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Brandon’s background as a performance coach goes beyond just the physical. Mental training and skill set development is a critical component in achieving success and performing at your highest potential. Brandon spear heads his consulting around basic principles that consist of communication, leading one’s own life, attitude and our ability to hone in on our Emotional intelligence.

Brandon has an extensive background in Leadership Development, both in Sport, as a 2 Sport University Athlete and also in Business – possessing high level Sales Expertise.

Sales background:

  • Top 1% Nationally in B2C Sales with Eagle Eye Events (2015-2016)
  • Owned his own Direct Marketing Sales Company in BC in 2016
  • Top 1% @ GoodLife Fitness as a ‘Fitness Advisor’ (FA) – 2017-2018; set company records with sales of Personal Training Starter Packages. Earned Fitness Advisor of Excellence in 2018 (Top 8 Fitness Advisors across Canada (over 400 locations – approx. 2500 FA’s)

What I offer:

  • Leadership development: Mindset (8 Steps to Success – Basic Principles we have to adopt to achieve success at a high level); EI Skills: accountability, consistency, self-awareness, social awareness; Structuring a finely tuned, optimal schedule/day
  • Sales training: FUGI Factors, Creating Impulse, Art of Listening, Speaking in the other person’s needs, Painting the Picture, Effective communication, S.E.E. Factors, Selling with Confidence


4 hr Workshop – Split into 3 days (1.5 hr, 1.5 hr, 1 hr) -Teams or Sole Proprietors


Day 1: Leading Your Own Life before Leading others:

  • Daily structure, understanding your strengths: how you work best, when you work best.
  • Building Your funnel, targets for the day to succeed
  • Daily habits for a successful entrepreneur

Day 2: Sales and Marketing System Protocols and Teachings; EI Focus; ‘8 Steps to Success’ ; Art of communicating & discovering their ‘why’

Day 3: Putting it into practice; sample run throughs

1 Day Team Training – 3 hrs


  1. Becoming an effective Leader in Your Own Life
  2. Sales and Marketing System protocols and teachings
  3. EI Focus
  4. ‘8 Steps to Success’

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