“Just Go For It”

Analyzing “what ifs” or the likely outcomes in certain instances are crucial. Doing so allows you to make astute decisions that make sense for yourself in the long term as well as the short term, and eliminates impulsive, reckless decision making. However, overthinking is possibly even more harmful than just Read more…

“When Your Focus is Far from the Everyday, the Everyday Becomes Much Clearer”

Day 9 across Ontario. Goderich to South Hampton.
I was pumped for this ride. 94 km straight up one road. No turns. No “I’m lost”. No capriciousness. And to top it all off, a good buddy of mine decided to make the trip up to Port Elgin to spend the afternoon and early evening with me. Quality move from a quality kid.
Riding across a province can get pretty lonely. Sure I have the endless cars that drive past, interactions with motel and camp ground staff, and I even have the neighbourhood dogs that come join me from time to time, but there is nothing quite like seeing a familiar face, relaxing, conversing, and enjoying easy banter and laughs.
Much respect and love for my boy, Liam to make the long drive out. Not something I undervalue.
Trips like this, that force you to dig deep into your thoughts can be some of the most rewarding and taxing experiences of your life. The reward typically comes after the fact however, while the taxing element lingers around throughout the day, all throughout the trip. During the trip, it’s a lot of “why am I doing this again?” and “Man, this kind of sucks.” But when the ride is all done, you get a lot of perspective thrown your way.


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“From 50-1900”

“From 50-1900” Chapter 1 – “Show time” I showed up half an hour early for my morning swim, misremembering what time the team swim ended on Saturday mornings. As I waited, I sat relaxed, prepared but anxious. I watched 10-20 year old swimmers training for greatness. The teams coach, standing Read more…