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Day 275/365 – October 2 – Productivity

“Pack your Food the night before”

Meal prep is key to living a well balanced, result driven, reduced stressed life style. If we don’t pack our food the night before there’s a strong chance we aren’t going to be optimizing our meals that day, which has a direct link to optimizing our day.

Waking up in a rushed, tired state leads to us grabbing the easiest (typically unhealthy) option lying around. A successful day starts with a prepared hearty, satiating lunch bag so we can attack the day with certainty, energy and integrity by eating the way we know we should, while also saving money from buying a lunch in the food court down stairs. The key is to hack our environment so fulfillment becomes easier to obtain.

Preparing our food the night before is also a healthy way to unwind the mind and can be inserted as a way to protect our last hour. I advise engaging in calming, less stimulating activities before bed to enhance the release of melatonin, and this would certainly fit the criteria. We are also provided the opportunity to visualize a successful day tomorrow, as we set ourselves up with an energy, cost efficient lunch.

**Think whole, natural foods, nutrient dense foods

Day 274/365 – October 1 – Well-being

“Walk around in a Market”

Markets are a great way to kill a day, by doing something outside a while checking out some unique things we wouldn’t normally come across. Markets also afford us the ability to be out without any real purpose behind it, which is kind of refreshing. Markets are filled with random booths and vendors, and usually have some pretty affordable, authentic food stands worthy of checking out as well.

Whether it’s a seasonal market or just a nice day worthy of taking a stroll, there is always going to be some aspect of a market that makes us feel like it was time spent wisely. I find markets are great spots for authentic gifts for people and is a useful place to pick up house hold items that are authentic and one of a kind. Markets have the passive stimulating distinction as a “surprise around every corner” type venue, which adds to the spontaneity and enjoyment.

Yes, markets are crowded and busy, so be patient, and let the day flow as is… found this helps control the sanity at times 🙂

Day 273/365 – September 30

“Buy a really comfy pillow”

A pillow is a staple of a great sleep. Some people like a super soft pillow, while other’s like it much more firm. The key of course is to find a pillow that not only feels great to rest your head on, but will aid in protecting your head, neck and spine while you sleep. Having a proper pillow will help keep all these areas in alignment and protect you from injuries occurring. If you wake up with a stiff neck or tightness around this area, it might be time for a new pillow.

A new pillow that aids in a great sleep and that prevents potential injury is worth the investment. The fun part is trying out different pillows at whatever store you go to, and finding a pillow that makes you feel like your head is resting on a cloud of comfort. Be aware of what types of pillows have caused you injuries and which types have helped in the past. When the right pillow is found, life will forever be changed. Sleep tight.

Day 272/365 – September 29

“Go Pumpkin Picking”

Pumpkins scream fall. And fresh fall air is something to be embraced as much as possible. With that being said, pumpkin picking is a great way to take advantage of this wonderful season. Picking pumpkins in itself isn’t overly fulfilling, it’s what surrounds this activity that aids in the joy of the moment: the families, the smiles on kids faces, the time spent with loved ones, the mix of beautiful colours to be viewed, the ability to wear warm comfortable clothing and the embrace and joy of a new season being introduced into our life. It’s all these small wonderful perks that come a long with pumpkin picking that make you more grateful and present for the day at hand.

Day 271/365 – September 28

“Find some Mentors”

Mentors are invaluable in terms of progression, growth and efficiency. Creating and building success for oneself is a long term game which takes time, knowledge and patience. This is a where mentors can really help you out.

Mentors are people who listen, share advice and insight, and help you navigate through issues, problems and opportunities most effectively.

Having someone who you can bounce ideas off of, who is honest with you and who gives you great knowledge or inspiration is the idea of working smart. A lot of us go through life, afraid to ask for help, fearful of judgement and rejection, that we don’t even bother asking for help from a person who has been there and done the thing we want to do. The resources available to succeed and build a fulfilling life are out there, and a mentor is probably one of the best places to start. A mentor will help guide you, save you time and open your perspective. We naturally look at ideas like we’re looking at a painting up close, mentors are the people who step back, and view the painting from a much broader perspective. Eventually, we get much better at this our selves, but an extra set of eyes is always going to help us see things differently and most likely more efficiently.

I’m incredibly grateful for all mentors in my life, past and present and I owe them a great deal for my greatest successes. And remember, mentors can come from all types of sources: people we’ve only spoken with over the phone, authors and speakers and of course people who are present in our lives that have a direct hand in communicating with. Take all these relationships to heart and always look for opportunities to gain strong relationships with people you admire.

Day 270/365 – September 27

“Go Bowling”

What’s more fun than throwing a ball down a lane and knocking things over? Well, maybe I can think of a few things. But doing so sure is fun! Add in food, drinks and some laughs, and you got yourself one entertaining fulfilling evening. Bowling is simple, it’s cheap and lots of fun, regardless if you’re any good or not. Of course a couple of strikes and spares always make the experience a little more joyful, but worst case, I’m sure knocking down a few pins will at the very least put a smile on your face.

And just think back to when you were a kid at a friends or maybe even your birthday party, and remember all the fun you had. These emotions tend to rush back when you find yourself back somewhere you have quality memories from. Take advantage of all the perks of this sport, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up joining a bowling league? Probably not, but the night sure will be fun.

Day 269/365 – September 26

“Walk in the Rain With an Umbrella”

There’s something soothing about walking in the rain, yet not getting wet. The umbrella is a great invention to allow this to come to fruition with relative easy and comfort. An umbrella’s job is to keep you from getting drenched while allowing you to go about your day, and I find doing anything that allows you to embrace the elements with little negative set-backs always gives you a greater sense of appreciation of what we have at our disposal. Simple reminders of how well we have it, go a long way. And having the street to yourself is also a refreshing experience and if you’re like anything like me, the sound of rain hitting a umbrella is somewhat soothing. Plenty of wins to make this activity worth putting into practice the next time it rains outside.

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