Day 248-254/365 Days of Fulfillment

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Day 254/365 – September 11

“Remember 9/11”

It’s easy to forget about the loved ones lost, and the great country’s we live in when we have our head down, busy with the day-to-day. By taking the time to remember 9/11, we can be thankful for the safety we have today, be grateful for all that we have, and spread some love to others. When we do these things, we allow ourselves to live a much more selfless and richer life. Al though this day was a tragedy years ago, let’s take a moment every 9/11 to remember those who lost their lives, and be better people today because of it.

Day 253/365 – September 10

“Eat some heated apple with cinnamon for dessert”

I’m always trying to find “healthy alternatives” to dessert, and alternatives that also warm the body up (it just feels good to have something warm for dessert). This little recipe is so simple and requires only 2 ingredients, apple and cinnamon. Take an apple, cut it up into slices, add a pinch of cinnamon and a little water to the base of the bowl, microwave it and there you have it! Fulfillment in a cup, without the unnatural sugar content and added preservatives most desserts are filled with. I don’t plan on filling this blog with any more food dishes, but this one in particular had to make my list, as It checks off too many areas of happiness not to: healthy eating, warms you up and gives you the sweet kick we all love so much.

Day 252/365 – September 9

“Choose the BIGGER Life”

What I mean by choosing BIG, is when you have a decision to make between two choices, one being an idea that excites you a little (what most people think we are capable of) and another that excites you a lot (something few people think are practical), go for the one that excites you a lot. So when it comes to making a decision (whether that’s career based, personal, emotional etc) follow the BIGGER LIFE; the one that truly moves you to a place of bliss and authentic happiness. Basically, don’t settle for less than you want.

It’s easy to talk ourselves out of going for the BIGGER LIFE…”it’s not practical”, “it’s not realistic”, “I’m not sure how it will go”, these are all negative questions that you shouldn’t involve yourself with. Instead, think in terms of how it will feel when it does work out, or how you will feel after following your heart.

There’s nothing more disappointing than settling for something less than you actually wanted or knew was in your grasp. This pain sticks with you, as it was totally avoidable. The only thing that prevented this was the fear of uncertainty. If something excites you, go for it. Lock into the thinking of “why not me!?” and allow yourself to see this journey through.

As the saying goes, it’s the things we didn’t do that we regret the most. Worst case scenario, you listened to your gut and probably learned something helpful and cool about yourself. Best case scenario, you reap the benefits of thinking BIG and create a life you were destined to live.

Day 251/365 – September 8

“Ease into the morning”

The other day at my uncles cottage I was privy to witness what retired life looks like up north. My uncle and aunts morning seemed very peaceful, structured and rather content; but this led to a productive approach to the rest of their day as their body woke naturally. Yes I get they’re retired, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take something away from the ease at which they moved to start the day. Rushing around the house before leaving for work is stressful and exhausting. This may mean that we have to go to bed a little earlier, or wake up a little sooner, but its worth it.

Our body is most tense in the morning from lying in a static position all night. We shouldn’t jolt it into performance within minutes. We should have the time available to wake it up productively, with slow, full movements, and allow ourselves to mentally wake up as well, with activities like having a coffee and enjoying the fresh morning air, or preparing a healthy nutrient dense breakfast. This ease will allow you to move more efficiently and with more intent as the day goes on, and that’s how we create a day full of fulfillment.

Day 250/365 – September 7

“Cut Social Media off 2 hrs before bed”

Social media can be a great tool for efficiency and optimization, but it can also hinder us from involving ourselves with activities and tasks that actually promote long term self-care. The science is out there, blue light technology before bed, and general social disconnect which is increasing with time spent on our phones, are not good for our health. A general rule of thumb that can help you break away from the “social media monster” is to put your phone away for the last couple hours before bed.

Doing so allows you to disconnect from work, “likes”, and mindless wandering on your apps. This also forces you to do something more hands on and creative, whether that’s something mentally stimulating or decompressing like a bath or stretching. The goal is to get back to real connection to yourself and your loved ones. I suggest placing your phone away from easy access. This may require you buy an actual alarm, an investment worth making for your health.

Day 249/365 – September 6

“Re-Paint the House”

What’s old is new again. Sometimes making something look brand new is as simple as adding some fresh coloured paint. Styles and preferences change over time, and rather than thinking you need to make drastic improvements to your living arrangements, a basic paint job can give it the fresh new look it needs. Whether that’s painting your door a vibrant brash bright colour, or giving the outside of your house a new look, these small home improvements can make you feel like your living in a brand new home.

Day 248/365 – September 5

“Buy Produce from a Farmers Market”

Farmers Markets expel freshness. These markets are designed around selling natural, organic, non GMO fruits and vegetables, at a very reasonable price, which makes this even more exciting. Buying organic can be extremely pricey, which deteriorates people from going this direction. Farmers Markets meet you in the middle and provide a great product for what seems like an even better value. Not only will you leave a market like this with baskets full of fresh produce, but you will feel like you got away with something by how much money you saved, and doesn’t this “steal of a deal” always add some joy to the purchase.

Besides the fresh produce offered, the people you buy from are typically quite genuine and down to earth. Buying local has a more heartfelt connection to the transaction, making this experience even more fulfilling and enriching. And let’s not forget that Farmers Markets are pop up shops on the side of the streets, which means you get to shop without even going into an actual place of business, affording you the opportunity to catch some rays while stocking up on a healthy platter of produce; even more of a reason to love this tip.

Take advantage of all the season’s fresh offers, and add some extra fulfillment to your day with this idea.

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