365 Days of Fulfillment-2

Day 134/365 – May 15

“Take a mid day Guilt FREE Nap”

As a trainer and coach, my days can start very early, and are quite spaced out. I spend hours on my feet moving, demonstrating, and lifting things. This is a true blessing. But this is also a recipe for a long day of constant exercise, which can take it’s toll. A guilt free nap is something i truly look forward to. My body needs the recovery, and there’s just something about taking a nap at 2 pm on a Wednesday, after a few high energy hours of coaching, that feels so damn right!

If you are up early, working hard, and moving a lot, take that nap. Don’t feel bad about it, embrace it, love it, and do so in the coziest way possible. The key to a guilt free nap personally is earning that comfort and rest. There’s a fine line between not working all day and napping (aka lazy) and earning that mid day R and R. Be the person who works their butt off, and in doing so, can reap the benefits of a purely blissful mid afternoon nap.

Day 133/365 – May 14

“Look into space”

Space makes us feel small. Space makes us realize how much life is out of our field of vision and how much more is going on in the universe. This perspective shift is a fantastic way to help digest your problems, stresses and life in a completely new, more refreshed sort of way. How can you not embrace the good in life when you take the time to truly think about all that is going on around us? And even furthermore, to think about all the stuff in the universe we have no idea about. This existential way of thinking is like putting your brain on drugs… in a safe, healthy way. The universe is an endless realm of ideas, questions, and amazement. Allow yourself to escape into the darkness and enlightenment up in the sky. Revel in all that is possible, and just think about what could be going on within the unknown. I’m sure you’ll see your problems in a much more trivial light.

Day 132/365 – May 13

“Observe the people around you”         

People watching and truly observing human behaviours is quite fascinating and educational. We can learn a lot about societal norms, body language and personalities by simply observing with true intent and concentration. And on a deeper level, realizing each and every person walking this earth was once a child and will one day be deceased is way to realize we are all in this together. Rather than observing people and judging them on their facial expressions or perceived mannerisms, try to send love their way. We are all going through the same problems. Yes, we handle them differently, and this is no excuse to act rude or unpleasant mind you, but it does humanize each and every one of us.

To add some fun to this observational activity, make up a story of who they might be, where their journey has taken them. Have fun observing. Be creative, joyful and free in your viewing.

Day 131/365 – May 12

“Read a Comic”

Comics are classic. Who doesn’t like or remember comics like “Archy” or “Superman”. I describe comics as entertainment for the eyes and stimulation for mind. The key is to select a comic that resonates with you. I love Super Heroes so that’s an easy one for me, Marvel or DC based graphic novels. For others they might have an interest for detective work, drama, horror or a lazy cat who likes lasagna, named Garfield. Regardless of what direction you go in, comics afford you the opportunity to find balance in education, and pure mindless television watching. Comics let you follow a story by both the images they draw and the written word they write. I’ve even recently been interested in following a specific weekly comic release, almost making it like a weekly episonic tv show.

Fictional books and comics are a great, healthy escape. The written word affords mental stimulation and the story board is the escape that grabs our attention and puts us in a realm of fantasy or at the very least, societal escapism. Both of which can add great value within the balance of one’s day.

Day 130/365 – May 11

“Get a no-alarm-clock-good-night Type of sleep”

Good sleep should be a priority for everyday of your life, but it’s worth noting as an individual tip. Sometimes a true, authentic no alarm clock rest just isn’t very practical. The majority of the world’s population that has to go to work in the morning sets an alarm clock. We simply do not wake up to the natural light of the morning sun and most people aren’t going to bed 10 hours before they HAVE to get up, knowing their body will wake up in 8, giving them over 2 hours of wiggle room. This isn’t reality. This is why we should give ourselves a day (ideally at least once a week) to let our body naturally wake itself up. This natural rest cycle is incredibly powerful for productivity and getting us back on track to perform optimally.

Day 129/365 – May 10

“Co-ordinate a Round Table Discussion”

Discussion and conversation is the prime essence of discovery and social stimulation. Very few things in life will be as engaging and internally rewarding as having a healthy, productive discussion about topics that can truly solve a problem, and make your life better. A round table is exactly this.

It can be structured in many ways, but the basic premise is that a round table is an organized informal or formal gathering of preferably intelligent individuals discussing a range of topics. Sometimes there is a theme, “self-optimization” for example, with sub themes; dealing with fear, creating balance, embracing your potential etc. But there can also be a general broader lay out where discussion organically grows from the initial theme and is less monitored. Both are great options for lively, healthy debates, discussions and resolutions.

Historians would involve themselves with these types of evenings rather frequently, and today these minds are still regarded as some of the wisest educators and philosophies we know.

Day 129- May 9

“Have a group Sushi Night”

Sushi seems to be the fad of modern society that isn’t going anywhere, aka, not a fad. Sushi brings people together in a unique way; you’re trying to use chop sticks (making a fool of yourself in the process), chances are most people are experiencing new sensations on their pallet, and the common mystery of “what will that taste like” has a quick bonding effect.

Typically in Sushi style restaurants, the food is cycled through with a stay at your table type buffet, and with that, many different food items are tried, tasted and enjoyed. This lively experience is unconventional compared to most sit down restaurants and in doing so, very engaging. Ironically with this tip, I’m not a big fan of Sushi, but i am a fan of experiencing a joyous time with good people, and if that means trying a few slimy items during my meal, then so be it. I’ll take that trade off every now and then, and maybe even find out i like something i never even tried before. But one guarantee is that you will have a great time with some good people, and get exposed to some pretty neat and delicious dishes.

Day 128/365 – May 8

“When walking in the Woods, stop, and listen to the Sounds”

Nature is incredible. The species, habitats, living organisms and beauty is something to truly appreciate. What makes this even more exciting, is that we are privy to open spaces like this basically in our very own backyard. We are able to run, walk, and hike these beautiful grounds, and with that we are able to immerse ourselves in the world around us. One thing I really enjoy doing is listening to the sounds that surround me; the ruffles on the ground, the chirping birds, the bubbling of the streams, the buzzing of insects and the croaking of frogs.

These sounds are natural. These sounds are ingrained to make us feel connected to the world. And these sounds actually are scientifically researched to improve our emotional state; increasing positive feelings, and improving calmness, relaxation and sleep.

So the next time you decide to go for a stroll in the forest, take a few moments just to listen intently. Embrace all that the forest offers, every last sound, and ease into a more fulfilling state.

Day 127/365 – May 7

“Drink lots of Water”

Water is the bodies life preserver. We need it to survive, and in today’s modern society with the abundance of sugary and caffeinated drinks to choose from, we need it to thrive. People simply don’t drink enough water. And with that we hinder brain function and reduce organ, cell and tissue health. When we lack sufficient water we don’t digest material as well, and find ourselves hungrier than we need to be.

Water is actually really good in terms of increasing satiety, keeping our skin looking good, and helps energize our muscles (cells with insufficient fluids shrivel). To make this tip easier for us to implement, start every morning off with a tall glass of water; buy a stainless steel water bottle, and bring it every where with you. Carrying your sophisticated new bottle with you is a common bio hack healthy active people do, and it keeps them fueling their bodies. Make drinking water convenient and supply yourself with 3-4 L of water per day.

Day 126/365 – May 6

“Wear Some Reading Socks”

Reading socks are like wrapping your feet in a blanket made of love. In an ideal world these would be acceptable to wear in public, but unfortunately they’re typically gigantic and don’t fit very well with other outfits. Fortunately though, they are amazing for at home relaxation. Sometimes it’s just the feet that need warmth, and this act of bundling up your toes can help gently place you in a state of ease and calmness.

It’s pretty fascinating what amazingly soft material on our body can do for ones sense of happiness. Next time you feel like the body needs some lovin’, try slipping on a pair of reading socks, and let the coziness dictate where the body and mind goes from there…chances are it will promote some sort of much needed R & R.

Day 125/365 – May 5

“Do Yoga Outside”

Yoga is great for a handful of reasons: It’s meditative, it helps loosen up tightnesses, and it’s a body and mind strengthener. “Outside Yoga” of course incorporates the same benefits, but with the added touch of some much needed vitamin D and embrace of nature.

Being outside is extremely therapeutic and can actually help amplify the entire yoga process by giving you sounds, objects and the sun light to appreciate. Holding static positions in a room can get a tad bit monotonous, but do so outside allows you to notice a lot of things that aid in being present and appreciative.

I just put this tip into practice myself after a long Sunday run, and it made the experience that much more joyful. I took in the tweeting of the birds, i left my phone inside, and embraced the cool breeze amidst the sun shining down, and i even noticed the kids a few doors down playing basketball, an activity that brought back precious memories of me and my friends shooting hoops in the drive way. This process of present-ness highlighted by increasing your bodies ability to function optimally is a major win.

Day 124/365 – May 4

“Create a Personal Office Space”

There’s nothing that will aid in productivity more than having a personal space where you are purely dedicated to office based tasks. The idea is to make your lifestyle as convenient, efficient and optimal as possible, and an office space is a critical piece in allowing you to accomplish the medial tasks and of course the inspired tasks you wish to take on. You want to attack these tasks without having to be pulled all over the place to get things printed, posted, and documented.

I love having my little work station at home, as it makes me feel connected to getting things done and puts me in a productive state of mind. I don’t want to be running around to make prints, or have papers scattered all over the place, or put myself in a stressful state by not having a pen available when i have an idea pop up (been there, and hate this!). The more you set yourself up for success with the proper work space, the more ideas you’ll come up with, and the more action oriented you will be.

By actively creating a separated personal ‘work environment ‘ you will find yourself more driven to sit down and brain storm ideas, work on projects, document interesting thesis’ and work on side projects that give you a great deal of fulfillment.

Day 123/365 – May 3

“Listen to Classical Music”

For starters, classical music has been shown to enhance activity of genes that produce the feel good hormone, dopamine, while also improving memory and learning. That’s worth the price of admission on it’s one. But from a personal experience, one thing I’ve taken from classical music that’s made me a fan is the calming of my mind. It’s a way for me to find meditation by just listening to the rhythmic sounds and story that the song is telling.

Unlike lyrical music, classical music uses the instruments, tones and tempos to paint a picture, which allows the mind to escape into a world of creation and peacefulness. This keen feature is incredibly blissful and powerful, and can really help provide a sense of clarity and ease as you drive home from work, rest your head at home or have on in the background while studying. Regardless of where you listen to classical music, it’s quite evident that doing so can aid in a much more productive state.

Day 122/365 – May 2

“Stock up on a Costco Run”

Stocking up with supplies is oddly refreshing. For me, it’s the comfort of knowing I don’t have to run back to the store every 3-4 days to grab the same thing; instead I can relax knowing my cupboards are fully loaded. and Costco is the place where this dream becomes reality. Costco is where bulk is king! And you always seem to take home something you don’t necessarily want, but kind of need. Let’s just say I went in to Costco to buy chicken the other day and I left with a printer. I stocked up 😉

This is a good thing however, as I was traditionally that person who would buy small things of olive oil, 1 small jar of Almond butter, or just enough office supplies to last me a little while even though I knew I would be needing some in a week or so. And with that, I would find myself running into days where I ran out of the food or supply I needed or wanted in that moment. When you have backups, you rectify these small, but tedious issues that get under our skin and add a bit of stress to our day.

Now I have 3L of olive oil, a couple jars of Almond butter, a huge tin of Coconut oil, a printer and note pads and chicken to last me weeks and months. And this just puts a big ol’ smile on my face. This “supply certainty” provides me with comfort, as I know my diet won’t be jeopardized if I forget to pick up more food, or don’t have sufficient time and I can relax knowing other house hold items are backed up, giving me more time to put my attention, energy and effort on other tasks.

Day 121-365 – May 1

“Learn about the Brain”

I get incredibly excited every time i pick up a new book, read an article or view something in regards to brain health. Might sound a little odd, but self-optimization is my passion. I love discovering ways to live a long, healthy, productive, motivated, fulfilled life style, and this is all based around a healthy brain. Unfortunately a lot of people go through life with little understanding and knowledge behind how the brain functions, how to get the most out of the brain, and how you can optimize brain function through movement, activities, and nutrition.

As long as you are here on this earth, it would behoove you to get a deeper grasp on brain health, that way you can prosper and thrive, rather than squeak by hoping the most important muscle in your body stays fit. And i’m telling you, once you start having these “oh wow!” moments reading about how to strengthen and optimize brain function, you will consistently seek ways to feed your brain in amazingly productive ways, and this is the ultimate win!

Day 120/365 – April 30

“Meet with a SIMPLISTIC Financial Planner”

Uncertainty and guessing your way to success and financial independence is a poor strategy. This is a recipe for stress, mental exhaustion, fighting with your partner and in the grand scheme, disaster. So why not do your best to prevent all these negative characteristics from happening, by having true understanding behind building your wealth. The majority of people have no idea what’s coming in, what’s going out, and have little idea on how to growth their wealth sophisticatedly.

The main reason this occurs is due to a lack of education and game planning, which leads to no action in building wealth. Sitting down with a professional unbiased Financial Advisor that can give you EASY to do steps to build your financial independence is crucial for an improved quality of life. Nothing breaks up more couples than financial issues, and very little puts people in a great deal of stress then a poor financial state.

Be productive. Set up a meeting, grow your financial literacy, and take steps progressing you forward when it comes to becoming financially fulfilled.

Day 119/365 – April 29

“Do 20-30 seconds of movement prior to eating”

This small health tip is incredible for improving glucose response and if done consistently can have major affects in weight control and living a long, healthy life. I read about this idea the other day and it blew my mind how well this tip works. Many researchers and blue zone countries and communities (places in the world where people live to 100 and stay healthy) have time-and-time again shown that it’s the small movements throughout the day that truly make a significant difference when it comes to one’s longevity.

Not only is this tip extremely effective and useful, but it’s quick! Exercises like air squats, lunges, push-ups and burpees are great “easy to-do anywhere” exercises. The more we can replicate those individuals who live in the world’s blue zones, the better off we will be. This short movement pattern before a meal is just one of those ways. Give it a try!

Day 118/365 – April 28

“Cuddle with Your Pup”

Cuddling with your fury family member always brings a smile to one’s face. A dogs love, affection and excitement to see you is enough to melt your heart. When you take this into consideration, having your dog cuddle next to you is even more fulfilling, as you know how much your dog loves it and how long it waited to see you. And this alone is an amazing reward.

I make a conscious habit, regardless of what kind of day i had, to embrace my dog when i get home; whether it’s her running to me at the front door, and nestling into my lap right there, or if it’s on the couch, Bailey (my dog) always gets the cuddle time she deserves. You can’t be too upset or stressed out when your dog cuddles next to you, so make this tip a constant to leave the day behind you.

Day 117/365 – April 27

“Go for a 15 Minute walk after Dinner”

This is a bio-hacking tip that can add a lot of value to your health and wellness. A walk after a meal i’m sure we’ve all heard is great for digestion, but also helps control blood glucose response, meaning you limit the level of insulin and blood sugar (glucose) increase. When you eat a heavy meal, which dinner usually falls under, there’s a lot of foods that are high on the glycemic Index chart; i.e. foods heavy in starchy carbs like pastas, breads and white rice – not to mention desserts. Consuming foods like this spike your blood sugar, which in the short term will lead to limited satiety and an increase in fat storage and lethargy; in the long term blood sugar spikes can lead to serious health issues like diabetes.

Not only is a walk a great way to unwind and digest the evening in all it’s natural beauty, but it is a simple little bio-hack that can help you manage your blood sugar levels much more sufficiently and help aid in a much greater and healthier quality of life.

Day 116/365 – April 26

“Stretch your psoas Muscle”

Your psoas muscle, also viewed as the biggest player in the hip flexor, is the muscle connecting your spine with your femur (upper body with your lower body) and is probably one of the most important areas to stretch considering how the average person goes about their day.

When we sit for a long period of time, are hips tighten, and eventually shorten; our belly’s start getting that beer belly look due to the compression, and the tightness limits the ease at which we go about a lot of our daily movements. Everything adds up, whether we realize it or not, and staying sedentary for long periods of time add up to a lot of discomfort sooner than later. This goes for active individuals as well mind you.

There are a handful of awesome hip flexor stretches to do, and my suggestion would be to stretch your psoas every night, for 5 or so minutes. This loosening of the hips is so incredibly beneficial and will transfer over very quickly to an improved life style. Use the wonderful google machine, and open up that psoas!

Day 115/365 – April 35

“Every Day write down one way you can help someone else”

This tip is actually pretty powerful for how simple it is. It’s very easy to get tunnel vision with our problems, our tasks and our lives, so much so, that we forget to be a benefit to those in our lives. Now, this tip isn’t designed to be anything major or time consuming, it’s meant to be a simple gesture that takes your attention off yourself for a moment, and put onto someone else. This act of service to others is quite impactful, not only to those you are helping, but for yourself. It’s sort of a tiny detox that lets you escape the “me, me, me” mode.

Some suggestions are as followed: “make your partner breakfast”, “send a good morning text”, “follow up about someone’s vacation”, “send a friend, colleague or family member an interesting article relevant to them”, “pick up flowers for your spouse”, “take a few minutes at work to rectify someone’s problem”. The purpose of this tip is to simply be there for another human being in some regard. It can be as small a gesture to as big of one. But you want to make it consistent, and you want to make it doable and as least strenuous as possible, so it doesn’t become a burden. Doing this simple little daily task can equate to helping people over 365 ways guaranteed throughout the year; now that’s fulfilling.

Day 114/365 – April 24

“Run Some Hills”

Running hills is primal. It just feels like something our ancestors would have done daily, either in search of their next meal or for forging purposes. In today’s much less archaic society, hills are just an awesome way to earn a quick sweat, and have your legs burn in a matter of a few moments. Why is this fulfilling? Because you’re out in nature, you’re working your body to an extreme it’s not used to which is a thrill that challenges your mind too, and you get an amazing, efficient workout done in half the time of a regular workout.

Hill running is a great alternative to static lengthy cardio and the added bonus of being outside makes the finished workout that much more enjoyable to sit and embrace. Find a hill near by and tell yourself you will “conquer it”… Once you do, you’ll feel like a champ!

Day 113-365 – April 23

“Watch a Chuck Norris Movie”

Chuck Norris is one of the biggest bad-asses of all time. He makes the mustache look cool, and rightfully so. He was the good guy who did the right thing, protected the good and put criminals, and bad guys in their place…by round housing them in the face mostly. Old school Chuck Norris movies/clips are always worth watching simply for this reason a lone.

There’s something about antiquated, raw fight scenes that make you want to be like the characters – because you know this isn’t CGI, it’s the actor who knows how to throw a kick and punch properly. And this alone makes you feel better. It makes you want to do the right thing, be a better, braver self, and maybe even learn some Karate. All good characteristics to chase. I thought about this “Fulfillment Tip” after watching a few Chuck fight scenes with my dad prior to Easter Breakfast, and i’m confident in saying, watching guys like Chuck Norris growing up, always made me want to be tougher and simultaneously not be a “bad guy”.

And this sort of endorphin and adrenaline release, even from just watching a Chuck Norris fight scene, is a nice little energy boost.

Day 112-365 – April 22

“Hang out in the Park”

The park is a great place to spend some time. It’s very hard not to escape when you’re out in nature, and you see other people having a care free time. Wherever you look, chances are your cortisol levels will drop and your positive neurotransmitters will spring into action; People are walking and playing with their dogs, other people are playing with their kids and hanging out with friends, while other groups are having a picnic or throwing the frisbee around. The park just screams stress free. I’ve even decided to start training clients in the park for this exact reason- vibes and enjoyment are high when you go to the park, so why not embrace it to it’s full extent!

**Bonus tip – try making this part of your lunch time routine if possible. You’ll be surprised how well this impacts the rest of your day.

Day 111/365 – April 21

“Have an Easter Breakfast”

This is one of my favourite yearly traditions. The morning of Easter Breakfast always seems to bring me an incredible sense of appreciation and put me in a state of true contentment; this happens for a few reasons: family, food and the calming nature of a slowed down pace – I’m never in a rush Easter morning, the spring sun shine is typically making its way through the blinds and the food has a nice Easter vibe to it, which always put’s a smile on my face and elicits pleasantries to my nostrils. The eggs are dipped in festive Easter colours (thanks to my mom), we have fresh Ukranian Poska on the table, and the kielbasa, bacon and crepes are presented with an extra touch of love (again, thanks to my mom). Life is particularly good on this Sunday in April, and is definitely one to be grateful for.

Take the time to embrace these special holiday moments. They only come a few times a year.

What does your Easter Sunday breakfast routine look like?

Day 110/365 – April 20

“Join a Recreational Sports League”

Sports Leagues provide you with a handful of benefits; it’s a source of community, healthy competition, exercise, comradery and purpose. Together, all of these characteristics add up to an incredibly beneficial way to spend your time. There are a lot of ways to go about joining a rec league. One way can be by grabbing a group of friends and signing up al together. Another way is by grabbing a friend or two or going solo and teaming up with other couples or individuals- this is a great way to meet new people and build some fresh connections. And don’t be afraid to sign up for a sport you’re not accustomed to playing, just be aware of the levels that are offered and choose an appropriate match.

I’ve joined leagues where I’ve played the sport before and I’ve joined leagues where a group of friends and i were completely new to the game. The end result always wound up in my favor. I had a great time.

Day 109/365 – April 19

“Minimize Gossip”

Gossip is addicting. It’s that thing that makes us feel included and gives us an immediate sensation of excitement, but that’s extrinsic. Internally, gossip doesn’t do much good for us. Of course we will always have conversations about people, the way a situation was handled and everything in between, but try to keep your head down, and let the craziness around you be just that. That’s why i suggested to minimize it, not eliminate it, as i don’t think that’s all that practical; we’re human, and discussions take place, and this can easily be viewed as gossip.

My suggestion, which i believe is practical and fairly easy to implement is to not be the person who goes on coffee break, or smoke break to share insights about other people. Be the person to talks about the vision you have, share ideas, and connect on a deeper level greater than just yourself and your situation.

Rather than spreading non-sense about others, and your problems with other people, just focus on bettering your situation. It’s not a coincidence that the same people that gossip every time they go on break, are also the people most stressed out, and least likely to consistently excel professionally, personally and emotionally.

**Tip: gravitate to people who are looking to build themselves up and are too focused on actually creating a better life for themselves. This is fairly easy to spot. Look at the persons last 3 months and see what they’re working on or have going on. If it’s the same shit, you know they’re filling their day with gossip or non-sense, if they’re diversifying their time, and busy building something greater than themselves, chances are they are worth spending time with.

Day 108/365 – April 18

“Go for a mid-day run”

There’s something extremely freeing about going for a run during the middle of the day; while everyone is at work, busy with the hustle, deadlines and stress, being in nature and running care free can be one of the healthiest, and rewarding things you will do all day.

I’ve always found that after my run, the rest of the day just seems easier. The “stressful” situations aren’t as stressful anymore, and your perspective shift is rapidly changed throughout the next 24 years. Of course, the “runners high” plays a big role in this shift, but it’s also the realization that occurs during our run, that humans are meant to move their body. We’re not meant to be stuck in some building for 8 hours a day, during prime weather conditions doing something we aren’t too excited about doing.

I believe we are meant to release energy, stimulate the mind and body and embrace the day as it is. Make the time for this tip, and reap the rewards of a more productive, engaged day.

Day 107/365 – April 17

“Go to an Alumni Night”

I get alumni nights can be sort of awkward, especially if you go solo. But chances are you’ll see some pleasant faces, get to interacting with them and before you know it, you are glad you made the decision to show up.

It’s very frequent that the things we get the most pleasure or long term satisfaction from, is by doing the things in the moment that we aren’t overly excited for. Small talk with people you haven’t seen for a years might not have you jump out of your seat with enthusiasm, but the genuine connections that you re-build when you’re at an alumni event is actually very fulfilling, not to mention the internal appreciation for pushing past your minds uncertainties.

And when you actually take interest in another person, you will probably learn some interesting things about them, share some laughs and in the process build a stronger more meaningful connection. And this is always rewarding. So the next time you have the opportunity to go to an alumni night, push all the doubt or negative self talk to the back of your mind, show up and make the best out of it. You never know what positive emotion will spark from it.

Day 106/365- April 16

“Stretch a Few Minutes While you Watch TV”

I understand there’s a time where TV is meant to be enjoyed purely on the couch; no thinking, no doing, just mindless television watching. But if you’re looking for a double dose of fulfillment, which doesn’t take too long either, try stretching while you watch TV. Remember, it’s the small things we do day-to-day that add up to long term pleasantries. My suggestion, pick 3 different stretches and do each for 1 minute. Nothing crazy.

This simple 3-5 minute act of body care, in a moment where your mind is completely escaped of any stress, will only aid in your overall satisfaction. I would recommend targeting hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors. These three areas are typically neglected and get super tight over a long day of sedentary behaviour.

Do this every day and I guarantee you save yourself plenty of long term issues and give yourself an immediate sense of a job well done.

Day 105-365 – April 15

“Say Hello when you walk Past People at work or in Social Environments”

Research from ‘Happiness Expert’ Gretchen Rubin, shows that this simple act of kindness can improve employee and personal happiness leaps and bounds. The best thing about this connection strengthening tip is that it doesn’t take any time, money, energy or effort to put into action. It’s a two syllable word that holds incredible power in building a more engaging, productive environment.

I try to implement this as much as possible, whether it’s at the gym, while i’m working, or when i’m at home. And when i forget to do this, i truly notice a difference in my level of connectedness and happiness in that very moment.

The acknowledgment of someone being there plays a much greater role than most people would think. And by doing this, all parties feel more welcomed, important and at the end of the day, much happier.

Day 104/365 – April 14

“Have Sunday night “go to” show”

Sundays are amazing. This is the day the general public loves most and for good reason; it’s the day where relaxing is encouraged, where the world seems to slow down and where life just seems a bit more easy going. It’s the Family dinner night, the let’s go to the beach day, the brunch day, and usually the night most people have a “go to show” that they watch and unwind to.

As a kid, my Sunday night consisted of “Fox Sunday Night” which had television shows like ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Malcom in the Middle’, “Family Guy”, and “Futurama”. As I got older, my Sunday Night line-up was ‘Dexter’ and today, it’s “Game of Thrones”. And throughout all these years, Wrestling and Football have been staples as well. All of these programs gave me something to look forward to to end off the weekend.

Sunday night is the preeminent night to unwind and let the mind escape before the week starts up again. Find a show that you, your partner or close friends and family like to watch, and make this a Sunday Night tradition. There’s no better way to end off the weekend. In my opinion.

Day 103/365 – April 13

“Watch a Nature Documentary”

You never really appreciate nature to the extent we should until we re-discover and actually see how amazing nature and the planet we live on is in detail. By watching a behind the scenes look of the animals, environments in which they live and all the extraordinary things that happen in nature which we aren’t privy to very often, our appreciation for all that surrounds us sky rockets; in turn, this insight helps make us more conscious individuals who can help keep the planet the healthiest and the most protected it can be.

Watching close ups of avalanches, or seeing a glacier fall into place, and seeing how animals fight to survive and learn to prosper in their surroundings is one of the most fascinating things you can allow yourself to experience that truly sheds real perspective. I love watching these documentaries for this exact reason, and for all the amazing images and videos that always seem to leave me in astonishment. It’s one of the healthiest ways you can spend an hour in front of the TV.

Day 102/365 – April 12

“Take in a Rainbow”

If you’ve ever seen that infamous YouTube video of a guy basically having a euphoric re-birth watching a double rainbow, you know how powerful this tip can be. I don’t expect you to freak out in a weird way like he did, but i do expect most people to appreciate the amazing world we live in a little more so than usual, when we see something as beautiful and capturing as a rainbow. I’m pretty sure every time I’ve seen a rainbow, I’ve taken a moment to appreciate the beauty around me more than i typically do, and this sort of frozen in time moment is incredibly amazing for our well being and health. Appreciate these wonders of the world. They can make a big difference in the long run.

Day 101/365 – April 11

“Watch Fish Swim”

My mom is the person to thank for this tip. I was in the kitchen the other day, and she was watching our fish swim around in it’s tank. Granted it’s only 1 fish, but she got a lot of serenity from watching it’s beautiful shades of blue swim back and fourth as the sun shined up against the class. I think water species have a unique pull on humans, as the water is something we see as this sort of mystical land we no so little about, and therefore love to think about. When you watch a fish swim, you aren’t just watching a fish, you’re taking in everything the fish does and is prone to experiencing. That’s why an aquarium is so peaceful and eye catching. The land and it’s species, which seem to still be somewhat ambiguous to the general population leave us mesmerized and at peace. When your mind escapes to this place, you allow it to think clear, while in a peaceful state.

Day 100/365 – April 10

“Build a Tribe”

A tribe might sound someone ancient or outwardly, but in essence a tribe is a community of people that have a shared vision, can help one another, and support each other with honest intentions. As a ‘Health and Wellness Professional’, building a “tribe” as corny as this sounds, is actually quite advantageous, and useful for authenticity purposes. I don’t want people in my circle who don’t like what i’m about- these people are completely entitled to their opinion and i’m not offended if this is the case, but generally speaking, the things i post, do, and advocate, the right network of people will come along the journey: they’ll share in my experiences, stories, failures and successes, and together we can make a much greater impact.

A tribe can be as big or as small as you want, but i truly think having a strong network of people that support one another is tremendously useful for an optimal impactful and meaningful life. I have a few versions of “tribes”; i have the fitness community “tribe” where we support one another, post each other’s cool accomplishments and promote our businesses, offerings and value. I only do this with people i honestly believe can provide value to others, whether than means following them, connecting with them or getting in contact with.

I also have a “tribe” of people that are supporters of what i do; they appreciate my message, they get inspiration from what i share, do, speak and write about. These are the people who authentically have my back, and these are the people i want to continuously provide value to. They are my clients, my close knit businesses, gyms, partners and friends who cheer my purpose on. And of course i have my most important tribe of all, my family. These are the people i would do anything for, and are the same people who would give me the shirt off their back without thinking. I love these people and nothing can break that bond.

The reason you want to create tribes, is the reason we all should want to, it’s healthy for us. It gives us a sense of community, allows us to learn from people, and in an ideal world, gives you a group of people who have the best intentions for you and want to see you make the world a better place, in whatever form that looks like.

Day 99/365 – April 9

“Do a Puzzle”

Puzzles engage the mind, and allow you to use your brain in a unique way that it may not be use to through normalized daily tasks. This is always a good thing. And in the right atmosphere, a puzzle can be very relaxing and stimulating. When choosing a puzzle, pick one that has an awesome finished product you want to see completed. When you have this vision of what the puzzle will look like in front of you when you’re done, you’re more likely to stay enthused and intrigued with the process.

For example, I love the Christmas season, and one of my favourite things to do during the Christmas Season is to walk down streets and villages that have a great Christmas atmosphere; knowing this, choosing a puzzle that lets me put together my own Christmas village would make sense. Think along those lines, pick a nice relaxing night to stimulate your mind and have fun navigating your way through the puzzle.

Day 98/365 – April 8

“Go for a Morning Fasted Walk”

Moving the body upon waking up, and experiencing natural sunlight as soon as we possibly can is great for our body. The sunlight and decision to move our body while fasted jump starts fat oxidation and improves our circadian rhythm which helps improve our sleep at night, both incredibly beneficial for self-optimization. In an ideal world, the morning darkness is gone before we make our daily commute to work, that way we can absorb that aforementioned sunlight during our walk, but if that’s not the case, we can either commit to embracing the darkness or at the very least make our weekend mornings the time to implement this fulfillment tip- and during the week, we add in the walk as a post dinner digestive beneficiary.

Try to add this tip in a couple times a week to start off, and look for days where this tip will help boost your enjoyment most of all.

Day 97/365 – April 7

“Get a deep tissue massage”

Massages are a welcomed relieve. They help relax the body, calm the mind and ideally make the body feel better after the fact. A deep tissue massage, if you’ve never got one, is a bit more on the beneficial side and farther away from the relaxing nature of a traditional massage. A deep tissue massage helps break down muscle tissue by releasing the fascia and eliminating tightness’s and knots found in the body. When parts of our body are knotted and stress builds up around certain areas on our body, whether it be in our legs, low back or neck for example, we feel tight, immobile and develop pain. We ideally want the body to be relieved of this sort of muscle tension, not only for improved performance, mobility and physical quality of life, but also for mental relief as well.

When the body is relieved of tension, we simply have an easier time doing the things we want to do. Running, jumping, and moving within our daily tasks is performed at an optimal level, and this is where life really becomes fulfilling. This should be a monthly perk that we all invest in. Longevity is key to happiness.

Day 96/365 – April 6

“Do a F45 class”

F45 is one of the fastest growing group fitness classes around and I am fortunate enough to be working at an amazing studio with awesome trainers, authentic and amazing owners and a great community of members – F45 Ancaster.

One of the perks as a coach there is the ability to take these classes whenever i want, and i say this with no bias whatsoever, the classes are incredible! Even though i largely do strength training, incorporating the aerobic and anaerobic aspect of circuit training, fun environment and fresh new workouts to my routine has been an added bonus to my workout routine. Every class i’m apart of, i feel great afterwards, so it’s kind of a no brainer to be suggesting this a fulfillment trip. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Day 95/365 – April 5

“Add in a Face Washing Routine”

Washing your face is something our moms would tell us to do as a kids, and it never seemed to get done with any real enthusiasm or intent, from what i can recall. As we age however, our skin, health and hair longevity are things that become rather important. A quality face washing routine always makes me feel like a million bucks after: my pours are no longer clogged, my skin feels smooth, my face looks fresh, and my mind is comforted knowing that my face has been thoroughly taken care of properly. Our skin and face is something we shouldn’t neglect and take for granted; a proper face washing plan is incredibly beneficial for our short and long term health and will surely have you walking on air after this 3-5 minute process is complete!

Day 94/365 – April 4

“Listen to a new Podcast”

I typically stay pretty consistent with the podcasts and people i listen to; i know what they’re about, i trust their opinion and i like the content they provide. With that being said, it’s nice to get a fresh perspective and hear a change of pace every now and then, that may even open your thinking in a completely new sort of way.

This happened to me recently, and it led me down a rabbit hole of amazing, useful, practical health and fitness advice that I’ve been overlooking or at least not paying enough attention to as i owe to myself as an athlete and trainer. By hearing this new fitness professional’s insight, it allowed me to re-discover principles i thought i knew quite a bit about and take in new approaches to traditional practices. It just goes to show you that opening your mind to fresh voices can be quite liberating and useful; not to mention rather fulfilling.

Day 93/365 – April 3

“Think Optimistically”

Take a moment in your day to think about the things going on in your life: your love life, professional work, side projects, new nutrition and exercise plan, and think about how all of these things can work out for you. Paint a picture in your head of how all these aspects of your life fall into the realm of success. It’s easy to think about a call or meeting you had and tell yourself all the reasons it won’t come to fruition the way you want so Instead, ask yourself how you can make the most out of these moments. How can you turn these events into big victories for you down the road? This solution oriented activity promotes excitement, initiative and positive energy that helps aid in keeping us moving forward. At the end of the day, this is all we are looking for, small consistent movements forward in the right direction.

As an example, today i got off a call with someone from a Health and Innovation team that looks over HR for multiple companies. I told her about what i offer and what i do, and the meeting was left in the “let’s stay in touch and keep me updated with your corporate speaking engagements” stage. At first this felt like a fail. But after i thought about it, i looked at this as a great connection and an opportunity to build on what i am doing, knock a few of my presentations and workshops out of the park over the next few months, and provide her with evidence that i will deliver for her companies when the time is right. I now have a great contact, she knows what i do, and when i provide more insight into exactly what i offer through testimonials and experience, i will have a great contact to connect with again. It’s all in how we think.

Day 92/365 – April 2


Cleanliness is king…in my opinion. Vacuuming might not sound like the obvious fulfillment choice but when you break down what’s getting accomplished, and how you can make this activity even more time efficient, you’ll be running in joy to grab your vacuum the next time your carpet needs some cleaning…maybe that’s an over exaggeration but you get my point.

Vacuuming not only cleans your carpets and cleans the rooms air by picking up dust but it can also encourage the initiative to organize any mess that’s lying around (added bonus). This always happens with me at least. And thirdly, i use vacuuming as an exercise to practice mindfulness: I focus on the activity as i do it, and try not to think about much else. This is kind of easy to do, as the noise cancels out clear thinking and the back and fourth repetitive nature of vacuuming is somewhat meditative.

Now, doesn’t vacuuming sound like a much more fulfilling venture than before? A clean carpet, a cleaner space overall and a practice in mindfulness. Not bad at all.

Day 91/365 – April 1

“Tell an April Fools Joke”

Jokes are a great equalizer when it comes to adding fulfillment to your life, especially on April 1st where the jokes always seem to be relatively elaborate, and the victim of the joke is always a tad bit more embarrassed when they fall for it. My dad always try’s to pull an April fools joke on his friends, and family, and it’s always fun to see who falls for it, and the laughter involved is always over the top once they do fall for it. The joy that is added to my Dads’ day when he pulls a practical April Fools Joke is quite evident, and rightfully so; jokes are funny, all parties usually have a smile on their face after the fact and who can’t appreciate a good set-up for a practical joke. He even kind of got my brother today by telling him that President Trump resigned; my brother didn’t fully by it, but he checked CNN just in case… mission accomplished and my dad sure as hell laughed about it. This is an never ending fulfillment tip that is as useful as it is timeless.

Day 90/365 – March 31

“Sit on Your Porch and Drink Lemonade”

Simple is awesome. With all that we see, hear and take in, it’s easy to ignore the simple pleasures of life, which is why this tip resonated so well with me. I heard this line in a song today, and it made me think about how fulfilling simplicity truly is. I love the idea of sitting on my front or back porch with no real care in the world, just sipping on a nice refreshing Beveridge. In my mind It’s the picture of ideal relaxation. This moment in time is the essence of simplicity, but also a picture of contentment. And authentic contentment is what real fulfillment looks like.

With that being said, it’s critical to find spaces and activities that allow us to reflect and appreciate the fruits of our labors. Sitting back on ones porch on a Sunny afternoon, or warm early evening with a glass of lemonade will definitely help you appreciate all that you have to be grateful for. But don’t let just take my word for it, try it out yourself…ideally when it’s nice and warm out 😉

Day 89/365 – March 30

“Stock up on Essentials”

This may sound like a funny fulfillment tip, but personally, i love the idea of knowing i have a load of essentials stocked up in my cabinets. And even more important, applying this tip eliminates the always annoying “to do lists” of constantly having to buy an essential item like floss, medicines, air fresheners, razors, tooth paste, deodorant, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent etc. When you have a fully stocked shelf with these essentials, it makes life that much less stressful by eliminating one less thing you have to do or think about.

My suggestion, stock up as much as you can without hoarding. 3 months worth of this stuff should be appropriate and reasonable, and that way you are only doing a quarterly “essential pick-up” rather than a weekly or bi-weekly shop. All those small trips to Shoppers add up and by preventing these small annoyances of having to run to the store you can divvy up your time to do things that are more relaxing, enjoyable and fulfilling.

Day 88/365 – March 29

“Collaborate With Friends”

I love brainstorming new ideas that sound like fun to pursue (big surprise). And it’s even more fun to do that with someone you have fun hanging around with. Collaboration is great as it allows multiple parties the creative platform to boost excitement, come up with fun, unique ideas all the while making the process of creating something even more fun and engaging. Collaboration always gets my heart pumping for the simple fact i love creating content that i have fun talking about and participating in. What’s better than one excited person? TWO!

Collaboration is just awesome. It favors all parties; it gives you a purpose, provides you with social stimulation and if it’s the right fit, will provide you with an abundance of laughter, enjoyment and memories.

Look for ways that you and your buddies can work together on fun projects. What are things you both find interesting, or fun to talk about? What are your interests, visions, and passions? And when you find something you want to do, don’t focus on the reasons not to do it, focus on the reasons why you should.

Day 87/365 – March 28

“Go For a Swim”

I do a lot of exercising. My life is exercise. I coach, train, consult, and take on some of the worlds toughest challenges. I have a blast doing so, but at the same time i tend to put my body under a lot of stress and stimuli for developmental reasons. With all that i do, from ultra running, to weight lifting, endurance biking, grappling to kick box training, there’s never a guarantee my body won’t get banged up from the workout. There’s just a lot of unpredictability. However, with swimming, an activity i adopted in preparation for a half iron-man in 2018, i discovered that my body never really felt tight, banged up, or over worked when i finished a swim session. It was the one physical exercise i did that ALWAYS left me in better condition than I came. That’s a huge plus for longevity purposes.

And in the process, a swim is so completely intrinsic that it clears your mind, body and soul in the best way possible. You’re not proving anything with a swim to anybody. Everybody is there just to swim and train. With a lot of other physical activities, distractions come up, it’s just part of the game. But with swimming, especially in a distance session, you’re in your own world beneath the surface of the water. It’s the basic definition of flow, where time passes and you feel challenged but in a capable manner. I’ve become a major advocate of adding swimming to your weekly routine for this simple reason. The added bonus of having your body recover from other intense exercise while still developing yourself physically is just the cherry on top.

Day 86/365 – March 27

“Go to bed Early”

I know for me, i feel like i want to make the most out of the day, which usually leaves me working on a few small projects shortly before bed, unable to justify an extremely early bed time. Even on days that i wake up at 4:30, i never find myself in bed before 9pm, even though going to bed at like 8pm would make sense for that early of a day, but it just doesn’t feel right for some reason. However, after thinking about it, crawling into bed at 8, relaxing the mind, and falling a sleep nice and early is probably the best thing for your body…especially if you got up super early.

Rather than think “oh it’s only 8pm” remind yourself “i’ve been up since 5, and going to bed now will actually give me a quality 8-9 hours of sleep for my early day tomorrow.” Don’t think in terms of “WOW this is early” instead tell yourself a really early bed time is probably the best thing for me. I would definitely say to try this ‘Fulfillment tip’ mid week, that way your body can regenerate, and build up a solid foundation of rest for the final days of the week!

Day 85/365 – March 26

“Work on a Side Project”

There is more to life than working at your job, coming home, having dinner, spending time with family and friends and relaxing. This doesn’t sound all that bad, it actually sounds quite nice, but most of us can agree we get a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from working on things that we are authentically passionate about. Maybe that’s engaging with a craft, working on your car, practicing for a recital, writing a book, working on a side business, training for an event, building something with your hands or organizing a charitable get-together. Regardless of the side project, we all get a great deal of fulfillment from working on something we just love doing and can see development in.

This sort of engagement with a passion is extremely healthy for the mind and soul and can allow you to feel a greater meaning and sense of purpose in your life. Your job, family and routine should always make you feel connected, but studies and experience shows how beneficial side projects done just for YOU are. Find what gets your motor revving and put some time aside for yourself.

Day 84/365 – March 25

“Clean Your Car”

A clean car just makes you feel good. It’s the sense of pride that the car you’re driving in, looks good, feels good and smells good. I’ve driven in my car where there’s foliage on the ground, wrappers in the holders, the back seat is piled with gym bags, note books and sweaters, the outside of my car is dirty and the trunk is a complete mess – and without fail, it never puts a smile on my face. BIG SUPRISE, EH?…

Realistically speaking, that clutter, dirtiness and messiness adds a small bit of stress and annoyance to your day every time you look at it. Rectify this with a spring clean every couple of weeks, and keep on top of this space. Get your car car-washed, drop it off to get detailed every month or so for $50 or vacuum and organize it yourself. Heck, you’re in it every single day! I guarantee you’ll feel awesome every time you look at your detailed, clean smelling, shiny car.

Remember, clutter in any aspect of your life won’t aid in making you feel happier, so do as much as you can to keep the spaces you spend a lot of your time clean and tidy. It’s just one more thing to feel good about!

Day 83/365 – March 24

“Recharge Your Batteries”

Putting a day aside every week to recharge your mind and body can be the best thing you do for your productivity and performance. I love creating, building and developing my mind and body as much as the elite performers of the world, but stress and burnout is a real thing, and is undefeated to this day. When you neglect the aspect of recovery, you will notice yourself wearing down or under-performing. I try to make sure i have 1 day a week where i get a few small, but necessary tasks done, but tasks that don’t require a ton of output. I will build this type of day around watching a good movie, going for a walk/light jog, taking a quality nap, meal prepping and just taking it easy in the most productive way possible for my mind and body.

Discover what this type of day looks like for you, and make this a consistent life style choice. This is a fulfilling way to start your week off strong and motivated.

Day 82/365 – March 23

“Watch Cartoons on a Saturday Morning”

Growing up, watching cartoons on Saturday mornings was a slice of heaven. Shows like ‘X-men’, ‘Recess’, ‘Weekenders’, ‘Aaahh!! Real Monsters’, ‘Hey Arnold’ and ‘Animaniacs’ to name just a few of my all time favourites, which are still awesome to watch to this day, 20 years later!

If i have a relaxed morning in front of me, this is one of my guilty pleasures; to throw on an old cartoon and embrace the morning like i did at 10 years old. Only difference now is that i eat a much healthier breakfast – no more Pop Tarts and sugar filled breakfast cereals and my cartoon watching doesn’t last multiple hours – but the principle of enjoying an ageless cartoon stays the same.

Search where you can find and buy some of your favourite old cartoons on DVD and have them available for that perfect care-free Saturday Morning.

Day 81/365 – March 22

“Talk about your favourite Lunch Snacks as kids”

Today I found myself in a spontaneous and enjoyable group discussion about the types of snacks we ate as kids in school. We all shared our favourites, from ‘Dunkaroos’ to, ‘Fruit Roll-ups, to ‘Gushers to “Fruit by the Foot’ – all classics and staples of a “quality” kids school time lunch and snack diet. It was awesome to watch everybody’s face light up with a smile as they thought back to their favourite snacks and shared their experiences as a child at lunch time. The sense of unbridled enthusiasm in this moment was felt big time. This is what nostalgia does; it puts us in a simpler time frame that makes us feel young and free again. Now go out and buy some of your old time favs, sit back and enjoy, just like you did as a kid.

Day 80/365 – March 21

“Walk around Your Nearest Deli”

Every time i walk around Denningers I find myself really happy to be there (Denningers is technically a specialty grocer , but still categorized as a deli) . The smells of the meats and home style desserts are a hint of euphoria. Even the people seem to be more authentic, as in there is a stronger community sense. You will typically find true older Europeans in these types of places, which always gives me the feeling of old Europe, which i love!

If you’re lucky enough to live near a true authentic Deli, make this a weekly tradition. Go for a stroll, pick up some of the freshest meats, buns and fixens you can find and embrace all the authenticity a local deli provides. This is one of the many reasons I love walking along Bloor West Village in Toronto; the Delis and Bakeries are so incredibly fresh that you can’t help but think of simpler times. And simple times always promote a sense of fulfillment.

Day 79/365 – March 20

“Catch up with an Out Of Town Friend”

Catching up with an old friend always makes you feel good; you share a few laughs, talk about the past, discuss the present, and pass ideas back and fourth about the future. There’s nothing quite like having an organic, relaxed connection to make you feel grounded again. With all that life throws at us, and with all that is put in front of us that takes us away from being authentic, it’s refreshing to just shoot the shit, and enjoy the moment as two people happy to connect again.

When a new friend comes back to town, make it a priority to spend time with them. The time you spend with them is invaluable at the end of the day and the time you make for them means the world to that person, trust me, I’ve been on both ends. Don’t take opportunities to connect with those who played a big part in shaping who you are today for granted. These moments and conversations are usually the healthiest thing for our over worked, over stressed souls.

Day 78/365 – March 19

“Take a Drive in the Country”

The country brings a unique atmosphere that signifies “tranquility”. That’s not to say that people who live in the country don’t work hard, rather the contrary. They work extremely hard, but they also put a great emphasis on slowing down the frantic pace of day-to-day living and in doing so, have a relaxed vibe and nature about themselves. . You get the same feeling when driving in the country. Very few cars. Open fields. Organic noises. Just the sun, clouds, grass, trees and farm animals. It’s nice to experience this sort of energy every now and then, as it can be a reminder that life isn’t about going full throttle all the time; it’s about enjoying the moment’s beauty.

Take a drive out to the country and simply enjoy the calmness it offers.

Day 77/365 – March 18


I remember doodling all the time in class – maybe that’s why i wasn’t an ‘A’ student. But regardless, i always enjoyed doodling. It was an enjoyable flow state type of activity, especially when i got into detail with my doodle, which then turned into a drawing, at which point, I really found myself in flow.

Doodling is a great way to be creative, organic and fall into escape mode, which is probably why i enjoyed doing it so much in class, an environment that limited the amount of creativity, organic thinking and escapism a student could have. Whether you’re at work, at home, in class, or on a hands free commute to work, just start messing around on some paper. You never quite know where a doodle will take you. Maybe it’s the worst doodle of all time, or maybe it sparks some creative genius you never knew you had. Either way, doodling has been shown to add relief to psychological distress, which in turn aids in relaxation and improved concentration. Count me in!

Day 76/365 – March 17

“Have Afternoon Tea”

Tea is good at all times of the day. I like tea in the morning when i wake up with a hint of Vanilla Stevia and tsp of MCT oil, and i like it at night the same way but just with a more relaxing sleep designed mix. But today i experienced afternoon tea in a completely different way. My mom invited my grandmother (her mom) over for tea and to my delight we had finger sandwiches, tiny desserts and of course tea, set out on the table. It was great. I found myself fully appreciating the relaxing environment, in no rush to go anywhere, as I enjoyed my tea while the sun shined into our dining room.

This may sound more like a British thing to do, but i highly recommend you find sometime each month or even once every few months and set up an afternoon tea; tiny sandwiches, desserts and all. You “bloody won’t” regret it.

Day 75/365 – March 16

“Observe Nature up-close”

Nature is an amazing phenomena. There are endless opportunities to capture and witness natures’ beauty when we take the time to digest what we are looking at. Things like insects, flowers, lakes, trees, foliage, snow, grass, and wildlife are a handful of examples of what nature has to offer, all of which are incredibly interesting to observe when we actually take the time to notice rather than just look. And there is a big difference between looking and noticing. Noticing is looking with intent,. Noticing involves concentration and a genuine observation of colours, smells, feels, and appearance.

Take a moment out of your next walk or back yard hang out to invite your 5 senses to experience nature in it’s purest form. I’m confident you will gain an even greater appreciation for the world’s most interesting phenomena.

Day 74/365 – March 15

“Customize Your Room”

If you’ve already done this, you can always customize it some more! A room is just a room until you take the time to make it your own with customized features. You want things that describe who you are, that speak to the interests you enjoy and that make you smile when you look at.] I recently customized my room/podcast studio by adding a floating shelf, which i was then able to totally swag out with all my favourite things! I Have a few Marvel and DC Collectible Figurines, a signed Blue Jays baseball, a college Football Helmet, a ‘Hey Arnold Lunch Box’ (SO DOPE), Race memorabilia, books, and even a mini ring platform with WWE Wrestler The Rock with it! All these small items represent my upbringing, and who i am at my very core: a wrestling, comic book movie, sport fan who likes to read. and take on crazy Adventure competitions.

Now when i sit at my computer working on a project, writing a blog, or filming a podcast i have all these amazing little items that legitimately make me smile. It’s awesome!

Take a day to figure out how you can make your room even more inviting for yourself, and stand out in a way that puts a big smile on your face 🙂

Day 73/365 – March 14

“CHOOSE to Have Fun at Work”

Everything we achieve or fail to achieve in our lives is based around choice. We choose whether or not we are successful.

We choose whether or not we are happy with the person we see in the mirror. And we choose and shape our destiny.

Of course there will always be external factors that are outside of our control, but at the end of the day, it’s 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to this forces that dictate our emotional state. With that being said, i challenge YOU to choose to have fun at work. Work, although something we need to do, doesn’t have to fall into the category of boring, brutal or repetitive. You choose how much fun your work can be. There is always a limit to this sort of freedom, but a little bit of fun can go a long way. Think back to the days where you get to have a 1 hour office party. Usually you leave the office thinking, “I kind of like this place”. Imagine if you find ways to create this feeling EVERYDAY.

I adopted this idea from watching a colleague who adamantly chooses to make work even more fun that it already is. One of my jobs is a coach/trainer and that’s pretty fun in itself, but you can always make it even more enjoyable. Today was a perfect example; we chose to use the equipment as a playground for us to try something fun, unique, and somewhat challenging. – something Matt does daily. We had fun creating the idea, and had a few laughs executing the “adult single leg jump course” (just named it).

Regardless of where you work, or what type of work you do, find moments in your day to make work a little more interesting, exciting and care free. Not only will you be more engaged and productive, but you will actually look forward to coming into work. Imagine that!

Day 72/365

“Take in a sunset”

A beautiful sunset captures the heart, mind and soul.

A beautiful sunset puts all your worries away and removes the angst in your life for that moment.

A beautiful sunset is powerful for all those aforementioned reasons but more importantly, it’s a reminder for the beauty that encompasses our life; the beauty we so often take for granted or subconsciously ignore.

When we allow ourselves to see the beauty in the simple things in life, we allow ourselves to see all the good that life offers. Take a moment to embrace the beautiful sunset the next time you see one and let it be a reminder of all the that you are grateful for in your life.

Day 71/365

“Drink lots of Water”

This tip is so simple, and something we all know we need to do more of, yet constantly forget, so let me remind you one more time. Water is great for us! It can help us flush out toxins, increase satiety (reducing hunger), prevents headaches, increases brain power and energy and boosts immune system. An easy method to adopt is drinking 1-2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up. This is a great method for building a habit and also helping you reach an ideal water intake for the day.

I also suggest investing in a 1L BPA free stainless steel water bottle, and carrying this with you where ever you go. The main reason people don’t drink enough water is because we don’t have it near us or have anything to put it in. Buying your own water bottle is the easy solution to this problem. I guarantee if you have a water bottle full of water on your desk, you will drink it. Make life easier for yourself and get the most out of this simple daily habit.

Day 70/365

“Wave Hello to Your Neighbors”

Loneliness and disconnectedness are major contributing factors for the alarming rates of anxiety and depression in the world we live in today. The simplest solution would be to force moments of connection as much as possible. Moments of small talk, banter, shared laughter and positive body language gives us the sense of belonging. A wave is a great way to engage with people without it taking a large amount of effort.

I try to make it a habit to wave to familiar neighbors who walk their dog the same time as me, or that i see quite frequently. Even people i don’t know, i’ll send them a “how’s it going?” I do this so i feel connected to something larger than just the people in my life. We need this sort of social interaction. It’s healthy, and meaningful. The next time you see someone you know or recognize, send them a wave. They’ll appreciate it as much as you do.

Day 69/365

“Do push-ups and sit-ups every time your shows go to commercial”

I love finding simple ways to add productivity into activities that other wise only provide me an escape. Now, there’s a time and place for this tip, and snuggling with your loved one probably isn’t it; binge watching your favourite Netflix show or watching a 3 hour game is. Push-ups and sit ups are a great way to activate and wake up important muscles, and help loosen tightness’s we get from sitting for an extensive period of time. Anything over an hour is deemed extensive in my books.

So a good way to remove your body from this sedentary funk is by doing a few movements that get your mind and body feeling engaged again. Why not rock out 20-30 push-ups and sit-ups every commercial. By the end of that once sedentary hour, you’ve done nearly 100 push-ups and sit-ups!! That’s using your time effectively.

This advice is a staple of many fitness professionals who realize time can be an issue for their clients. This simple technique is the perfect way to NEVER lose momentum in building a healthy and strong body.

Day 68/365

“Have a Good Ol’ Family Dinner”

A family dinner always seems to bring feelings of love, warmth and togetherness to the heart – even when debates ensue (usually involving me). So it only makes sense to make this apart of your life. I already have thoughts of how i want to incorporate this tip into my life when i start settling in with a home of my own.

I personally love family dinner’s as it allows you to truly connect in an authentic, inclusive manner, where cell phones, small talk and other priorities are excluded. It’s dinner with the fam. And that’s it. The conversation always seems to be lively, enjoyable and interesting which is always incredibly refreshing. There’s just something about getting together in this fashion that brings out the best aspects of being together as loved ones. I have to say, I have it pretty good; my Mom is an amazing cook, my dad has a huge personality and my brothers are jokers. Tough to go wrong with that.

Make this “tip” a tradition in some manner, and let the love spread over some good food, and diverse conversation and laughter with the people you care about most.

Day 67/365

“Listen to the Bird’s Chirping”

I was walking my dog this morning, the sun was shining, the air was crisp and for some reason i noticed something that placed a sense of ease across my mind. The bird’s chirping.

“Chirp, chirp”.

When you take the time to notice the small things that provide you with a perspective shift, life never seems that bad. In retrospect, life seems pretty damn good. Where there is so much hardship around the world, where freedom is a luxury, and autonomy is wished upon in certain areas of the world, we must take the time to appreciate the small aspects of life that remind us how good we have it, and how lucky we are to get to experience.

Hearing the birds chirping this morning allowed me to appreciate the moment. I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere, i wasn’t dreading the day, i was completely free, enjoying the peace, quiet and sounds of nature. There are very few things that can duplicate the sense of appreciation for the life we are living when you connect and take in what nature has to offer.

Do this more often and i promise you your life will become instantly more fulfilling.

Day 66/365

“Place a Warm Towel Around Your Neck or Over Your Face”

I embraced the “warm towel around the face and neck experience” at the barbers today, and man was it rejuvenating! There is something very pleasurable with the engagement of warmth; The warm towel in particular soothes your muscles and allows feelings of tension, tightness and toughness to slowly release and fade away. Even though this experience only lasted a mere 30 seconds, it was 30 seconds of bliss and disengagement from the world around me, as spiritual as that sounds. The process truly let me escape, and it’s in these small and what seem like relatively “insignificant” moments, that help us re-energize the most.

Our day is full of small habits, decisions and choices, all of which add up, either for the betterment of our well-being or for the detriment. Engage with moments and habits that revitalize you, and you are well on your way to enjoying a fulfilling day. A warm towel is a great place to start.

Day 65/365


Repeatedly imagining how you want your life to look like can generate powerful results. Visualization is the process of bringing clarity to your goals. It’s a simple technique to help you reach your potential. For many of us, we have a hard time starting or sticking to goals for the simple fact we don’t believe our goals will be achieved; we have no idea of how the end result will look, how we will feel, or how our life will be changed after we reach the destination. With visualization, we allow ourselves the opportunity to see, feel, and touch these senses from an internal level.

The reason athletes and elite achievers perform at such high levels is due to the fact they have practiced seeing themselves win and achieving greatness hundreds of times in their head. They know what success looks like, they understand what it would feel like and what it takes to get there. When you can see it in your mind, and you have mental clarity of what is needed to succeed, the actual moment is much less stressful. Visualization allows our mind to perform at a much calmer rate, where we are far less surprised, shell shocked or rattled when perseverance is needed, all due to the fact that we have walked ourselves through these scenarios countless times.

Whether you’re delivering a big speech, interviewing for a new exciting opportunity or wanting to flip the script on how your life looks, visualizing the happy end result and visualizing yourself getting past the tough moments with poise, the more likely you are to succeed. Prep yourself everyday for better and take the time to visualize what success looks, feels and smells like to you.

Day 64/365

“Say “no” to more things”

As an idea generator, creator and big thinker, it’s easy to get involved in a few projects at the same time. The more connections you make, and the more of an impact you want to make, the more your mind wants to say yes to cool ideas and collaborations. This is a really good thing. But everything good and bad must be consumed in moderation. Too much “good opportunity” and ideas worth pursuing can take your focus away from the things you want to get done; or at the very least halt momentum and add stress and tension to your day.

It’s important to than learn to say “no”. Saying no to people and ideas doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a conscious person who values their time. Without this ability, you will quickly lose sight and direction of important and meaningful hours that can go into top priority necessities.

I have been guilty of saying yes way too often, and have finally realized saying yes to too many things has hindered my progress. If people do not understand or appreciate your decision to stay focused on projects that need your full attention, time and energy , than that is their problem. You have to be direct, assertive and realistic with how your time is best used. Keeping your focus on the things that build momentum towards the life you want is critical for your well being.

Start saying “no” to requests that take you away from your most fulfilling life. Be true to yourself and the right people will respect that. And with that, you will get a lot more done.

Day 63/365

“Listen to Relaxing Music”

Listening to relaxing music is a great way to recharge and bring ease back into your day. This simple form of pleasure is easy, rejuvenating and calming, which is why it’s so useful. On days where I felt non-stop, resting my head on some pillows as I lay on the coach listening to music always seems to help alleviate the stress. Sometimes it’s the lyrics of a song that touch you or sometimes it’s just the smooth rhythm of music that eases your mind off into a peaceful state. Either way, music works wonders. I’ve adopted this fulfillment tip as a go to method for relaxation.

Take the time to discover what types of music put in into your most relaxed state and turn this music on the next time your brain and body need a break.

Day 62/365

“Prepare a Healthy Dinner”

Sensory pleasures – as in eating the food – is not as satisfying as engaging in a strength – i.e. preparing the food. This stems from the familiar, active vs passive experience. It’s the idea of watching the event compared to participating in it. This is not to say passive is not fulfilling, rather than contrary. Passive is quite satisfying, but active experience seems to give a slight spark of fulfillment that is rather unique. It’s the aspect of creating something that you can be proud of.

A healthy dinner specifically is always a pleasure for me to watch originate. You feel great for making the choice to eat healthy for one, but you also feel one with nature when you are cooking things that were grown organically and are not processed full of shit. The colours, smells and tastes are a sensory free for all.

Grab some fresh vegetables, your favourite source of protein, a nice complex carb, and you are good to go. For an extra added health win, try adding in some energizing, organic fats like oils, nuts, or avocados to the mix. That is a meal you will almost be too proud of making to eat…almost.

Day 61/365

“Write Down 3 things You’re Grateful for”

This exercise is scientifically proven to make you happier. Why? Because what we focus on, is what we think. If we focus on negative, we think negative. if we focus on positive, we think positive, regardless of what we have or don’t have. It’s as simple as that. Especially in today’s world of being exposed to more and more, it’s very easy to take the aspects of our lives that truly are a blessing for granted.

By writing out 3 things you’re grateful for, we allow our minds to focus on the positives and see our life through a changed perspective. Gratitude is one of, if not the most important characteristic of a fulfilled life. Even if you have everything you want in life, but don’t take the time to be grateful for it, you will find yourself in a miserable place. So instead, focus on being grateful first and then watch greatness and success follow. A positive attitude is that powerful.

3 Things i am grateful for today:

  1. I am grateful for a wonderful, supportive family that allows me to be the person i am – dreamer and entrepreneur extraordinaire.
  2. I am grateful for the like-minded people i get to work with in the fitness and health and wellness industry. My co-workers and partners are super motivating, engaging, optimistic people; a blessing indeed.
  3. And finally, i am grateful for the resources available to help me navigate through the projects i am currently working on. From YouTube Videos providing advice, to mentors, books and friends alike who have provided me with a more intelligent way of organizing my routine.

Day 60/365

“Take a Sauna”

Sauna’s are amazing for rejuvenating the body. The heat and temperature affords you the ability to sweat out the toxins, and can help reduce the tightness’s and inflammation our bodies typically hold onto. Due to the extreme heat, our core body temperature rises, causing the blood vessels to dilate and therefore increase blood flow, which is great for our heart.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a regular on the Joe Rogan Experience is a major advocate of sauna use, showing decreased rate of mortality – up to 40% over a 20 year study time frame -The research is quite powerful, showing Saunas provide heat shock proteins that help prevent poor aging and can help us live longer! Saunas also help prevent muscle atrophy, and wil result in a stranger cardio respiratory system. Now that’s some fulfilling news right there.

** I like to roll out with my lacrosse ball in the sauna to get an added benefit from sitting for 20-40 minutes, while listening to a podcast or positive programming. You can literally knock off 3 amazing features in 1 half hour session. This sauna thing just keeps getting better! Be sure to hydrate and replenish your bodies electrolyte balance, as the sauna will deplete your body of water.

Day 59/365

“Watch a Classic Disney Movie”

This may be one of the most relatable and most passionate tips i will give throughout this year long blog. Disney movies are AWESOME! And there are so many classics that bring a smile to my face, that this blog is probably over due (2 months in – i’d say so). Disney Movies bring a sense of care free enjoyment, pleasure and child hood imagination that spark all sorts of emotions, from laughter, to joy to even sadness.

I’m writing this blog specifically tonight as i just finished watching part of “Bambi” for the first time in years. Of course my mom and i tuned into the part where Bambi’s mother gets shot and killed (naturally), but i suppose moments like that are what connects the audience to the Disney Franchise so well.

Whether it be “The Lion King”, “Toy Story” or “Fantasia”, I always find myself stopping to watch a few minutes of the Disney Movie any time it’s on TV. Clearly my heart is telling me something, probably something along the lines of, “Disney Movies make you feel good!” I truly believe it’s the emotional connection we have of how we felt the first time we watched these movies that keep us coming back when they’re on TV. Next time you’re in need of a quick little “pick me up”, put on a Disney Movie. There’s too many good ones to go wrong 😉

Day 58/365

“Browse around the mall”

Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house, and browse. The mall is a great atmosphere to do this; there’s a variety of different stores, items and avenues to take a peak at. The reason i like doing this every now and then, is it gives you the opportunity to see things without pressure or stress of finding something you want or even need. It’s sort of a way to connect with yourself, among hundreds of other people.

And the beauty with just browsing is that you typically find certain things that can actually add value to your everyday life: house hold items, office supplies, books, utensils, tech gear etc. Items you easily overlook but are actually quite useful in improving efficiency. When we’re so focused on going to a mall for a specific item, we overlook the joys of browsing and being among other’s; the small pleasantries.

Try this out with a friend or just go by yourself. I’m sure you’ll find something to smile about.

Day 57/365

“Detox Your Body”

Detoxes are incredibly powerful and refreshing for our mind and body. We never quite appreciate our health until it’s in a state of disarray. As one of my favourite sayings goes, “smart people learn from their mistakes, wise people learn from the mistakes of others.” With that being said, rather than wait until you get sick to act on a beneficial remedy or habit to bring yourself back up to a sufficient bill of health, be proactive and make this part of your routine.

Detoxes can range from simple tea detoxes, to shakes, to raw/alkaline food cleanses, juice cleanses (1-3 days of consuming only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables), intermittent fasting detoxes, fasting, vegan cleanse, cleansing spices (cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, ginger, cayenne pepper, rosemary, fennel; all powerful attributes to cleanse the body and release toxins and inflammations).

These are just a few of the more notable types of cleanses/detoxes you can engage with.

I will be embarking on one of these detoxes this week, and will let you know how it goes!

Again, the body and mind is only as productive and engaged as the engine that’s running it. Gut problems, inflammation, and sicknesses are a sure fire way to lock yourself in a mood full of unpleasant behaviours and feelings.

Make this a biweekly to monthly ritual. Save your future mind and body the trouble.

Day 56/365

“Make a Grilled Cheese”

Grilled cheese is a right of passage for a kid growing up. It’s one of those lunches that seem to bring a much needed sense of joy and simpleness to our busy lives. You’ll find that engaging in activities of a simpler, more relaxed nature that bring back memories of”the good ol’ days” can quickly boost good mood hormones, and feelings of happiness.

Grilled cheese’s are awesome for so many reasons: you can choose from a variety of cheeses, you can choose from a selection of your favourite breads (who doesn’t love this), and you can even get creative and choose how you eat it – in a triangle or rectangle form – And you can even choose whether or not to dip your grilled cheese in ketchup – I know i’m not the only one!?

Regardless of how you prepare or eat your grilled cheese, it’s a sure fire way to add a “slice” of happiness to your busy adult life.

Day 55/365

“Learn a Few New Words”

One of my most fulfilling aspects of learning that has stuck with me for over 15 years came back in grade 11 when i was studying and completed my SAT’s. The SAT’s test you in math, reading and writing but what i still remember to this day is the studying i did for the writing section. One of the exercises in the writing section had you fill in a blank space in a sentence with the best possible fitting word, which you selected out of 5 possibilities. The tricky part was that two of the 5 words were words that were very uncommon, and rarely, if ever shared in every day language.

This made learning new synonyms for happy, mad, excited, and shocked a necessity to do well on this portion of the test. I loved learning new words and using them in everyday conversation. It made me feel evolved, judicious and articulate (see what i did there); powerful feelings for an individual at any stage in their life. Developing your knowledge base is always a quick way to fulfillment, as growth leads to confidence.

**Tip, buy one of those “new word per day” flip desk calendars and enhance your linguistic repertoire.

Day 54/365

“Say Thank You”

Being kind, and polite is the first step towards true happiness and fulfillment. Without this acceptance of common decency, life will constantly present problems, and negative energy will persist wherever you go.

When someone holds the door for you, say thank you. If someone let’s you in during traffic, wave thank you. If someone does anything courteous directed your way, SAY THANK YOU. The more we thank others, the more smiles and positive interactions we will find ourselves receiving. Instead of waiting for the world to give back to you, give to the rest of the world. These 2 basic words that we were taught before we turned 2 years old, hold a tremendous amount of weight.

As my mother always says, “You can’t go wrong being polite”.

Day 53/365

“Give out some FREE hugs”

I learned this fulfillment tip from a buddy i just connected with. My friend, Vince has been doing this social experiment for years now; he will stand at a street corner with a sign reading “Free Hugs”. Two simple words. No catch. No hidden agenda. Just free hugs.

He found mixed responses (naturally) – however, he discovered how powerful and fulfilling this simple gesture can be, not only for himself but for other people who really do need that sense of connection and love spread their way.

Maybe it’s not standing on the street corner with a sign, but maybe it’s as simple as greeting a friend, acquaintance or colleague with an appropriate warm embrace. Sometimes, you have no clue how much someone will appreciate an authentic caring embrace from another genuine soul.

A hug can be that effortless ice breaker that can go beyond everyday small chat, and truly connect two people beneath the surface level we so often reside our emotions.

Day 52/365

“Talk about what’s Stressing You Out”

Perspective is a powerful antidote. A lot of us go through life bottling up our insecurities, anxiety, depression and stress. We hold our feelings and emotions so close to our body that we never really rectify issues that are holding us back from living a healthy, fulfilled, excited life.

My mom is my great resource. She is the best listener i know, and completely invests herself in my problems with the attention to find a solution and ease the stress. She has the wonderful ability to look at problems from a different angle, and in doing so, can provide a solution I simply overlooked or was too stubborn to see myself.

Whoever that person or persons are in your life, talking out your problems or stresses is a healthy way of going about it. Ironically, the act of talking out your stresses aloud can help you hear your problem in a new way, and in doing so, help you find solutions before any feedback from the outside source is given.

Regardless of how the stress gets rectified, finding resources that you respect, admire and trust to help you when you feel a tad bit overwhelmed is critical for a healthy life. These people will give you the energy and perspective you need to get through any tough time, and more often than not, help you prosper far greater than you initially thought possible.

Day 51/365

“Write Down Your Goals for the Month”

Goal setting is liberating. This simple fulfillment task free’s the mind, empty’s the soul and relaxes the body.

We all want to get shit done, yet rarely make the time to clear our plate in an effective manner. Goal setting is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to make sure your life is going in the direction you want. And a month is great duration to really see quality changes come to fruition. I’m a very busy guy, who knowingly sets way too many goals at one time – downfall of being a dreamer – however, the way i try to combat my overly excited imagination is by goal setting what needs to get done this week, this month, and today.

Breaking down your list of goals in this way will help you prioritize, and actually see your goals get accomplished. Reverse engineering your goals is one of my favourite methods of breaking down the big picture, reducing my stress level and making sure my life looks the way i “dreamed” it up.

Start off with monthly goals, break that down into weeks, and simplify that list into the 7 days you have to work on them. As a tip, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many “To do’s” in one day. Aim for 3 max. Be practical, and give yourself the time, attention and energy to complete each task while keeping a favorable state of mind.

Day 50/365

“Go to a Matinee”

There’s something refreshing about going to a movie when the sun is up, people are at work, or when you can still go home, cook, clean, relax and enjoy the rest of your day before it’s time to call it a night. Matinee’s are one of my guilty pleasures. Movies in general fit in this category for me, as it’s 2 hours of your life where you can truly escape but Matinees in particular always add to the feelings of happiness.

For one, matinees are usually attended when your day doesn’t look all that busy, which i believe adds to the pleasure, and two, matinees allow you to leave the theatre after the movie finishes and experience your city with a rejuvenated energy; usually a nice lunch, or coffee follows, which adds to the pleasurable experience.

All in all, this fulfillment tip is a must try. I even made this tip part of an annual event every earth day with and some of my loved ones. Every earth day for the past 5 or so years, when they released Disney’s Nature Movie, me and my family would go see the movie early Sunday afternoon. I always found this tradition to be so enjoyable and rejuvenating, so much so, it has made the 365 days of fulfillment list and gets an added Brandon approval to boot!!


“Move Your Body in the Morning”

Moving your body as soon as you wake up is one of the most effective forms of physical optimization. Again, it’s the people who do the things they don’t necessarily want to do in the moment, but do it anyways, that create authentic fulfillment in their life.

  • Whether it’s 10-20 push-ups
  • a handful of mountain climbers
  • a 1 minute plank
  • some over head stretches and cat-cow
  • or a nice fascia release with a Foam Roller or lacrosse ball

These little movements awaken your body, and help release the tension your body has accumulated over a 7-8 hour period of unnatural body positions. This isn’t a “workout”. This isn’t calisthenics, it’s opening and re-energizes your body’s primary function of proper movement and mobility. This fulfillment tip goes beyond the physical; light exercise or movement boosts circulation and improves our cognitive performance, while also releasing endorphins to put our mind in a productive state.

**Movement Hacks:

  • Put a yoga mat at the edge of your bed
  • Leave bands, lacrosse balls, foam rollers on your yoga mat
  • Write down the daily movement(s) on a sticky note and place it on your yoga mat, reminding you of what to do, and eliminating the “exhausting” phase of choosing a movement

Day 48/365

“Watch Motivational Videos”

We’re only as motivated to the degree of material in which we hear, listen to and consume every day. Attitude really is 90% of how we view our life. It’s not what happens that dictate our emotional state, it’s how we respond. If we start a day with the attitude of “what’s the point” or with a lack luster enthusiasm in regards to living a more fulfilling life, it’s going to be very difficult to respond and act in a productive manner.

Motivational videos discussing habits of the successful, happy, and thriving is critical programming.

Motivational videos keep us on track. They can keep us inspired, creative, excited and focused on being wiser, stronger and better today. They eliminate the negative and highlight the positive. When you hear simple, practical and efficient tools that other people use to live a more rewarding life, it makes it seem a lot less daunting of a task. In doing so, the decisions we make are made with more logic than emotion, and in turn create a much more productive and engaged “now”.

Day 47/365

“Pamper Yourself”

Life should be fun, meaningful, and re-energizing. I great way to check off all three boxes in one go is by giving ourselves an afternoon, day or even weekend of pampering. Giving into the natural state of recovery and oozing out the aches, pains and stresses in your mind, body and muscles is an investment in ourselves that we should make much more often. A spa is a great way to have your pickings of how you want to pamper yourself.

Self-care is the first step to doing more rewarding, and engaging work for yourself and others. Pick a day on an upcoming weekend, and pamper away!

Day 46/365

“Have coffee or Tea at a local coffee shop”

Big box coffee shops can deliver a great product and great atmosphere, no doubt. But it’s nice to switch it up and try something a little more custom; a little more unique; a little more easy going and homey. I visited a coffee shop in Hamilton today called “The Cannon” and the feel was much more personalized than a major brand coffee shop, naturally; the space was cozier, the service was much more relaxed and the environment oozed serenity and relaxation. Refreshing, and different.

I take a lot of people out for coffee, as it’s a great networking tool, and it’s usually done at Starbucks right down the street from where i live. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Starbucks. But today opened up my eyes to try and see what other coffee shops are worth exploring in the Burlington area. It’s a great way to get to know my community better, and a great avenue for a more intimate, cozier coffee experience.

Day 45/365

“Go to the Library”

Environments play a large part in dictating mindset. I believe libraries are underutilized in regards to this concept. Libraries provide free resources for all and any subjects in the world at your disposal. It’s an incredible atmosphere when you think about all the knowledge, information and inspiring and creative minds that have produced insight for the greater good of the world. Going to the library promotes nostalgia and can help strengthen the desire for learning and growth – two aspects incredibly powerful in terms of creating long lasting and short term fulfillment.

We frequently subject ourselves to doing multiple tasks in one place: we read at home, cook at home, sleep at home, work at home. It’s refreshing for the mind and body to remove itself from the constant and put ourselves in environments that promote healthy feelings of productivity and inspiration. The library is one of these places we rarely take full advantage of. Next time you have to work on a project, or want to do some reading, go to the library. The endless ideas and words filtered within those walls will subconsciously create a more productive, focused and fulfilled self.

Day 44/365

“Take a Day to Sleep in”

Sleeping in, with no immediate priority pulling you out of bed is needed. Our body is the best detector of what our body and mind needs. When you constantly go, go, go, you’re bound to run into a point of exhaustion, and the best way to get back to 100% is with rest. Forget about the concept of the early bird gets the worm for one day, and give yourself the needed recovery it deserves to run at its full potential.

I love the idea of waking up early to “get after it” but i also love the idea of having 1 day a week where i let my body naturally wake it self. Sometimes i will only need 7-8 hours to do that, and some days where my week was really full and mentally and physically exhausting, my body may need 9-10. I can’t predict this, so instead I let my body fully digest the week it’s had and tell me what my body needs; that way, i can come back stronger next week and put together an incredibly productive and focused 168 hours.

Day 43/365

“Book a Trip”

Excitement for what’s to come is a major aspect of being fulfilled in life. And what better way to create future excitement than having a trip in the near future to look forward to?! Part of the fun of vacations and trips come from the planning, and thrill of knowing you are going to experience something new or refreshing. We owe it to ourselves to constantly have little things planned in our lives that give us a sense of purpose and meaning. I of course advocate having small purposes every single day, but larger purposes like a trip are crucial for true bliss: the possibilities, the imagination and the freedom that awaits us promotes a sense of true gratitude. Whether it’s with a partner, friends, family or solo, look up trip ideas that rejuvenate you; the exploration of what might be is enough to pull you into a fulfilled state. The trip alone is just the cherry on top 😉

Day 42/365

“Wash, Dry, Fold and Put Your Clothes away without Procrastinating”

Routine and a clear mind is good for the soul. Knowing where things are, avoiding panic mode or frustration is just smart business. I’ve been in that place where my hamper is getting more and more full, or i wash my clothes, and forget to put them in the dryer, or dry my clothes and end up throwing them on the nearest couch in a big pile, unfolded. This is no way to live and so easy to fix. It may seem small, and insignificant but the small things we put off become major stuff. An organized life eliminates decision fatigue, and gives you one less thing to search for. And having a fully organized, stocked dresser is one of the ways we can do this. There’s no “where is that shirt?” or “i never have any clean socks or underwear!”, it’s just open up, grab and go.

I used this tip this evening, and i’m telling you, the fulfillment is real. Simple is the key. Eliminate that procrastination and you eliminate one less thing to worry about.

Day 41/365

“Watch/Listen to a Motivational Video while making Breakfast”

It’s in large part how we spend the “down moments” that separate the successes from the failures. The successes program their mind for success: they read on the train, they listen to audio tapes on their drive, they stretch at some point while watching TV, and they write in their journal when they wait. Simple actions that build the foundation for inspiration and action. Whereas the failures of the world spend their down moments (waiting, driving, cooking) on platforms or tasks that hinder creativity, growth and excitement.

I’ve been using this simple technique for years. As i heat up my pans for breakfast, i open up YouTube, (get suggested material on motivation due to my consistent behaviour) and click on a video that sparks my interest. My personal favourite self-improvement experts with simple, practical advice are Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins or a highlight clip of Joe Rogan. Any of these gentleman will give you the insight and practicality to make the necessary changes for increased fulfillment.

Day 40/365

“Go to a Live Sporting Event”

Sporting events are great. They bring a certain energy that can’t quite be duplicated anywhere else. Now, I’m a much bigger fan of watching a sporting event from the comfort of my own home typically, with the people i want to watch with and the convenience and cost efficiency that i value. However, going to a sporting event once a year or every once in a while is exciting, different and stimulating. The atmosphere alone is electric!

Buying a ticket to a game or competition gives you an event to look forward to experiencing and also provides a new appreciation for the given sport. Hit the Google machine, recruit some friends and choose your favourite sport – the one that gives you the greatest sense of excitement or enjoyment from watching – and buy a ticket. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

Day 39/365

“Bake a Pie”

Pies are a holiday staple. I personally love apple and pumpkin at Thanksgiving, and during Christmas, i’m an apple and blue berry pie guy. It’s one of those holiday traditions you always look forward to, and make you feel extra cheery and thankful. It’s funny to me how i always have room for pie 30 minutes after stuffing 2 full plates of the most delicious food down my throat while sitting in a food coma.

So if baking a pie gives us this warm, cozy, fulfilled feeling, i say we should find one other day during the year outside the holidays where we treat ourselves and loved ones to a nice home cooked pie. Pick your favourite: huckleberry, peach, strawberry or whatever yours may be, and bring back the holiday feeling spontaneously through this simple action. I would suggest doing this on a Sunday night where you can unwind, watch your favourite show, and have a nice slice of warm, delicious pie. And maybe a scoop of ice cream…it’s one night, why not.

Day 38/365

“Put on relaxing music and sit back”

As I stepped away from my computer today around 12 pm, I heard the most calming music coming from down stairs. I walked to the living room and smiled at the easy going picture of life that had been painted for me.

Simple is key to long term happiness and short term acceptance. Sitting back into a comfy chair with easy going spa music is as simple as it gets. There is no “do this”, “don’t do that”, It’s just about relaxing. A lot of us get lost in the busyness of life that we sometimes forget to just take a load off. Everything sounds or feels like a to-do list, regardless if it’s good for us or not. Sometimes it’s just nice to do, without thinking. It reminded me to give myself moments throughout the day to just sit.

Sit. Enjoy. Get back to life. We owe it to our health.

Day 37/365

“Take an indoor Rowing class”

Rowing is one of the best full body workouts you can do for yourself. Rowing activates 87% of the body’s muscles while being a fairly safe exercise in terms of injury prevention. If you take a second to look at professional rowers, you will see that they are some of the strongest, built, toned, and functional athletes on the planet. That is due to the full body engagement and muscle activation that is taking place during the consistent push and pull movement pattern.

I did my first indoor rowing class at ScullHouse in Toronto today, and had an amazing workout. The rowing portion was dynamic and intense and the mix of core and resistant based glute exercises we did for our mat work are some of my favourite areas to train. Foundational health and strength is incredibly important for long term success and functionality. Rowing crosses off a lot of the amazing benefits that come with exercise, while limiting the potential of harming the body. I hope you now have the “urge to erg” (rowing pun 😉 ) It’s an hour spent wisely!

Day 36/365

“Add some Scented Candles to your Life”

A fresh smelling room is always a pleasure to walk into. The smell distracts you from the headaches of life, and puts your mind at ease, almost in a state of tranquility. During the holidays I love buying candles that smell like fresh ginger bread, pine trees or a winter wonderland aka winter freshness or whatever that means to you. This simple pleasure is a can’t miss hit. Just think back to the times when you walked into your house to an amazing meal being prepared; you can’t help but take a long breath in and appreciate your “not so bad life” after all. Perspective is everything, and sometimes, a nice smelling room, or house is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Buy some of your favourite smelling candles and light them when you want to ease the mind. I like doing this when I write or read at night. It’s the small things that make a big difference.

**Tip: make sure you don’t leave candles on when the house is empty. Be sure to light the candle when you enter a room or area, and be sure to blow it out when leaving.

Day 35/365

“Take a Walk around the Block”

Fresh air is our best friend. There is very little that fresh air can’t rectify. Feeling sad, mad, drained, take a walk. Feeling lethargic, moody, bored, a walk is the answer. It’s nature’s most organic medicine.

The science is out there, so it’s time we fully embrace this daily activity. Fresh air allows us to breathe easier and think clearer. And taking that daily stroll helps you connect with the world. You might run into your neighbours, take in a good view, or just be a little more present with moving your body – all factors for a more fulfilled self. This foundational principle to a healthier life style is imperative, so I truly hope we all jump on board, and make the time to take that stroll. The cure is immediate.

Day 34/365

“Watch the Super Bowl with Your Friends”

What a fitting day for this fulfillment tip. Getting together with friends to watch a football game that’s watched by millions of people all around the world, while neglecting dietary concerns is something we owe to ourselves.

You won’t hear me recommend eating this way vert often… very, very rarely – but on Super Sunday, I encourage it! With that being said, alternatives are always available that can be found at health food stores, that provide you with the same crunch and sweetness of your favourite foods, but without a limited amount of all the added bullshit. But that’s just an option.

Back to the game itself! The Super Bowl is awesome! You get an amazing game between two of the leagues best teams, you get a gnarly half time show (sometimes even some nudity – “I’m sorry miss Jackson”), and you feel fairly guilt free about stuffing your face with desserts and foods that make you feel FULL during that 4 hour period. How you feel afterwards, I’ll let you discover that for yourself. But all in all, watching the game with a group of friends, sharing laughs and some side bets, while kicking our feet up and relaxing with a pizza in one hand and beverage in the other, is the kind of treatment we all owe to ourselves every now and then.

Tomorrow we get back to self-optimization 😉

Day 33/365

“Go for a float”

Recovery and mindfulness is a can’t miss pairing in terms of fulfillment. That’s why I was excited to be suggested to “go for a float”. A float tank is a lightless, soundproof tank filled with salt water at skin temperature, in which individuals float. In terms of being present, it doesn’t get much more convenient than this.

I love Epson salt paths, and this took the experience to another level. The amount of salt in the tank affords your body the ability to float on water. As you lie back in whatever body position feels most comfortable, you are able to truly embrace the moment. The session allows you to practice the act of mindfulness in a unique environment, while your body is provided with natural healing ingredients.  

I’m a big fan of trying new alternative approaches to healing the body and calming the mind down. And I can’t forget to mention the warm shower, and freshly scented body lotion station post float. It’s the little things in life that make us feel taken care of that provide us with a great deal of fulfillment.  

Day 32/365 – Feb 1

“Organize your week on a Giant Wall Calendar”

Organization is key to a disciplined, focused mind. But here’s the thing, organization and focus needs to be visible. More often than not, most of us need this constant visual reminder to keep ourselves accountable. I have phone calendars, day journals, and a small calendar all at my disposal and I try using them as frequently as possible. Unfortunately, it’s too much material to keep track of for myself. I find myself going back and forth quite often. What you want to do is give yourself a FULL MONTH to oversee on a daily basis. No flipping pages, no distracting phone, just pure, authentic visual understanding of what you are doing with your life.

A GIANT wall calendar creates this monthly vision board and ‘To do List’. I actually just bought one today, and it’s been incredibly liberating to have my whole month set out in front of me. I see when my workouts are, I see my working hours, I see my appointments, and I can clearly see if my week/month is set up for self-optimization. I truly love this constant visual reminder. No way of not knowing what’s going on.

My suggestion, use colour coded fine point markers to organize your days. Purple = workouts; green = work hours; blue = appointments. For me this comes at high priority as I have podcasts to host, appointments to schedule out, different gyms I work for, and am constantly juggling 4-5 different projects that need my attention. Seeing the colour tells me when to ease off, or when to schedule more consistency. i.e. 2 podcast’s/week; 5 workouts/week etc.

Day 31/365

“Drink Warm Tea with Lemon in the Morning & at Night”

A warm tea signifies peace and quiet to me. There’s just something about it, that makes me want to relax, work on a calming project, or do absolutely nothing in that moment, but appreciate the few minutes of bliss I’m presently in.

Drinking lemon and water, both in the morning and at night is quite good for you. It helps with your immune system and levels the body and mind. My personal opinion, add this moment of peace to your life where it is most needed and most beneficial, in the morning and before bed. Breaking up the fast pace “get to work” mentality in the morning is great for your soul, and removing all the stress from a long day’s work at night is critical to not burning out. Allow yourself to ease into contentment and slow your mind down. A warm tea will do just that.  

Day 30/365

“Shock your body with a cold shower”

Let’s be 100% transparent, nobody really loves taking a cold shower. Buuuut here’s the thing, it’s doing the stuff we don’t necessarily love in the moment that give us our greatest source of appreciation, fulfillment and contentment. It’s the contrast of life that will never go away, “the more uncomfortable you make yourself, the more comfortable you live.”

Cold showers are one of those phenomenon’s. They require the mental fortitude to turn the nob from left to right. It’s that easy in practice. The good news, our bodies adapt. It’s part of the process. Now, I can’t lie to you and say I do this every day, because I most certainly do not. However, I will tell you that I’ve used this technique plenty of times and recommend people use this tool as a resource. Cold showers are shown to help reduce inflammation (Major necessity to longevity), promote alertness, improve immunity, speeds up muscle soreness and can even help decrease symptoms of depression. This is why I try to make it part of my weekly routine or at the very least when my body feels the need for some exceptional recovery. If my mind feels overly stressed, I take a cold shower. If I notice my body not performing optimally, I take a cold shower.

The benefits are as real as it gets. If you find yourself dealing with any of the symptoms I mentioned above (which we all will run into- so be proactive and do it anyways), do yourself a favour and turn the nob to the right. Every time I take a cold shower, whether it’s for 1 minute or 3 minutes, I feel great. Try it, you won’t regret the aftermath, I promise you that. **I took one today 🙂

Suggestions to “cheat” the system, jump from a warm environment to the cold shower. My absolute favourite thing to do in terms of recovery, which makes it so easy to take a cold shower, is to take a steam or sauna, work up a staggering sweat, then plunge my body beneath the cold. This feels amazing!!

Day 29/365

“Build a Snowman”

I truly believe most activities we embraced as children, if applied to a small scale as an adult, can be extremely beneficial for our mental health. This brings me to building a snowman. Most of the people you run into during the winter season bitch about the snow. We complain about the cold, we hate the driving conditions, and we dwell on something that we have absolutely no control over. How about we don’t do this, and instead we focus on having a bit more fun with the hand we’ve been given. Building a snow man resurrects the child in us, and makes us appreciate the snow for a brief 5-15 minutes.

Creating something out of basically nothing is fulfilling. It’s fun to watch a creation come to be and let’s be honest, any time you walk past a house with a snowman, your heart grows a few sizes in that moment; we can’t help but picture a couple of kids rolling a pile of snow into a ball on their front yard with a big smile on their face while putting this creation together. We appreciate the moments that take us away from the seriousness of life, so why not try to embrace as many of them as we have the fortune to.  You might not feel up for it, but I’m telling you, making a snow man next time it snows will make you look at things a whole lot differently. And doing so will definitely add some warmth to your heart that day.

Day 28/365

“Take 6 deep breathes”

Life can get stressful. We all know this. Life can fill you up with emotions that almost seem uncontrollable. Anger. Sadness. Fear. Anxiousness. A good place to start, take a deep breath. Preferably 6. 6 breathes seem to have some magic number surrounding its effects when it comes to breathing. Breathing aids in calming the mind and body down, helps balance our cortisol levels and helps provide sufficient blood flow to the body – the exact benefits we need when life knocks us on the blind-side. Remember, life is never as bad as it seems; the storm always passes. Allow yourself to come back to a focused logical state before hitting the panic button. Seeing things in a much more fulfilling state is sometimes only 6 breaths away.

Day 27/365

“Try a New Recipe”

Discovering a new recipe that looks delicious and somewhat easy to make, is exciting. It’s a boost of energy and freshness that lifts our spirits. I don’t know about the science behind this, but this happens to me every time I see an easy, practical, healthy recipe, like “organic energy balls”, or “natural protein dark chocolate pancakes” (I know, that sounds awesome!!). I suppose it’s the concept of improving our diet and ultimately ourselves that excites us, partnered up with the idea of NEW and fresh that re-energizes us in moments of complacency or stagnation. Regardless of the science backing it up, a new recipe gets us (the people) going!

Next time you feel bored with the same old food you’re eating, google or search for new ways to spice up the “same old thing”. There are endless recipes to make “traditional” meals much more exciting and tastier. Life is much more fulfilling when you spice it up. My personal suggestion, zest up your life with a new recipe that gives you added benefit to the mind and body, i.e. choose something healthy but also tasty! Double up the win column.

Day 26/365

“Go to a Seminar”

Knowledge is power. And connection is the new currency. Seminars are an amazing way to engage with like-minded people all in one room, excited to connect, share stories and get inspired. Seminars also teach us a great deal about a subject matter we’re passionate about, and teach us a lot about ourselves in the process. Insight, and perspective into others’ experiences is incredibly powerful and useful. Knowing others have been in our shoes, and have come out stronger and more successful, helps drive us to stay focused on our vision.

I have been to plenty of seminars in areas I am interested in expanding my knowledge, and there has yet to be a time where I left a seminar with less or even the same amount of motivation. I am always more excited, enticed and moved by the insight I receive, and the passion the speaker(s) shares. At the end of the day, it’s refreshing to be in an environment that 100% promotes growth, achievement, possibility and provides actual tools to help one another succeed. If you’ve ever told yourself “I can’t do it”, get yourself to a seminar. The more you discover and connect, the more confidence you will have to chase your dreams.

Day 25/365

“Take the Time to Talk with Your Parents”

Parents will always be there for you. It’s a bond that is incredibly powerful and fulfilling but sometimes taken for granted. In life, no moments are guaranteed. After a long day, a lot of us just want to decompress and rightfully so. But before you do this, take the time to digest how your family’s day was. Be a listening ear. Share some stories. Catch up with what’s good in their life, or what’s not so good. Be that support system. If you don’t live with your parents, choose a day a week to check in and talk to them, or actually go see them. Regardless of how far you are away, you will always be their baby girl or boy. Trust me.

A year after graduating, I was promoted to open up my own company and chose to do so 44 hours across the country in Vancouver, BC. When i got their i was busy: running my own business, staying on top of my workouts and embracing the new beautiful landscape that was my backyard took up a lot of my time. With all that going on I still managed to speak to my parents every 4-6 days. I wanted to hear about their life. I wanted to make sure they were doing okay. And I just wanted to speak to them because they’re my parents. That connection doesn’t go away. No matter how far or how old.

If you still live with your parents, take the time to hear about their day and vice versa. If you live away from each other, set up lunches, pick up the phone, simply make it a priority to connect. Having this unmatched connection is priceless. And embracing it is truly fulfilling.

Day 24/365

“Smile More Often”

I know it sounds kind of corny, but the best way to get people to smile at you, is to smile at them. Smiling is the world’s greatest ice breaker! It’s that powerful, and inviting, while boosting your mood instantly. Smiling is a simple act that we are 100% in control of that can immediately help bring another person’s guard down, allowing for instant connection and a much more pleasant experience with those around you.

Only good comes from being an affable human being. Yes you are putting yourself “out there”, but that’s a good thing. People who put themselves out there, get rewarded. It’s the rest of us that hide ourselves in a shell that create very few meaningful relationships, and get stuck wondering why everybody seems pissed off. I’ve learned as a Fitness Trainer and Outside Sales Rep for my entire adult life that most people are just shy initially, but actually love interacting with new people. Just because someone isn’t smiling doesn’t mean their angry, mean or unapproachable, it’s 90% of the time a defence mechanism (yes I chose 90% randomly from my experiences). But once you break that barrier, and send another person a smile, you give them the invitation to lower their guard. We are no different than other people; we want connection, we want good vibes, and we want to smile, laugh and share more frequently. Be that barrier breaker. Shoot people a smile more often. It makes that trip to the grocery store, bank or mall much more enjoyable.

**As a side not, if you’re a female, I would caution this with the opposite sex, unless you’re trying to give off a signal. Men are funny that way.

Day 23/365


Apologizing to someone for a mistake you made, or for a recent error in judgement is a great relief. The act of clearing the air and admitting fault is actually rather liberating and refreshing. I know I’ve been there enough times. Next time you do something wrong or say something inappropriate or without thinking, own it. The act of accepting blame without excuse is a great way to build trust and credibility while also making you feel good about yourself. We’re all human, and we will all make mistakes, so why not be the type of person that falls on their sword valiantly. Not doing so only hurts your reputation. Accepting responsibility is always admirable, and doing so gives us the ease to sleep with a clean conscious.

Day 22/365

“Read a Children’s Fiction Book”

There’s moments in an adults life, where viewing a child’s ability to be present and captivated brings a smile to our face. It’s the art of simplicity that I believe creates this sense of joy. I can still remember back to the days where life was for the most part care free; my biggest concerns were what me and my friends were doing on the weekend, where I was watching wrestling after school, and how I could get the cute girl to like me (the latter is something I still deem as high priority). These moments make childhood special. So why are we so quick to shy away from the feelings of happiness that we were so easily able to create from ages 5-15. Instead of running away from them, I think we can learn a great deal from kids’ ability to embrace the moment and get lost in what they’re doing. Reading a fiction book is an awesome way to do this. Especially when escape is exactly what the mind and body needs.

Imagination, fantasy and the ability to think outside the box is healthy for us. It provides us with a sense of imagination and appreciation for what could be and even for what isn’t. I started reading the Harry Potter series at 26 years old. My girlfriend at the time even surprised me with the whole series in an awesome Harry Potter package for Christmas. You bet that put a smile on my face. A big kid indeed. I read 5 of the books back-2-back. Always before going to sleep. I found this escape so intoxicating and beneficial in terms of bringing my thoughts to a place of contentment. Before you dismiss the idea of reading a “kids book”, give it a chance. The writing can be quite mature, and the escape you experience is priceless.

Day 21/365

“Create a Night Time Routine”

I love this tip, as a productive night time routine truly puts a wonderful stamp on a day completed. When you prepare yourself for bed, feeling flustered, unorganized and restless is the last thing you want. Ideally, your mind and body are in a state of relaxation, calmness and peace. Of course there is a process to getting there. Spending your last waking hours in front of your devices, eating junk food, thinking about all the stuff you haven’t done or still have to do is not the ideal scenario we want before we check out for the day.

The key to a good night time routine is making a routine that’s practical, easy to stick to, and makes you feel relaxed both mentally and physically. What that looks like could be different for all of us. But the focus remains the same. Don’t spend time on devices an hour before bed, don’t eat junk food, or high carbohydrate meals, and don’t participate in stressful activities that stimulate the mind or body too greatly or negatively.

I love the practice of a warm shower or bath, a 6 breath breathing exercise or short meditation, a 5 minute stretch or roll out session while listening to a Joe Rogan podcast, a green tea, and a good book before hitting the hay. All of the above are proven ways to ease the mind and body and put yourself in a state of comfort. At the end of the day, we want our body to feel loose. We want our mind to feel disconnected and we want our emotions to be light.

Achieve this, and you allow yourself to ease off to sleep in a state of pure fulfillment.

Day 20/365

“Watch the snow fall from your Window”

There’s something calming in watching snow trickle down from the sky as you sit comfortably in the warmth of your home. Maybe it’s the way the majestic snowflakes descend from above, or maybe it’s the contrast of warm inside, cold outside. Personally, I think the reason watching snow fall from our window is so soothing is largely due to us embracing the present moment. The fallen snow captivates us, takes us away from our problems, and makes us appreciate the warmth and comfort we are currently experiencing. These simple moments, if taken the time to be embraced, can shift our perspective, and awaken our gratitude. Both of which help us drift into a state of appreciation.

Day 19/365

“Take an Epson Salt Bath”

Baths are the body’s best friend. They’re soothing, peaceful and a quality aspect of the healing process for an overworked and stressed mind and body. Taking an Epson salt bath has helped my mind and body recover many of times after a tough workout session, long day coaching or selling and especially after a gruelling race or competition where the hormone cortisol and all the muscle fibres alike are working at 100%. This 30 minute to an hour relaxation technique is bound to send you off to a state of bliss. *add in your favourite relaxation music to enrich the experience.

Day 18/365

“Make your bed”

Making your bed is a habit we should all adopt if we want an increased state of fulfillment. Why? It builds structure for the day. It builds momentum for an organized, uncluttered future self. If you leave your bed a mess, you’ll leave your room a mess. And if you leave your room a mess, you will most certainly treat other environments as such.

Making your bed is the easiest and most convenient positive habit you can adopt, as every morning the first thing we do is roll out of bed with the sheets literally wrapped around us as we sit on the edge of our bed prepared to start our day.

Walk into your room and look at a messy bed, with the sheets all over the place, pillows missing, and blanket hanging off the mattress and compare that to a neatly organised bed that shouts order and self-respect. You tell me what image makes you feel more in control of your life.

Day 17/365

“Create a file system for your bills, receipts, and important documents”

We’ve all been in the scenario’s I’m about to describe – We have a ticket or bill to pay, but can’t seem to find the documentation needed to pay the bill; we want to return an item back to the store yet can’t remember where we put the receipt; we need to hand in an important document that needed signing but have to ruffle through loose papers to discover where we misplaced it. Stressful, I know!

I have been guilty of all of the above scenarios so many times, it’s actually mind boggling that I hadn’t applied this fulfillment tip sooner. Perhaps I learn best from making mistakes more than once. Let’s just prevent all of the above from happening to us again and take the time to set up a filing system in our room or office. Yes! Filing systems finally have a purpose in your life!

 Having an organized place and system to put all your important documents is time saving, headache proof, and an easy stress blocker. You’re welcome, Staples.

Day 16 / 365

“Connect with Interesting, successful people in a Field you want to Develop in”

Connecting with motivated, positive, like-minded people is always a wise investment. When I left my job in November 2018 to pursue more freelance work for myself and my brand I was able to dial back the busyness I found myself constantly in, to connect with people who were passionate about creating, self-development and who shared similar outlooks on making a positive impact for others. It was wonderful to share ideas, collaborate, talk about passion projects and truly connect on a constructive level. I probably connected with around 3 people per week for over a month and a bit, via in person or over the phone or skype, on ways to create a positive impact in my field of interest. 2 months later and those connections are still prevalent and are connections I am incredibly grateful for making.  It’s allowed me to learn, discover and think with a greater sense of perspective.

And you don’t have to freelance or work an extremely flexible schedule to make those connections and contacts from happening. All you have to do is figure out a time that’s best for the other person, offer to buy them a coffee or ask them to connect over skype or phone. It’s that easy. People love sharing and connecting with other passionate people. The feeling and discussion stimulates both parties and makes you feel more alive and energized before the connection took place. That’s how I felt every single time!! Message a few people you believe you can learn from or would like to connect with, and see where the conversation takes you. It’s a guaranteed motivation booster!!

Day 15/365

Donate your time

As we all know, time is precious, which makes it even more important on how we spend our waking hours. Donating your time is one of the most powerful and simplest things you can do to create a more fulfilling life.  Unfortunately, so many of us use our time ineffectively, thinking about past mistakes, future worries or present problems. Yet, we so often convince ourselves that we have no time to give. In reality, giving our time is saving us time, by preventing us to dwell on our own problems. And let’s be real for a second, there are plenty of people and communities out there who need help way more than we do.

Choose to donate an hour, a morning or a weekend to help out; visit an animal shelter, coach a team, go to a soup kitchen, visit a hospital and read to sick kids, or be a ‘big brother or sister’ to a child who needs a strong influence in their life. The time you spend helping improve another person’s day will be far more rewarding than anything you do personally. There’s a time and place for taking care of yourself, which I advocate greatly, but there is also a moral obligation to help build a stronger, more caring community. Take a few minutes to think about how you would like to give back. What would bring you the most joy and fulfillment from doing, and what cause are you passionate about helping fix? Do some deep level internal searching and commit to making the world a better place. No greater feeling exists.

Day 14/365

Spark up a conversation with a stranger at the park

The park is a great ice breaker. Why? Because people go to the park when they’re typically happy, on a day off, stress free, and when it’s nice out. This is a perfect scenario to catch someone in a really pleasant and friendly mood, and who knows what story or type of person you might encounter by just being affable and introducing yourself to the stranger next to you on the park bench. After-all, organic connections are immediate mood boosters.

Having an organic conversation with no strings attached other than wanting to connect and hear someone’s’ story is an opportunity many of us miss out on today more than ever largely due to the devices we carry around with us that keep us glued to our screens rather than actually connecting and meeting new and interesting people. Allow yourself to enjoy connecting in the most authentic way possible just like your grandparents did back in the day, and let yourself be totally free when doing so.

Day 13/365

Hang out with your dog

Dogs truly are mans’ best friend. They’re lovable, compassionate, forgiving and uncontrollably cute. No matter how many times I’ve been greeted at the front door by my dog, Bailey sliding into my legs, wiggling her nub of a tail, and crawling through my legs presenting her bum to me, as I enter my home after a day at work, it always puts a smile on my face.

I cannot remember a time that I didn’t engage her embrace with some cuddling and kisses. Bailey always makes my day immediately better when I spend time with her. Remember, there is nothing more dogs enjoy than getting love from their owners; they adore us. And we them. Show this love as much as you can on a daily basis and I’m certain your day will be immediately more fulfilling.

Day 12/365

Share your Passion

Empowering people based off of insight and a passion you hold incredibly dear to yourself is a feeling like no other. It’s an authentic, no strings attached delivery of information in a completely organic manner. When someone talks about their passion, you can just feel the energy and excitement they possess; they don’t really have to think, they can recite messages, information and details as if it’s programmed into their mind – which is actually is. Taking something that means that much to you and sharing it with other people is an empowering experience for all parties.

Helping people create a more enjoyable life through a service you provide is rewarding on so many levels that it’s almost tough to explain. This is exactly why I advocate doing this even more so. Everyone should experience the sensation that comes with teaching about their passion. My suggestion, find ways to share your passion with more people. Search for avenues to connect with like-minded people who also have a desire or interest in the subject you hold close to your heart, and find ways to share insights, knowledge and material you think will be beneficial for them: join an online community, host seminars, teach a class, have discussions. No matter how you do it, find a way to involve yourself more consistently with your passion. If you do this, you are well on your way to increasing fulfillment in a large and immediate way.

**My passion is fulfillment, self-optimization and health and fitness: I coach teams, train people, host workshops, blog, podcast, create online programs and embark on challenges that teach me more about my passions.

Day 11 / 365

Create/join a book club

Knowledge is power. And connecting with others on the basis of sharing new knowledge or insight to understand it more efficiently is an added bonus. Book clubs are fun for, useful and fulfilling for a number of reasons: they make reading the book more engaging as you can discuss themes, topics and interesting points in a stimulation forum which allow for a greater possibility of comprehending the material on a deeper level. Book clubs also allow for engagement, connection, discussion and true mental stimulation one is not privy to when reading a book by themselves. A book club creates a community based around thinking, learning and sharing, 3 very powerful characteristics in living a more rewarding life. Find some like-minded friends, choose a book, pick a location to meet that warms the soul and embrace the stimulation created through some healthy dialogue.  

**I’ve been a part of a book club a few times, and always received a phenomenal benefit from doing so.

Day 10 / 365

Send a “Good luck” text

People appreciate it when they know their friends or loved ones are thinking about them. It’s acceptance and feelings of importance in the most genuine form. And there’s no better feeling than knowing you have a support system that truly cares about you. What better way to show this than by sending a “good luck” text the day before your friend has a big event coming up or before a presentation or competition? Toss in an inspirational sentence or two, and you’ll more than likely calm your friends’ jitters, and in the process build a stronger and deeper connection than you had previously.

 Support like this is always welcomed and rarely forgotten. Still, to this day, I remember most, if not all of the supportive messages I have received and the person that sent them. Be the person to put a smile on your friends’ face by being their biggest cheerleader. The deep connection you gain by doing this is incredible. Remember, the simple stuff matters. If you want to be fulfilled in life, you have to have a genuine support system. This requires you being there or those who matter to you. Start with a good luck text when your friends and family will appreciate it most.

Day 9 / 365

Lace up your shoes and Go for a run

Running is a basic human function, dating back to 776 BC in Ancient Greece and was even the first ever Olympic event in 1908, woahza! More practically speaking, running affords us the ability to remove ourselves from the busyness of life, blow off steam and release endorphins that make us feel great. Triple win! Going for a run has also been linked to improved clarity and creativity as well, and who doesn’t want to be more creative and think a little more clearly. Running also makes you feel connected to the world, provides some much needed fresh air, and life always seems a bit better after you come back from a run.

Running, simply put, is really good for you and from what I’ve studied, an essential piece in the ‘creating fulfillment puzzle’. Remember, a run doesn’t have to be anything long or strenuous, but find time today to put on your runners, and explore your neighbourhood by running through it. Hold yourself accountable 1-3 times per week, and let the vibe you’re feeling tell you how far you take your run.

Day 8 / 365


If you want a more fulfilling life, meditate. Meditation has shown to be one of the simplest yet most effective ways to calm the mind and body down, which in turn aids in the production of fulfillment (less negative stress = more fulfillment). The art of meditating is allowing your mind and body to be present, by eliminating distractions, and focusing on your current thoughts or breathe. Deep breathing and meditation has a slew of benefits like the ability to reduce cortisol levels, increase energy levels, improve blood flow and even helps us learn, focus, concentrate and memorize more effectively.

So regardless of what’s going on in your life, taking a few moments to meditate (focus on our breathe or be conscious of your thoughts as you make your way back to your breathe) the happier and more productive you will be. Start small; work on taking a few deep breaths at a time your first day, and continually add a breathe day-by-day. Changing your state is as simple as changing your focus. Consistent practice is key.

Day 7 / 365

Take a day off Social Media

Social media has incredible benefits in terms of connectivity, however, there are tons of studies showing how the use of social media keeps us from experiencing the present moment, encourages comparison, and develops a sense of insecurity and false contentment; all things I truly believe are true for many over users. Al though this is the generation of technology, using your device sparingly, and consciously must be adopted if you truly want to live a fulfilling life. Doing so will help allow you to experience more of the important things in life that truly make you happy-not online happy – but actually happy; like in person social connections, obtaining knowledge, talking with family or friends, exercising, journaling, meditating, or cooking a healthy new recipe. Try 1 day away from social media, and see what your day fills up with. 9.9 out of 10 times, putting your devices away will afford you the freedom to experience much more of what makes life truly exciting and rewarding.

Comment below once you do this for a day, and let me know how it goes for you: what did you you’re your day with? How did you spend the time you’d usually be on your device? What feelings or revelations did you experience?

Day 6 / 365

Give an old friend a call

There’s nothing quite like hearing an old friends voice. The ability to connect and reminisce with somebody so quickly and organically always brings a smile to your face. Al though life gets busy, a 10 minute call to catch up with a long lost friend to hear about their latest trip, new job or how their family is doing, is a great way to bring joy into your day and ultimately makes us feel truly connected and loved. Find time today to pick up that phone and re-connect with a surprise organic, spontaneous check-up. You will surely thank yourself for doing so.

Day 5 / 365

Learn how to choke someone out

Realizing you have the ability to defend yourself builds an unmatched sense of self-assurance a lot of people neglect. I realize most of us live in safe communities and will probably never experience a situation that calls for choking somebody out, however, going to a Jiu Jitsu class or self-defence class is more than feeling safe, it’s empowering. It builds confidence, teaches you to problem solve, deal with adversity in the present and develops unique bonds with your fellow class mates that you can’t get with people outside a combat environment.

And instead of continuously hoping the worst never comes, be proactive behind having some skills in your arsenal. Chances are the more you know, the less likely you’ll get into situations and the more confident you’ll be if anything ever does come up. Chances are learning how to choke someone out will be more so about you having a good old’ time rolling around on a mat with other adults, excited about learning something new.

Day 4 / 365

Give Someone a Compliment

We all know the feeling of receiving a compliment. It feels amazing! Hearing things like, “you have pretty eyes”, “your outfit looks awesome!”, and “Love your energy!” is powerful stuff. And now that we’re caught back up on what a compliment sounds like, we’ll have no problem giving them out (2 thumbs up).

Hearing anything positive about yourself, whether it’s internal or external can quickly turn your not-so-good-day into a great day in a matter of moments. A compliment is immediate perspective shift. A lot of the time we lose touch with the things that make us unique or feel great, and it’s nice to hear it from an external force every now and then. With that being said, make today the day you lighten up somebody’s day with a few simple words. Throw out a compliment, tell somebody you “loved the last article they wrote”, tell them “their teaching is inspirational”, compliment their beautiful white smile they’ve flossed day-in day-out for years… exhausting, but well worth it! Don’t be afraid to share your positive feedback. It will make that other person’s day, and the genuine, unbridled smile and response you get back will make you feel like a million bucks too.  

Day 3 / 365

Watch an HGTV Show

Dreaming about your dream house and property is one thing, but seeing it designed and come to life for another similar every day family or couple, on a fun loving show hosted by an extremely likable designer, makes you open your eyes to the real possibilities of what you can create for yourself within your current or future house. Regardless of what show you gravitate to on HGTV or whatever your cities home design network of choice is, seeing amazing houses and ideas come to life is inspiring. The result and process is sensational to watch, and these shows always leave you feeling happy and more engaged with what the future might look like for you and your family. Books aren’t the only way to get knowledge and empowerment; a quality show, with an inspiring message and useful insight is sometimes just as powerful. I still recommend both. But in terms of quality programming, home design programming hits the spot more often than not. Open your minds’ possibilities and get excited about what the future could look like for you!

My suggestion: ‘Hidden Potential’

Day 2 / 365

Make a super smoothie to kick start your day

Fresh vegetables, and sweet and juicy fruits always bring your taste buds alive and make you feel like a million dollars. Now add in a couple super food items like maca powder, coconut oil, avocado, acai and flax, blend it all together and kick start your day with an incredible concoction that will build momentum for you to smash out the day. A lot of us typically grab the quickest thing to make in the fridge or on the counter or worse, through the drive threw and we wonder why we feel sluggish, and lethargic by 11am. Give yourself the much needed nutrients your body is craving and let this be the first of many delicious wins for the day. And by the way, A SUPER SMOOTHIE RECIPE IS QUICK AND EASY TO MAKE. You can even prepare it the night before. Win the first hour of your day so you can win the rest of it.  Now that’s fulfillment.

Day 1 / 365

 Pay it forward

Every day is an opportunity for you to build somebody else up and for you to help someone else have a better day. A great way to spread that love is by doing something selflessly simple. Buying a coffee for a stranger behind you is one small act in which you can spread the message of “we’re in this together”. The cost is minimal, but the impact can be big.

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