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Day 261/365 – September 18

“Plant a tree”

Planting a tree is a simple yet extremely effective way to help ones environment. The act of doing something positive for the world we live in and your community enriches the connection we have with ourselves, as it takes a true act of selflessness to spend one’s time with such a task. Planting something that will positively affect other living organisms, including ourselves and our loved ones goes deeper than just planting a tree; it’s helping grow a better tomorrow. And just remember, every tree we plant helps provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I’m not sure what will. Get out in nature, get a little dirty and make a difference, all the while, increasing your fulfillment.

Day 260/365 – September 17

“Place an air freshener in your car”

A nice smelling car goes a long way. I’ve been in situations after a race, where my dirty, muddy, stinky socks, shoes and clothes are thrown into the trunk of my car, only to smell up the rest of my vehicle; and every time I get into my car, i’m hit with a pungent odor of smelliness, which doesn’t put me in a great state of mind. This is where airing out your car and placing a great smelling air freshener in there, comes in handy. Placing an air freshener in your car is a convenient fix to make your car smell fresh and clean. With so many options of unique smells and ways to put an air freshener in your car (hang in, attach it, place it), it’s kind of a no-brainier.

Find a fragrance that puts a smile on your face every time you smell it, and let that be the new scent to your car. Adding a fresh aroma to your vehicle will make opening your car door an enriching moment rather than an unfulfilling one and will make your driving experience all that more more fulfilling.

Day 259/365 – September 16

“Read Poetry”

Poems are a balance between speech and song, that almost always takes some form of rhythmical pattern, with such techniques as meter, rhyme and stances. Poetry is often looked at as a beautiful take on simple ideas that promote strong emotions and consideration. This is why reading poetry can be such a fulfilling experience. Poetry allows us to reconsider rudimentary concepts and dig past surface level thinking.

The more poetry we read, the better we get at deciphering it’s ambiguous, often complex meanings, and with that, the greater the impact it provides once we discover what the poem means to us.

Even the act of thinking about what a poem means can bring out a rewarding set of emotions. Rather than dismiss poetry as pompous or cryptic, try finding the meaning in each poem you read, and with that, allow for possibilities of new understandings and self-discovery to take place.

Day 258/365 – September 15

“Break Down a Project into 1 small task per day”

If you’re anything like me, you get very excited about projects and ideas; and with that, a lot of craziness and chaos can take place, to the point where a lot is happening but not much is getting done and moving forward. It’s very easy to mistake busyness with productiveness, which is why it’s important to not overload your to-do list, and instead focus on getting 1 thing done at a time.

This “1 thing at a time method” prevents disengagement towards a task by avoiding getting overwhelmed. Collecting small wins allows you to see the momentum moving forward, and regardless of how small or big the task was that day, you’re moving in a positive direction. What a lot of people do is take on 3-4 tasks at a time, getting only 50-70% of each task done, thus making it seem like no real progress has been made, which is sort of true. Completely finishing a task before starting a new one allows you to not have to worry about it again, which means you can move on with a clear, focused mindset on the next priority at hand.

By the end of the week you could have close to 5-7 tasks regarding your project fully done, which is amazing! And even if 1 of the tasks took you all week, so be it, at least it’s done, and a foundation is built. Don’t defeat yourself by trying to get too much done too soon, this only prevents you from seeing a project come to fruition.

Day 257/365 – September 14

“Relax in a Massage Chair”

Now I can’t say a massage chair is as relaxing or as effective as a typical massage, but in a world of convenience and time efficiency, a massage chair is pretty damn good. Massage chairs are usually found inside big box gyms and can hit some sweet spots that will help alleviate tense areas in the body. “Some have created designs that use water to massage away tension and stress. Others use a series of airbags to squeeze muscles and promote blood circulation.” 15 minutes in this bad boy and I will confidently say you’ll feel much better than you did before: relaxed, less tense and fulfilled.

Day 256/365 – September 13

“Gaze at a full moon”

If you’re like me, space is a fascinating topic, and simply looking up into the sky is an enriching experience of deep questions, perspective shift and creativity. A full moon is part of this process and is an infrequent occurrence (occurs once every 29.5 days), which make’s it something to appreciate even more. Even though we have the opportunity to see it once a month typically, it always seem to capture the undivided attention of most people that look at it.

A full moon, with it’s glowing orangy yellow colour shining bright in the sky should be appreciated as such. The moon is earths only permanent natural satellite and is one of the greatest wonder’s of the world that is within human eye sight basically every evening. When its full, we’re privy to something even more fascinating, unique and wondrous. If full moons were gone, we would surely miss its presence, so take advantage of it being here and gaze away.

Day 255/365 – September 12

“Collaborate with other professionals”

Building something fun, exciting and valuable is a process. This act requires creativity, hard work and time, which is why collaborating can be a great insert on certain projects. I’ve always been a “too many cooks in the kitchen” type guy, but I have learned to delegate responsibilities to others who have skills that I don’t possess, which allows me to create on a larger scale.

If you’re a big thinker like me, it’s exciting to think up new ideas, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. When you collaborate with other professionals in the industry you are in, you allow for more efficiency. Now this can also go the other way, where too many people have deciphering opinions, which is why finding professionals with your same vision and mission a critical component to this tip.

The key is to have fun with the collaboration, and come up with action items for everyone to complete by a specific day, thus keeping the project moving smoothly. Use each other as resources as well, that way you don’t feel alone, and can keep each other strong and inspired throughout the project.

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