Day 241-247/365 Days of Fulfillment

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Day 247/365 – September 4

“Walk an old Favourite Neighborhood”

One of my favourite places to walk around is Bloor West Village in Toronto. A lot of my childhood memories were of me and my brother walking to get McDonalds, checking out the fresh fruit stands all the while being with my loving Baba. My Baba lived right off Bloor W, and every time I go back these cherished memories come rushing back, putting me in a happy state instantly. I even remember the exact slanted sidewalk me and my brother would always balance on as we walked up my Baba’s street, just before we reached the Bloor St lights.

Since these childhood days, my family and I still consistently visit Bloor St W for day trips, to visit my Baba and go for lunch at our favourite authentic Ukrainian Restaurant. Going back to a place that brings back good memories, or provides great energy and vibes is always a smart way to spend some of your time. Think of it as sort of a “safe space”: a place you can go, unwind, relax, and experience tons of enjoyment from.

*Make a list of some of your favourite neighborhood spots that put you in a great mood and make it a monthly tradition or so to go back and spend some time.

Day 246/365 – September 3

“Share Your Value Systems with Your Closest Friends”

Conflicts arise in any relationship. But there is one main reason why: the misunderstanding or neglect of another persons values. The reason we get upset when a roommate doesn’t clean their dishes is because we value cleaning up after ourselves; the reason we get irritated when a friend doesn’t show interest in your new job or accomplishment is because we expect friends to share in our victories. Whatever the issue is, it goes back to going against a person’s set of values. The real problem stems from both parties not being clear from what they expect from one another. If we shared the value systems we cherish the most, a good friend, partner and co-worker (if they’re a good person) will do their very best to oblige, and if not, this person probably isn’t worth spending time with.

But rather than just get pissed off when somebody does something that makes you upset, ask yourself if they know what you value. That’s not to say their lack of basic kindness is excusable, but a lot of the time people aren’t even aware of their wrong doing. Having this open communication with the people you spend the most time with is critical to be on the same page, and with that, can lead to a much stronger relationship. This conversation can be a little intimidating to have at first, but if the relationship is important to you, it’s worth having and you’ll see is much easier to have than initially thought.

Day 245/365 – September 2

“Look through old photographs”

Looking through old photos is a guaranteed way to pick your spirits up. A picture truly is worth a thousand words and there’s no better way to prove this than looking back on cherished captured memories.

A rush of emotions come up when you look back on old family photos or pictures of yourself as a child. It’s in these moments where we can reminiscence, share laughs, and be grateful for all the special moments we had in our lives. It also makes you more aware of the importance of creating these special memories today, with the ones you love. I suggest making photo albums on your computer, to make deciphering through photos less of a crap shoot. I would also recommend printing them out and placing them in a scrap book of some kind. Flipping through real pictures adds to the connectiveness of the experience compared to swiping from photo to photo on your tablet, gadget or desk top.

My mom and I shared this experience the other night, as we looked for pictures of my recently deceased, beloved Baba. She was an amazing, strong, benevolent, selfless human being, who will be missed dearly. But searching for old pictures of her was a blessing. Not only did we find some beautiful pictures of my Baba with the family, but my mom and I were able to look through hundreds of other pictures of old memories throughout the past 20-30 years. This might seem like work at first, but once you get going, you’ll be glad to you.

Day 244/365 – September 1

“Make a Timeline”

Timelines are a great way to keep track of your progress, growth and journey over a period of time… at the same token, it can also be used as a great indicator of stagnation, complacency and lack of development. An optimal use of a timeline for most people would be to plan growing opportunities and excitement within a given time period, whether that’s a yearly time frame or broken down into micro sections of quarterly objectives.

To start out, write out months at the top of a piece of paper or create this on the computer. With all the months laid out, it’s time to insert things you’d love to accomplish or experience or just do within each of those months (i.e. get promoted in March, run a marathon in May, Travel to Europe in July) As the months go by, you can visually see whether you are taking action or being complacent.

I started a timeline the other day to use as a reference tool for my corporate talks and any Key Notes I deliver – showing opportunities turned down, clients gained, clients lost, new opportunities that came to fruition, and anything exciting that has been added to my life’s journey. I want to be able to visually look back and show people that true progress, success and the life we want, takes time and is by no means a linear path. And with the help of my timeline I will be able to share my journey with exact detail of when and how my story came to be.

A timeline can be a great way to hold yourself accountable and plan out exciting months ahead. It can also be a fun thing to look back onto, showing how far you came. Don’t overthink it, just do it 🙂

Day 243/365 – August 31

“Learn How to Fix a Bike Tire”

This is a tip I most certainly took for granted … and with that being said, found myself at the side of the road today walking my bike 20 km from home. Thankfully, a benevolent gentleman named Marc pulled his bike over and asked if I needed help. I sighed a big, “very much so.”

At this point in my riding career, I had never been prepared for a mishap in the slightest. No air pump. No replacement rubber. No tools to fix a flat. And this time around, not even a phone to call someone to pick me up. I was between a rock and a hard place i.e. up shits creek, or so it seemed. Marc pulled out his bike repair kit and worked on fixing the issue. I helped as much as I could without getting in the way too much, and studied his approach diligently. I’m never really too proud to ask for help, but at the same time, it’s ingrained in us as men especially, to not be completely inept in any skill- which I was when it came to fixing bikes. I decided to take some pride in this new learning opportunity and take advantage of learning how to fix a bike tire.

A few minutes passed, and eventually the bike’s back tire was full of air, replaced with a new rubber lining, ready to take me back home. Even though I didn’t fix the tire myself per se, I was excited to learn and gain confidence in knowing what to do the next time this situation arises. I found myself fulfilled that this inconvenient situation happened to me on a Saturday where I had nowhere to go, and all the time to learn a new skill. Maybe it was fate telling me, “here you go kid, it’s time we learned how to fix a tire… finally”

Learning anything that gives you more freedom and more confidence in basic life skills is always something that will leave you feeling accomplished and fulfilled. With that being said, thank you Marc (maybe he’ll read this one day). Enjoy the ride.

Day 242/365 – August 30

“Make time for the People you Love”

True love is a rarity. What I mean when I say true love, is someone who has your best interest at heart at all times, and would do anything in this world to make sure you felt loved and cared for.

These individuals are the people in your life that only want the best for you and pray for you every night. Whoever this is for you, cherish them. Make time to call them. Make it a priority to see them when it’s their birthday, and be there for them on special days. These moments and your presence in these moments, are the things they cherish the most, I promise you that; not the gifts, not the attention, it’s receiving the love from the people they love the most that fills their heart with joy, fulfillment and peace.

Be there for them when they need you. Be there for them when they don’t need you, but would love to hear from you. Just be there.

This takes true perspective and selflessness, but I can confidently say this is the best gift you can give yourself – making your loved ones feel loved. It’s this selflessness and time you benevolently gave, that you will look back on, and that will allow you let go of the ones you loved the most, with peace in both of your hearts.

R.I.P Baba xoxo

Day 241/365 – August 29

“Use a Head Massager”

Head massages are awesome, they feel great and they make you feel even more relaxed. The reason being, a head massage increases the production of serotonin, a feel good hormone, designed to put us in a more relaxed, calm state. The more things we can do that activate this neurotransmitter, the better off we’ll be (i.e. less stressed). A simple Head Massager provides us this amazing benefit. If you haven’t bought this device, it’s a can’t miss. And If you have it but haven’t used it in a while, place it somewhere you spend a good majority of your time (desk, office, night stand) and take that baby for a spin some point every day. In other words, hack your environment.

A relaxed mind and nervous system allows us to navigate through life a little bit easier, and really, that’s all any of us can ask for.

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