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Brandon Rynka is an Adventure Athlete, Speaker, Writer who has embarked on some of the most exciting and challenging endeavors on earth, in doing so, making Canadian History with Strength and Endurance challenges such as “Canada’s First TREE-athlon”. All of his challenges and experiments on living a more optimal life are based around mental and physical discomfort and perseverance. His experience, both theoretically and practically over the past 4 years, has afforded him the ability to become a leading Health and Wellness expert on the subject of fulfillment, and self-optimization. He has also had the opportunity to appear and share his message on ChCh, Breakfast Television Toronto, and was featured in a number of Publications, including Toronto’s Largest Blog, BlogTO and Toronto Life Magazine.

As a University of Toronto Graduate, former two Sport Athlete, Top 1% Sales associate in multiple companies, former Business Owner and now, a leading Canadian Strength and Endurance Athlete, Brandon will help inspire, educate and lead you and your team to new heights and standards. His motto and initiative, “why not me”, has sparked thousands of people to believe a life of true fulfillment, success and authenticity is within reach.

Presentation Titles:

Building a Resilient, Engaged Staff

Time: Approx. 1.5-3 hrs

In this presentation I will fix common characteristics of a disengaged employee (hopelessness, boredom, anxiety, envy, fatigue and resentment). I do this by formatting a balanced structured lifestyle built around nurturing our most primitive values and educating on tools, tips and formulas to be our most driven, ambitious, happy selves.

Key Points

  1. Exercise, sleep & balanced diet
  2. Meditation/relaxation strategies
  3. Stress management
  4. Importance of being a lifelong learner
  5. Importance of social relationships
  6. Being of service to others
  7. Embracing discomfort
  8. Seeking opportunities to grow, enrich your life
  9. Meaningful purposes
  • Highlight the importance of social connections, engagement, and purpose outside of work – (the more productive you are outside of work, the more productive you are at work)
  • Ways to balance a structured more productive and energized life
  • Importance of seeking opportunities to learn, develop and create
  • Ways to decrease stress, anxiety, complacency in your life
  • Providing Tools and Formulas to build a more fulfilling life

“Designing the Life You Want”

Designing the life you want requires patience, true self-awareness and accountability. In this session, I will use my experience as a record setting Canadian Adventure Athlete to educate, inspire and inform people on how to create the life they want in the most efficient and exciting way possible.

My anecdotal references of my experiences running 100 mile ultras, Cycling solo across Ontario (14 days, 1400 km), setting Canadian records (First Canadian Tree-Athlon), creating the 365daychallenge, and living a life I am truly passionate about, on my terms, will not only inspire, but will provide the audience with practical, transparent advice on what shaping one’s life around true fulfillment looks like.

“Honing Mental Clarity and Optimal Performance

With this presentation, Brandon will educate on basic, yet profound techniques and strategies to help improve mental fog. Brandon also breaks down what a structured, healthy, productive day looks like, educates on where we are losing focus, attention and drive, and provides insight and anecdotal evidence on how to perform at our highest, most engaged level.

Time: 1 hr

Key points:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Reducing mental fog
  • Clearer thinking habits
  • Focused intent
  • Improved self-awareness and motivation

Building Resilience: “Getting comfortable with being Uncomfortable”

Brandon will largely speak on his experiences with embracing extreme, uncomfortable environments, tests and challenges, and provide practical solutions on how to embrace the aspect of being uncomfortable. And with that, teach and inspire the audience how to perform at our highest standard, while staying calm under pressure, all the while flipping the script on how we should view discomfort, pressure, fear and uncertainty.

Time: 1.5-3 hrs

Key Points:

  • Understanding the Compound Effect
  • Building leverage
  • Pain vs Pleasure Perspective shift
  • Take Fault Mindset
  • Importance of Structure
  • Taking care of your body and mind
  • 2 most important things that dictate success and failure…

Developing The Mindset of the Top 1%” – Workshop/seminar

Brandon discusses strategies, techniques and easily applicable solutions and life style changes that will spark the de-motivated person in the room, to think and act like the ambitious individual they are deep in their core. With Brandon’s Experience as a Top 1% at the Largest Gym in Canada, setting new company Sales records, and also as a Top 1% National sales rep under the Smart Circle Umbrella, Brandon will provide bullet proof advice on how to make your way to the top.

Time: 1-2 hrs

Key Points:

  • Habits of the Top 1%
  • Developing excitement and engagement inside and outside of work
  • Increasing stimulation to stay motivated – how to keep yourself constantly wanting to get better (new challenges, roles, stimuli)
  • Application of Knowledge to others
  • Having a bigger vision and greater sense of impact
  • “Creating fulfillment outside your life creates engagement and excitement inside the office”
  • Mind-body engagement for improved performance
  • Eliminating stress, anxiety, complacency
  • Teaching the importance of purpose
  • Create excitement in one’s life: trips, plans, events, competitions

“Learn to inspire, rather than Sell” – Workshop and Seminar

Time: 1 hr

Key Points:

  • Understanding customers Needs, Goals and Time-frame
  • How to deal/adapt to people: being a good listener
  • “Making people like you”
  • “Fish with the proper bate”
  • “Making a good first impression”
  • Arouse Eagerness
  • “What a dog can teach us”
  • How to listen, connect and build trust instantly and authentically
  • Creating authentic relationships and closing with assertiveness/confidence

“Developing Staff EQ”: Workshop and Seminar

Time: 1 hr

Key points:

  • Focus on self-awareness
  • self-management
  • social awareness
  • relationship management

“Challenging Yourself to Authentic Fulfillment: Thrive at Home and Work”

Time: 1 hr

Key Points:

  • Complete action oriented Key note/work shop: practical on site tools and solutions provided
  • 5 step process:
  • Increased Excitement and Vigor in one’s life
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Eliminating the “one day” mindset
  • Understanding Your true value system



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