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Brandon Rynka 365 Day Fulfillment Blog

Day 268/365 – September 25

“Have Kleenex available in all rooms”

This life hack is something that has certainly come in handy plenty of times in my life and one that I take for granted of when I don’t have available. The feeling I get when I need an emergency Kleenex and there’s some available, whether that’s to blow my nose, clean my hands, kill a spider, is a feeling of, “Oh, thank you!”

Having a Kleenex box set up in my office, in the living room, and especially in my car has saved me time and stress, as over dramatic as that sounds. Convenience will never get old, and will never be something that we don’t appreciate having; so make your life more convenient and start planting Kleenex boxes in all rooms and places that you converse most often.

Day 267/365 – September 24

“Foam Roll Prior and Post Workout”

Foam rolling is a great passive limbering technique to loosen up tightness’ within the body; working out on the other hand is a great way to strengthen the body, increase bone density, prevent injuries and optimize one’s health, but it’s incredibly easy to take for granted the pre and post exercise habits that will leave us feeling limber, loose and primed for our next workout and the daily activities that follow.

Foam rolling is designed to release the fascia and help alleviate knots and scar tissue within the body. When we workout, we create micro tears which lead to the body growing bigger and stronger. This process is optimized when we create proper blood flow and healing to occur. Instead of running into a workout directly after sitting in your car or leaving the gym directly after a hard workout, foam roll to increase the blood flow and help with the healing process. Going into a workout feeling greater blood flow and oxygen to the muscles is advantageous in preventing less stress to the body, just like massaging the body with foam rolling after a workout is advantageous in reducing Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). By foam rolling you prevent injury going into a workout and prevent set backs after your workout.

5-10 minutes should do the trick. Get deep, hit a variety of muscle groups and enjoy a pain free life.

Day 266/365 – September 23

“Educate Yourself on Your Country”

Knowing just a little bit more about your Country is a great way to feel more connected and proud of where you come from. For a while in my life, I unknowingly took my Country for granted. I didn’t know all that much about the other Provinces and Territories and saw little value in educating myself; but as soon as I did, I was thrilled that I had. Learning about the unique aspects of other parts of your country provides excitement to potentially visit them one day. It’s common to always want to travel abroad or out of Country, but when you take the time to inform yourself, there is much more beauty to see than one might initially think.

And secondly, knowing the basics of your Country makes you feel like a more able adult. It’s nice to know foundational aspects of your Country, as it shows that you take pride in the Country you live in. And learning something new or at least refreshing yourself on a particular subject always gives you a little bit of a self-confidence boost and who doesn’t like one of those.

Day 265/365 – September 22

“Buy several pairs of the same socks”

Socks are the one pair of clothing where you always seem to lose one of the pairs. Traditionally it’s easy to keep track of t-shirts, pants, even underwear, but socks tend to disappear regularly. By buying several pairs of the same socks there is less run around and headache to find that pair of socks you really like. If you like a pair of socks, buy a few pairs, have them rolled together in your drawer, ready for easy use. That way if you do happen to misplace one of the pairs, it’s not panic mode. And if you are one of those people who like wearing a particular brand or style of sock, having a few pairs keeps you from doing laundry every 2 days. With a good selection of several pairs of your favourite socks, there is more consistency and less run around.

Day 264/365 – September 21

“Cheer Competitors on at a Race”

Cheering people on during a race or at the finish line means a great deal to that competitor, whether they hear your specific clap and cheer or not. When you accomplish something you worked hard for, and dedicated a lot of time to, it’s natural to appreciate and want some praise and love sent your way; spectator cheering is a way to make the moment less anti-climatic and keep spirits running high. Cheering someone on at a race not only boosts their spirit and energy but can also generate inspiration in yourself.

It’s easy to lose sight of why we take on certain challenges, but by simply seeing someone get cheered on for a job well done, with so much relief and self-satisfaction and determination in their eyes, can be enough to help you remember the importance of embracing opportunities to grow and do something you’re proud of.

The more often we surround ourselves with this type of contagious energy, the more likely we are to stay motivated when times get tough. By experiencing this environment as a spectator, not only do you help make each and every racers big accomplishment that much more special, but you will leave that day feeling more inspired than when you came.

Day 263/365 – September 20

“Keep Your gas tank 1/4 full”

This is a trick that will save you tons of panic, last minute headache and prevent you from experiencing stress in unforeseen moments. By keeping your gas tank 1/4 full at all times, not only is your car being taken care of, but you are never in that ever so capricious moment of “Hope I don’t run out of gas”. This isn’t a great feeling. And if you’re anything like me, seeing your car with sufficient gas in it just makes you feel more confident, at ease and in control – all feelings that add to a more fulfilling life.

Day 262/365 – September 19

“Watch your dog sleep”

Watching your dog sleep, or slowly dose off may be one of the cutest things you’ll personally witness. As I was reading outside the other day, I caught a glimpse of my dog nodding off out of the corner of my eye, and it immediately put a smile on my face and reinforced how much love I have for my dog. When we involve ourselves with an activity, regardless if it’s conscious or not, that puts us in a state of gratitude and simple pleasures, we experience a much greater form of authentic fulfillment – something that gives strong meaning to our life: stuff like love, purpose and passion.

Watching my dog fall asleep was one of those moments. It was a moment that made me appreciate the small things in life that truly make me happy, like my dog and the freedom I have to enjoy a peaceful afternoon outside with my pup. The next time you see your dog lying peacefully on the ground or in its bed, take a moment to observe the peace in which it lays in your home, this will surely make you feel some love.

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