dust and increasing clutter, lets give back, while also decluttering. Giving old clothes away is one of the easiest and most convenient things we can do to give back and make a difference. We take for granted how much clothing we have, when in a lot of areas and places are in need. By getting rid of old clothes we don’t wear anymore, we eliminate unnecessary clutter while also helping someone else.

We now even have pickup services that will come by your house and pick up a bag of old stuff to give to people in need. Next time you are stuck between keeping something you never wear and throwing it out, ask yourself if someone else would get a better use out of it. Chances are this perspective shift will make the decision easy, affording you some extra fulfillment in your life within the process.

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